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  1. It took me several days (started trying on Saturday), and last night I finally got a time to qualify for the patch in dragster. Definitely the hardest one I've got so far. I don't know how I did it, as before this the lowest I got is 6.11, and it didn't seem like the qualifying run was any good while I was doing it. I was shocked at the final time.Would have a hard time doing it again I'm sure. I never really liked the game previous to this, but kind of got addicted to trying to beat 6 seconds. Now that I've done it, I doubt I'll play anymore of it. I also got the patch for river raid. But I had to do that one on the Activision Anthology (PS2), as I've exhausted my activision cart collection. I prefer to play on the actual hardware, but the 80s soundtrack on the compilation is nice.



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  2. Five more patches for me. I got Spider Fighter, Chopper Command, Sky Jinks, Freeway, and Skiing. Skiing has so far been the hardest to achieve. It took me many resets to get that one. Chopper Command was really easy, only took a couple of minutes to get. It has also been my least favourite game so far. Crackpots is up next. I've tried a couple times and only get around 50000, so that one might take some time.






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