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  1. Thanks for the welcome Gorfy Yeah this game is a tricky one ,takes time to build up the bonus so i find myself loosing concentration at times. Anyway all i got in me at the moment is 2180 The picture worked ,i was saving it as bmp format before that was not displaying it. This time i done what disjaukifa said and saved it as jpeg thanks
  2. Ok cool thanks for the help think i need to attach to the post option that was said.
  3. 1415 First time i have ever played this and first go ,i will sit down and have a few goes tonight when i get some time.untitled1.bmp
  4. Great scores and the game became alot more fun when i really sat down and worked out the tricks. Can anyone let me know how you attach a pic so it shows up on the post ,rather then attaching a download file?
  5. Gave it a go Ok looks like im having trouble posting a pic other then attaching a file untitled.bmp
  6. Agreed. I think years ago we argued back and forth about this before realizing we were on the same page. Companies dump products a lot, it's not uncommon to get rid of even perfectly fine working equipment and products. The fact people were saying almost no E.T. sold, and that the ones that did sell were returned is the myth. I know lots of people that had E.T. as a kid. The fact every lot on eBay contains an E.T. should be a clue at least some were kept. Not only do I not know anyone who returned a copy of E.T. I don't even recall us discussing about how we hated it, or that we were even considering return it. The game was great fun I always thought! Yeah i had E.T and everyone i knew had E.T ,i used to play it all the time and thought it was one of the top 10 games i owned. Even stated i liked it on a you tube video you can only imagine the response i got back. That is very true what you said about dumping brand new stock as many companies do it. I put my last 2 dollars on SEGA also dumping brand new stock when they went bust. My conclusion as to why its such a massive deal is just like the "video game crash" of 1983. Atari came in with a big impact and was massively popular but also went out with a boom. Classed as the first video game console to bring something never done before. The "crash" and "Dumping" where the first time this ever happened to such a popular video gaming company. Well thats what i think also helped made it a big deal, As when something amazing comes into your life ,it will be a big topic if something happens to it.
  7. This is amazing and a little off topic but in this thread i have noticed a few 2600 fans in Adelaide Australia just like me. All i can say is small world and some great scans
  8. Might not be the problem and a long shot but have you checked the controller circuit board? As you say its the fire button ,try in port 1? Check/trace for continuity all the way up the board also? Make sure the earth trace is in tact aswell
  9. That is amazing ,i gotta see this when its done
  10. Wow awesome i used to play Adventure on 2600 as a young lad all the time ,this looks really good
  11. 1:Megamania 2:Adventure 3:Phoenix 4:Vanguard 5:Missile Command 6:Planet Patrol 7:Realsports Boxing 8:Pressure Cooker 9:Dig Dug 10:Defender 11:Pitfall/Pitfall2 12:Hero 13:Robot Tank 14:Star Master 15:Journey to Space 16:Decathlon 17:Venture 18:Combat/Air Sea 19:Frogger 20:DK/DKJR Hard to leave some others i really like out
  12. Hi all ,just signed up and stumbled along this great site full of old school fans like myself ,always been into 2600+Classic gaming ever since a young lad. I like all types of hardware/software as i think they all have a place in the history of gaming/computing technology. Just thought i would quickly introduce myself before jumping into topics ,now i will get back to the subject. Personally i think both emulation and the real deal have their place as there is many advantages i like about emulation. As i have my PC connected to my LCD TV i do find emulation alot better at times ,such things as aspect ratio,stereo/mono sound,cart change,screen capture and "GFX" make a nice transition to the LCD TV. To me Stella does wonders with this compared to other emulators like snes9x,gens ect ect. However with that been said i also think emulators for all classic gaming is alot better for transition to a LCD or Plasma type TV's. Reason i say this is mainly because i am picky when it comes to aspect ratio's ,has to be in sync for me to enjoy. I will also add that they help save the wear and tear of the real deal for later use. On the other side of the fence i think it is hard to beat any old system on an old CRT TV as that is what really brings back the memories of them golden days. This is very fun with mates around a few beer/snacks and some good old space invaders ect. It is no where near as good fun playing emulation style with old friends. Personally i have both for the reasons i had listed and use both for different occasions ,online 2 player battles would be a nice feature on Stella if its possible. Anyway hope my comment was not too long i could just jabber on all day so will finish up on that note. Cheers. TT2600.
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