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  1. Where can I find the registration for an attendee? I saw the 3 Table Reg options.. I fly in from the east coast so I can never tote gear.
  2. if you would like to do further research and touch them go here. these are war dialers, code hackers, and phreak tools http://commodore.software/downloads/category/18-hack-phreak-war-dial
  3. the "lamers" that didn't have access to "1337" BBSs could always go this route from a sales ad in a c64 magazine
  4. Another reason stuff appears is because people's future thinking changes..I have a kid now, so I am ebaying apple software or books that I don't think she will ever be interested in.. I put my factory sealed Enchanter Trilogy on eBay this week because she will never really have any connection to infocom, but I am keeping my apple hardware because it is something she could grow to love also..
  5. Next year will be year 35 of the c64 right? If they raise the rates on the hotel, maybe a kickstarter will be in order. 35 years is a big number.
  6. Not the Commodore and Amiga part... the flying back and forth. I wasn't able to stay the week. after commvex, I flew back to the east coast. Then turned around and came back a few days later for Amiga30.. it wore me out.
  7. Better to auction them off in vintage computing instead of books right? Thanks for any advice.
  8. I will probably do it next year also. I did it last year and then the next week was the Amiga30 where I saw you.. It kind of burned me out to hit two back to back like that..
  9. You know I'm a Commodore guy and never owned an apple computer until my 2010 macbook pro, but I really like my Apple IIe, dual disk, green mono monitor set up. I picked up the set for $60. It proudly sits next to my c128. As someone else said, it really is a different direction than what we usually collect (more than the atari st I think).. and the infocoms on that monitor just feel so natural..
  10. your butthurt in this thread really gave me joy.. I will miss it..
  11. I was hoping to snag stuff like this off of eBay one day.... damned preservationists, giving it to Stanford..
  12. The Infocom Cabinet: Binders and Folders of Infocom, Inc. (1981-1987) A collection of digitized scans from a large cache of documents related to the game publisher Infocom, Inc. of Cambridge, MA. Assembled by Steven Meretzky of Infocom. His post is here: http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/4834 The archives are here: https://archive.org/details/infocomcabinet
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