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  1. Might have a look around on the net so see how to go about it. Was diving me nuts as i just reinstalled ADS closed VSC for a moment then reopened only to happen again 😄 I can only laugh sometimes That's probably the case, it found 3 different files at 3 different times, makes me wonder why defender never found all 3 the first time. It's either that or it's randomly picking a file 😄 Anyway is all good i was just in a bit of a rush and wanting to throw some code down quickly while it was fresh in my head.
  2. No worries, yeah just keeps doing it to me when i allow the file. Also it quarantines before i even get the choice so need to reinstall the extension everytime. You would think Defender would get the picture when i keep manually allowing the files on the same program, but no.
  3. I swear Windows Defender is giving me the sh!ts. Im allowing the extension to yet it's still finding the "threat" everytime i reopen VSC and try to compile source. Keep having to uninstall and install every time i want to code. Is there a way to tell Windows Defender to just not worry about VSC all together? Or is that just a bad idea? It's saying it's found three separate trojans from ADS. Is windows just guessing what they could be and blocking without actually knowing? Because whitelisting doesn't seem to be working for long.
  4. No Byuu started developing BSNES again as many in the community started to complain about performance issues with Higan. For one it's a stand alone SNES emulator which sacrifices some accuracy for performance. Byuu had mentioned the areas that are sacrificed are minor to the front end user but more essential to Higan's progression towards perfect emulation. Having said that BSNES is still no slouch, it's by far still arguably one of if not the best SNES emulators second to Higan. So running on slow hardware still isn't desirable. His mission with Higan was not only to become a multi system emulator but to focus on accuracy without holding back. Many emulators sacrifice some degree of accuracy for performance so users can still run them on older hardware. Byuu never wanted that constraint as he always said it's holding back the quality of emulation. You will notice with the later builds that performance and balanced cores were dropped from Higan in favor of the BSNES fork. I also believe he only has one last piece of the puzzle to emulate with cycle accurate LLE and that's the PPUs. It's actually a hurdle he is stuck on and has asked for help if anyone can provide information to help reverse engineer the PPU's. However who knows as he stated he was leaving the emulation scene. No one knows if it's a hiatus or not.
  5. Opps sorry Jay i never got far enough through the thread to notice your post and continued on about emulation. Feel free to move my posts to the correct thread. Sorry about that.
  6. Bought a Pi4 and with everything for a full setup was $200, not a bad price however they're no powerhouse. They choke when it comes to N64 and PS1 not only that i can notice SNES and Genesis emulation isn't the most consistent either. Framerates are a bit all over the place and it doesn't really like to render full screen 1080P as it just doesn't have the raw grunt to do so. Good idea as a gift for someone to play around on, but not really ideal for those who take emulation seriously. I really don't want anything past N64-PS1 and the real killer is BSNES to be honest. Is Snes9x good enough? Well yes and no... Once you use BSNES for a long time it's really easy to notice the difference in emulation accuracy. I have an 12 yeah old tower PC rigged up to the TV and she served well over the years. It was lightening fast when i built it but starting to age compared to the current market. So where im at is got a new 4k TV but the dinosaur PC is starting to become the weak link. My laptop is fast and does whatever i want in it's sleep but not ideal for the setup i want. Having said all that for double the price of the VCS ($650AUD) i can buy a new rig for the TV. It will run BSNES along with any of my other emulators without even a stutter at full screen and consistent frames. It will also run basically any new AAA titles if i wish to do so. Even though it's double the cost, i will probably be better off in the long run and i know it will run all my emulators without an issue whatsoever.
  7. Edit: Actually i retract my statement, just had a look at PC builds and for the same price i can have something that's near double the speed. Im going one step further and spending double the amount for something that will play anything i can throw at it. I understand the VCS could be a viable option for some, but really after looking around im finding alot more power for cheaper.
  8. It's funny as alot of the negativity surrounding Zelda 2 was from those who followed AVGN. Mike had recently mentioned he actually wrote that episode as James had never really played the game. Mike also mentioned it was one of his favorite games of all time. Was saying the only reason it was on the show was because they were looking for another game to feature and Mike knew it well as he owned it. Zelda 1 & 2 are hard to compare as they're so different however both are really good. I find Zelda 2 does have more of a progression system with collecting experience points for upgrading your abilities. LOZ also does but with rupees and finding items but as i was saying the two are completely different. Personally i think LOZ has more of a following as more people owned it and back in the day. Unless you were rich you really only had about 5 or so games in total.
  9. Yeah you really can't go wrong with the SNES as it's harder to find bad games over all the awesome software released. Just to mention a few that no one has yet because we all know about the must buys. Secret of Evermore - Action RPG i just love it and played through so many times. Sim City 2000 - Different from the first however really good once used to it. NHL 97 - 97 is my personally favorite although some like others. Either way these are really fun even if you're not into sports. NBA JAM TE - Well who doesn't like NBA JAM. Mortal Kombat 2 - Possibly the best home console port (especially at the time) Mortal Kombat 3 - You either love it or hate it as a MK fan although without question one the best ports. Top Gear 2 - Really good 16bit racer where you can upgrade your engines. Nigel Mansells F1 - If you don't mind F1 games this is a blast and must have Lamborghini - Very fun 16bit racer where you can call bet against opponents - upgrades - rivals and much more Test Drive The Duel - Yep im going to mention this one - Personally i think it's great but it's very hard and takes alot of practice.
  10. Simon's Quest is one of those id love to playthrough someday. I just keep putting it off mainly because a walkthough is basically needed for portions of the game. I usually try playing through games atleast the first time without looking up any help, however i know this is one most will need help. There is the theory that those near impossible cryptic roadblocks was to make people buy the Nintendo Power magazine. Obviously we will never know if that's true...
  11. Zelda 2 - despite what some same about it, seriously it's and awesome action adventure game. I can't say it's better then the original as they're so different but really enjoyable. The aspect of leveling up your life, magic and sword really give the feel of strength progression. Especially when returning to older areas after missing a spell or the likes. Rampart - pretty fun port from the Arcade and the NES version is a little easier then others. This lowers the frustration of getting bombarded by the enemy (although it's still fairly hard) Maniac Mansion - Not a bad point and click game where you swap between 3 characters though a kidnappers mansion. Sounds strange but there is that sense of discovery and puzzle like gameplay looking around for items to interact with. Game of trial and error and once completed the replay value is kind of lost. Still very fun a few times through.
  12. MK3 - Galaga GTA San Andreas - Gyruss Uncharted 4 - Crash Bandicoot
  13. Well im going to say it, as a fan of the Road Rash series RR on Sega CD is brilliant! Despite what people say it's really a step up from the others on the system. Is it worth the cost of buying the add-on probably not. Yes the full motion is grainy as can be, yes it's still a 16bit racer. Although there is significant improvements. Music and bike sounds in game. Changes to the gameplay with handling ect. More detailed scenery. Friends and foes that you can actually communicate with somewhat. I would have loved it back in 94. The music well sound garden is my sort of thing but guess you need to take the good with the bad.

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      I remember buying a Hammerbox CD, they were a pretty good chick band.

    2. TwentySixHundred


      You're correct! It was indeed a typo Gold, i meant to say Sound Garden "isn't" my type of thing. When i comes to music i think i have gotten into just about every genre.


      Personally i think everything has it's place and skill although im not all that keen on Techno doof doof. In the mid 90's i liked Grunge and was massively bias towards Nirvana as a fan along with Alice in chains, Pantera and some older heavy metal/rock like Black Sabbeth, Jimmy Hendrix, Guns n Roses ect ect. Then i grew to like NY Hip Hop groups (basically anything as long as the artist/s had talent). The thing i really liked about Hip Hop was the lyrical talent. That was definitely lost after the 90's.


      When it comes to Road Rash though, i think the Grunge sound is the perfect setting for that sort of game. I couldn't imagine a Heavy Metal, Techno or Hip Hop sound track when racing motor bikes, whilst bashing opponents with clubs and chains. Sounds like it could be fitting but I feel the setting of the game is a layed back grungy rebel like feel. And the cut-scenes kind of paint that picture.


      Only problem i have with Sound Garden is i just never got into them. Thought they were just way over commercialized and i always liked the more obscure side of music. Same for Nirvana and even Hip Hop groups. Most people say yeah im a huge Nirvana fan but have only listened to a couple of their commercial songs, like Teen Spirit or Come As You Are. I was the one listening to their albums Bleach, In-Utero and Insecticide because they were actually the real grunge sound.


      Anyway yeah i like all sorts, aslong as i see talent and not overrated. Most new stuff im really not a fan of though. And new Hip Hop/rap or whatever they call it these days i find an embarrassment to the 80s&90s classics. Doesn't matter what genre you're into it's easy to see when another goes downhill. I basically stopped following newer music after the 90's era.


      Could go on for days about music lol.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      Im pretty much like that with everything. There isn't many consoles i don't like as they all have good a crap titles. Same with automotive they all have produced good cars and crap cars. If i were to be a fanboy on one side of the fence, i would get to enjoy all the goodness on the other :)

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  14. Gives the correct aspect ratio and as it says it's a template. Not bad for someone handy with photoshop to piece something together. Atari label maker does the work for the user and is really good. All you need to do is upload the image you want and give it a name/credits ect. It wouldn't even be hard to add 7800 support as they use the same cart sizes it's just some tweaks would be needed for text and soforth. Personally id rather not be photshopping as i my skills are fairly average.
  15. Awesome, loving the 7800Basic and ADS update guys 👍 Yeah Melbourne isn't having much luck with Covid. Hopefully people start following the simple precautions, so the rest that do, can enjoy life as normal as possible.
  16. Thought id show a quick little update as i have been holding off till getting a few things sorted. There is still some work to go, although this will show progress is getting made despite my lack of updates on the forum. Basically this update video shows the explosion tiles in action. Five tiles for starters and there is collision detection in regards to destroying blocks within the environment. Obviously as you will notice everything is destructible untill i add a few further checks. It's just more to see how things work and if/what code to change or different ways to go about this. So the routine is still very WIP as i haven't set this block in stone yet (no pun intended). Anyway here is a quick little demo and please excuse the mismatch sprites (more concentrating on the explosions routine).
  17. Definitely was a hard vote between the two and i usually don't say who i voted for but had to go with Millie and Molly. I just found myself playing it alot, and probably when i should have been writing some code myself. But all the 7800 entries were really good and alot of fun to playthrough.
  18. Well as an Australian we're fairly used to wildlife that's dangerous. Although waking up to the cat paralyzed after being bitten by a snake isn't exactly all that fun. Poor fella couldn't move his back legs and had to go to the vet pronto. During receiving antivenom he had a reaction and went into cardiac arrest. They had to bring him back with a shot of adrenaline and start the antivenom process again. He will be in there overnight if all goes well. Might be time for a snake handler to come find the bastard that got him.

    1. Swami


      I think you need a pet mongoose

    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Rikki Tikki Tavi!

    3. TwentySixHundred


      @joeatari1 his name is Chester, we saved him from a shelter about 3 years ago and his name was Beta but we didn't like it. With our Aussie accents it sounds like Chest-ah so he took to the name quickly.


      Was just the perfect name as he's a ginger and white cat and a boy with attitude. So i came up with the name Chester the Cheater like from the Cheeto balls mascot and games lol.


      The missus liked it and went with it. Wasn't till 12 months later she realized why i called him that after i was playing the game :) She was like "i thought you just made his name up..."


      @_The Doctor__ Yeah they had already given him the antivenom by this stage. They said there was a choice of three for around the area but 80% sure brown snake was most likely. Then later when i found the snake the missus rang the VET to let them know it was indeed a brown. Thanks for the well wishes 👍


      @Swami Well apparently we have a pet possum in the tree out the back. This isn't by choice nor does he want to move house. Even when Chester tries getting him :)



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  19. Is it worth creating a blog or is the activity minimal around there?

    1. DoctorSpuds


      With the amount of interaction over there I think a locked diary might be more public.

    2. GoldLeader


      On the plus side,  It's hard to offend too many people if no one reads it (heh)...

    3. CPUWIZ


      What's a blog?

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  20. Hi mate VbB is fairly dated these days and is no longer receiving development updates. There is many known issuers with the IDE. I recommend you use the ADS extension in Visual Studio Code as Matt frequently updates the extension. It's a very comfortable environment to develop and can handle large source files without issues. If you still want to use VbB drop another comment and i will take a closer look at helping you set it out. VbB is a little finicky and can take a few steps to set up correctly.
  21. It's all good Marco, no stress as work and IRL comes first. I know you will come through when things start to off and run. I was more referring to my mismatch of 16x32 and 12x32 sprites i have for different directions. Basically my older sprites i threw in that only have two frames of animation ect. Was just going to make them a little more consistent for the moment just so i could have more of a feel for what the game will look like in later stages. Just so i could watch more closer to my collision detection and player movement code. So yeah don't stress i know you will have something amazing up your sleeve 👍
  22. I had put some work in last night with the explosions routine. Was basically a comment out what i had, and quick little re-write from scratch. Nothing impressive for the moment as all it does is flips the grass_tile to an explosion_tile where the bomb was sitting on. There is a bit more about it other then just poking the tiles location and swapping out for another. There is a high chance i will need to speak to Matt or Mike about how i can achieve the flip without having to render the full screen. Unlike poking with character_tiles in RAM where the render is basically immediate it's a little different with sprite-based tiles. The 'for' loop that is used to render the full screen of tiles does this over multiple frames so MARIA has sufficient rendering time. So running the loop posses the issue of an approx 30-40ms delay causing the game to have a brief pause. So i went digging through some example code Matt has graciously given me (thankyou) to see if i could understand more of what's going on. This is leaving me to think and im not entirely sure, but more of an sprite based pointer update is needed. So rather then running the full loop when many of those sprites stay the same, you're only rendering certain tiles that actually need to be updated. Anyway i will get onto it and shouldn't be too much of an issue to fix. So having said that yes i do have my first explosion tiles flipping On another note after playing SBM2 on the SNES im very surprised the game got shipped without more optimization tweaks. I mean as beautiful as the game looks there is loads of slowdown when the system is rendering explosions. This makes me wonder what exactly their approach was for the explosions. Im talking it slows to a complete crawl! Maybe 3-4 frames a second with larger explosions 😲 Im sure i can do better then that even with everything going on. Obviously they're rendering those explosions over multiple frames but im astonished at how bad the slowdown really is. In many cases the game is almost unbearable no matter how good it looks and id prefer to just play another port. Well after my ramble for the moment, im hoping to atleast clean up some the players sprites for the other directions (to the best of my ability). That way even though im still working on the explosions routine i can release a demo ROM. More so that people can just walk around and maybe play the SNES version back to back. Just for some feedback on how my collision and player movement handling compares between the two. Cheers -Anthony
  23. Thanks for the kind words mate 👍 Yeah i played a little SBM2 on the SNES today for the simple fact of getting the feel of how it handles collision detection and player movement. Not to sound arrogant or anything but im really happy with my outcome. Basically feels identical to SBM2 and i wouldn't be surprised if they went practically the same route. Pushes the player around the blocks exactly the same but when another block is nearby the feature is canceled. Identically the same, so im over the moon about that.
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