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  1. Another one for me, if it is still available. Many thanks, and congratulations on your job!
  2. Hi! Would you mind sending it outside the US (ie, Madrid, Spain, ZIP Code 28023)? That modded Atari 800 previously owned by Valentino Gonzales catched my eye! (my surname is also González xD, and I am curious what is the switch for) Thanks
  3. I take that into account PC1512 are quite common, PC1640 not so much -and you still have the problem of shipping the monitor. Regarding the PCW, a friend of mine has created a FPGA mod to use the PCB outside the original casing, connecting it to an USB keyboard & VGA/HDMI TV set. The point is that he managed to produce a colour screen, even when the original system is monochrome! It is noticeable in those games whose graphics were ported from PC, Amstrad CPC or Atari ST. He uses a CGA palette since he likes it, but it is possible to redefine it, and even to use more colours if you patch the games. More info here (sorry, only in Spanish).
  4. Spring has arrived and it seems everybody is trying to fix their collections. I am trying to make some room, and I have found that I have a lot of duplicate computers & consoles, mainly ZX Spectrum+, some Amstrad CPCs, maybe one or two C64, and a Radiola (Videopac) Jet 47. This is common hardware in Europe and I would not make big money selling it, so I guess if it is of any interest in NA. I would exchange it for video games, peripherals of hardware I don't already own, for any system up to 32 bits. The Jet 47 should be the more interesting item of the lot, since it is a rebranded Videopac G7400 (Odyssey^2 with extended graphics). This particular model has been modded to output RGB through SCART (I believe RGB was only available for french models of the console, but I had no need to drill the case or to botch a small proto board -it is everything on the console PCB, it was just lacking the components for the RGB output). I don't understand why I have two of these, plus the oringinal G7400! :-P (Actual picture of the console I have for trade; note this is NOT in mint condition, it is more useable than collectable ) Caveat emptor: since these are PAL systems, there may be problems connecting them to NTSC TV sets. Thus, if there is interest, I can modify the ZX Spectrum to output composite video (stock models only output RF signal) -it will be still PAL, but it would be easier to display on a foreign TV or monitor. C64s already output composite, and Amstrad CPCs are RGB. Feel free to PM with proposals -I insist these items are not very valuable here; I am not looking for anything expensive, just for items that may be not common here. Thanks for yout attention!
  5. I always name Panic Space as my favourite game for Famicom, since a) it is a cracking game for anytime standards, and b) it is only available on Famicom. It takes elements from games like Deflektor, Gear Works and Sokoban. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pm4lMrGNL8
  6. Holey Moley received, with controller included! Thank you very much! The quality of the label printing and the overlay are great
  7. I can't check the schematics for the C64 at this moment, but I would say that C107 is not expendable Regarding the ceramic capacitors, I have seen arcade PCBs with lots of them not just chipped but broken, and they were still working. The problem with the board is that it may have some serious problems if some of the capacitors are in so bad state. But I would go with that board anyway: I would place C107 in its place, and check the main and second voltage on 6581 (SID): you should have +5 on pin 25 and +12v on pin 28. If you find this is correct, then you can move to check the ICs; if it is not, you have to take a further look on the supply side.
  8. Can you post pictures for C107 and those ceramic capacitors? And I would consider looking over the recap job previously done -some people make a botch of it when recapping, so you may find capacitors placed the other way, and/or faulty solders.
  9. I would take the Holey Moley repro if it is still available. Thanks!
  10. Bad VIC-II may produce errors on colour RAM report, but I undestand that you have tried all the VIC-II ICs you have on the first new board, isn't it? If it is so, I can't decide wich board I would try to repair first, since they both seem quite difficult. I may choose the one that looks cleaner and/or less rusty. Btw, those ceramic capacitors may be decoupling capacitors. Bad decoupling capacitors are a problem when a lot of them are missing or broken; if it is just one or two, all you need is not having a short between its legs. It can be "open" or chipped, whatever, and it may not work, BUT this should not be a critical problem (the IC which it is decoupling will do its job anyway). Good luck!
  11. I guess you are looking for the flex flat cable connected to the unit on the left of this picture, isn't it? There is another different model yet, with the large flex cable, but shorter than the one on the right. If any of these is what you need, please send a PM, I have some I can part with for free.
  12. I am located in Madrid. Should I order the game from Naber Hood, or from your webpage? (or any other Spanish/European reseller).
  13. Before installing the new ones, I would measure the supply voltage on the socket. If they are just 4164 or compatible, check the +5V pin. If most of them were in a frail condition, I guess a) One of them had a shortcut that fried the others, and/or 2) The power side may not me working properly. Good luck with it!
  14. I would replace all the RAM ICs, yes -but please take into account that 4164 circuit is not a direct replacement for 4116. Also, C64 boards are very fragile, so I would recommend to *cut* the pins of the ICs, then clean the pads, then socket everything. Trying to unsolder the ICs may would end with some "reconstructive surgery" on some tracks :-/
  15. Which RAM ICs do you have? Did you replace any of the original 4116 ICs? If you have those 4116 ICs, check the +5v (pin 9), -5v (pin 1) and +12v (pin . Ground is on pin 16. I suggest testing voltages on RAM ICs since it is easy to find all of them there. If you have all of them in its place, we may discard a problem on the supply side. If you replaced 4116 ICs, I guess you modified the 4164 ICs to match the pinout of the former ones, isn't it?
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