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  1. Im truly grateful and feel honored to receive such kind feedback and praise. Personally i couldn't have asked for a better team to work with as the graphics, music and sounds are second to none. I have to admit Marco has incredible pixel art that really has brought the project to life. I also thankyou for nudging me out of my comfort zone, as it's only going to improve my skills and raise the bar for a quality port 👍 The music side of things are impeccable and im astonished the TIA can even produce such great music. Goes to show in the right hands anything is possible. What's even more amazing is RushJet1 (sorry i only know your alias) said they're not even finished yet 😲 Lets not forget about Matt offering a lending hand with any help i will need during the development of the project. Thankyou very much for the example code to help with the explosions routine and your adapted sprite-based tile code that Mike has proficiently provided. I must say this is a very exciting project and im thankful for all the help and everyone aboard 👍
  2. Ok @Defender_2600 so i used your sprites, drew them out and imported them. Without a doubt they look incredible compared to what i made. There is no way i can match these for the other directions. It's those little details you add with a pixel here and one less there that really make the difference. Anyway here is a video showing the sprites in action.
  3. Thankyou for the sprites Defender, im actually quite proud i wasn't all that far off what you have as for animation. Obviously yours have that extra finesse that makes the sprites pop and look great. Well i started importing and lucky i had got to your message as i was in the processes of correcting colour indexes. What i will do is take these 4 animations and standing sprite and import them tonight (hopefully). I will leave my older ones until you find the time for the others (no rush) At this moment im more wanting to show a video of walking around the board so all good. Thanks for the advice
  4. Thanks Defender, i was drawing all the player sprites today for walking and directional stance. Converting them from the TG16 spritesheet 16x24 into 12x24. I feel i have done an ok job for my abilities. They probably could be better however i will start importing them tonight and run a video to see how they have come out.
  5. So i took a break from the explosion routine and set my mind to collision detection with map objects. Obviously sticky walls was an issue with my last build however they're now eliminated. I had a few ways to go about this and there is many different examples devs have made overtime. However i have gone with my own and it only uses resources that i used for collision detection itself. Very simplified code and lightweight although is effective at achieving nice smooth results. So once again player movement is tied into the collision detection routine. This works well as it's easy to eliminate bugs like the ability to walk through tiles with manipulation of player inputs. Tricky to explain but very effective and why not use the resources that have already made the checks for collision?! Anyway here is a demo of me farting around the map that shows fluid movement. Now this is in place i may start importing directional sprites and animations tonight. For now the most important part is done and that's the engine code.
  6. Sounds great like usual, you never disappoint. Can't wait to integrate these awesome tunes down the track, they will really liven up the game. Amazing how this can be produced using the TIA 😲
  7. Not sure if was the issue and im sure you probably already had checked. But sometimes when i copy and paste code there is labels that are indented which causes the same "unknown keyword" error like you have showed. I usually have to go back through and make sure all labels are not indented. Might explain why re-writing the same code worked the following time. Anyway good to hear you sorted it out.
  8. Woohoo success, Well turned out to be a combination of things. I needed to store the tallsprite into the last bank rather then current bank. That's new to me as the last time with Captain Comic i could only store the tallsprite in the current bank as the engine... I also changed the sprite size from 12x24 to 12x32 like Mike mentioned however there wasn't a need to fill the remaining space as it rendered fine. Form there is was a matter of changing incgraphic parameters to the correct corresponding pallets. Anyway atleast i know that having the tall sprite in the current bank rather then persistent bank is what was causing the issue. Just goes to show i really shouldn't have assumed because that was the case with a previous project. Now it's just the painstaking process of modifying bombermans directional and animation frames, as i had to slightly modify his sprite to fit 12x32 rather then 16x32. But hey atleast that's one thing knocked off the bucket list
  9. Thanks @BladeJunker but i can't take all the credit on this one. It's definitely a community assisted project and lets just say the credits list is going to be quite long.
  10. Thanks Defender and for the recommendation, i hadn't any explosion sprites yet was just using some test sprites. So this really helps and i will start importing them tonight when on my dev rig. The yellow does look really good and probably a better choice then white 👍
  11. Thanks Mike i will look into it, im guessing the white space is what you're talking about. I will try filling with another colour and see how it goes. I have some time at the moment as im stuck trying to work out explosions with swapping tiles. So it's a good time to start experimenting with the player graphics and pallets again 👍 Thanks for all the hard work RushJet1, it sounds great for when i get to adding splash and menu screens 👍
  12. I checked Captain Comic and i had used the full 32 pixels, yeah im thinking you have hit the nail on the head. As the sprite is 16x24 it's disregarding the zone and treating it as pallet and comments ect. So i will have to either use two sprites to make the 12x24, a 12x16 or an 32 pixel sprite which probably wont scale correctly. Could explain why i was getting transparency even after changing around incgraphic parameters. I will have another look tomorrow when i get some free time. With what SmittyB has mentioned and your explanation it's probably a combination of both 👍
  13. Ah yes thanks @SmittyB i completely overlooked that, makes complete sense. Guess i hadn't played around with the parameters enough. To be honest i wasn't seeing many changes, although knowing my luck i probably hadn't found the culprit yet 👍
  14. Road Rash 3 - I find the hardest stage to be Brazil and Germany to be one the easiest. Doesn't matter the level Brazil is still the hardest followed by the UK IMO. It's funny because Brazil is the first stage they throw you into unless manually picking another track. It's also the decider as to if your new bike for the level was a bad choice or not. No idea why they did this but damn i get my ass whooped on that stage.

  15. Thanks Defender the example is very helpful, even though im using the first 4 pallets for the map im sure this applies for the later half. I still need to figure out how to make sure the sprite displays the correct colors from certain pallets. At the moment it seems to be choosing as it pleases no matter what incgraphic parameters i set. For some reason it's throwing a transparent "colour" in the mix when it really should be a solid. Thanks for chiming in Mike, yes you're correct. The sprite used is 16x24 pixels ripped from the sprite sheet, id much rather us a 12x16 but obviously it wouldn't look as great. This is interesting as i know with Captain Comic i used tallsprite @16x32 however im fairly sure the full 32 wasn't used either. I had no dramas with that although i really should double check if that was the case later tonight. 👍
  16. That seems to be the case, however changing the tallheight parameter has no effect unlike my other games i have used tallsprites. I have the tallsprite in the bank used and everything is basically the same. When im on my dev rig i will try plotting before restoring the screen as im having suspicion that it's something to do with how the sprite-based tiles are rendered. Having said all that it works fine with the two individual sprites other then messy pallets.
  17. So i had tried just including the sprite as tallsprite and it's chopped his feet off along with the shadow. I just can't seem to get rid of the transparency with the correct colour either. 160B mode is turning out to be a little tricky with pallets using two individual sprites or tallsprite.
  18. For those waiting on a new build to play im sorry about the delay. These new updates have required a full re-write of the game, so there is no real point of maintaining the older source. There is 5 levels on the previous build and it's somewhat playable so it's something for now. There is alot of other behind the scenes work happening other then just graphics. I'm actually working on poking the tiles for explosions and trying to work out the best way to go about it. I feel this will be probably the meat and bones to the build as many the other parts are easier to implement. Also thinking of making a start on player movement and collision detection shortly, although id like to iron out the player graphics and pallets firstly. The wait should be well worth it in the end 👍 Things are happening, there is just no real point posting a build until it's atleast better then the previous builds.
  19. Sounds great! Can't express how grateful for the help from yourself and Defender_2600. The graphics, music and sounds are coming along really nicely.
  20. So im getting half way there with 160B player sprite. There is some transparency and a few colours aren't right on the bottom half. However most of the sprite is correct. Guess it's just a bit of experimenting and fiddling around to get familiar.
  21. I see what you're saying, i will have to look into having both the player and enemy sprites using 160B. Guess it's just a matter of carefully stacking the pallets and i agree it would look really good if it can be done. The bomb pallet shouldn't be an issue if there is atleast black and white within the same pallet. Not sure about explosions because as im looking at it a free pallet from the background would be needed. Although i may not be looking at it carefully enough. Item pickups would also need to share one the other pallets.
  22. Will have to see when getting to that hurdle, im always about saving resources when i can. Especially if adding a two player battle mode, although even then it maybe just as simple as using the same pallets for both players and swapping a few colours around.
  23. So i tested with using the background colour set to green so the tiles could be transparent with small lighter green sprouts. It's actually not looking too bad having a green outerborder. I think i could live with that and it eliminates the issue of losing green when flipping tiles for explosions. Nice easy fix and makes room for an additional colour on that pallet 👍
  24. No worries it would probably be better to just colour then sprouts orange anyway like you were saying. It will give that animation effect at no cost and im fairly sure the SNES version does something similar to that anyway. As it stands the background is using four pallets however im thinking of dropping one that is used for the darker top and bottom boarder walls. If i use the same pallet as the side walls it would be more fitting to go with the TG16 version anyway. Saves a pallet and would just need to design some corner walls to fit the build Thanks for all this help with graphics Defender_2000 it really makes the game look 1000x nicer 👍
  25. That's a great idea, do you think it would be possible for only 2 colours (orange and red) for explosions or would the full pallet of three colours be the better choice. Im wondering because those little sprouts could still be drawn if it shares the same pallet as explosions. So green - orange - red
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