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  1. Hi. As far as I understand, the only way to upgrade from normal Harmony cart to Harmony Encore is to send a PM to the user "batari". I did 10 days ago but had no reply yet. The user "batari" is not active since November 15th. Am I assuming this wrong?. Is the another way to arrange it ?. Than A LOT to all forum members and log live the Atari !!! Regards Ckult
  2. Hi. I just bought my Atari Jaguar after a lot of hesitation time . Really looking forward for this cart !!! Best regards Ckultur
  3. SOLVED!!! First of all thanks for the response. I received too an email from "Fred Quimby" with advice on how to proceed. As the user cd-w pointed, the problem was when flashing the loader. I was unaware of the error message appearing at the bottom. Fred told me to use an USB HUB instead of direct connection to the computer... and that was it. When I used an USB hub and connected the Harmony cart... the flashing went perfectly. Now I have it done with the PAL50 bios. Thanks A LOT for the help!!!! Best regards ckultur
  4. Hi. I received the Harmony cart yesterday and was happy as a child at Chrismas. Ok.. took a microSD (1 gb), dumped some games and plug the device on mi woody 2600. The menu letters at the screen (sony Bravia 46') where the games appeared were almost unreadable. I supposed this was because my console is a PAL one and I rode before all the Harmony carts come with NTSC as default. Donwloaded the 1.2 version of the programming tool.. plug into my PC (the second one... as my first PC with the same Win7-64 bits operating system refused to recognize it) and dumped the PAL50 bin file. Plugged the Harmony in the A2600 and.. black screen... no "updating",, no message.. nothing. Back to the PC.. dumped again the NTSC bin file.. just to be able to be again at the starting point... black screen again. I've changed MicroSD cards.. I've tried 3 different ones (1Gig, 2Gig and 4Gig.. just in case...). Black screen all the time. I checked the A2600.. all is fine.. my other carts work OK. I changed the power supply.... same case.. now I have the Harmony cart and everytime I plug it.. the black screen. I truly would appreciate some feedback or help on this issue. Thanks to all in advance an Merry Xmas. EDIT. I used too the 1.3 version of the programming tool... no changes... Ckultur
  5. Hi. Please note I sent you a message stating I'm 100% interested on the carts. If you want.. you can spare that Star Trek to the other user, but for me is Ok the rest. Please, this is CONFIRMEd. I await for your response Thanks and regards ckultur
  6. Hi. I would LOVE to have those games. Some of those are from my distant childhood If the other user doesn't want them, I for sure would want them Regards ckultur
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