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  1. Have you done a cap replacement yet? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  2. Sprint 2 and night driver. Love the cabinets Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  3. Update: I took out the 4864 RAM ICs from the ram board and replaced them with some 4164's that I had for a future project and it works.So it was the ram
  4. This is an Atari Factory upgrade kit.Already assembled. I soldered the jumpers in the right pins of the motherboard , the basic cart tests correctly 37902, I am wondering if there is something I overlooked
  5. It would crash after the title screen(s) would appear.For instance, my Zaxxon disc, you would see both the title screen and splash screen then the game would crash, distorted graphics. Carts work fine
  6. HI I recently upgraded a 400 to 48k using the 48k expansion kit. After installation I did the memory check with the Basic cartridge which checked out fine 37902, Cartridges work fine, but discs won't load completely and they work fine in my 800xl so it's not the discs or the drive. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
  7. I had the same problem with my 400 that I got from ebay. I changed both 4051 ICs now the keyboard works fine. the 4051 IC chips are located next to the pokey chip. just swap those out for new ones and It should work.I believe the 4051s are still in production.
  8. i remember back in 6th grade trading some star wars micro collection playsets for a star wars :death star battle cartridge .yeah i know dumb trade isn't it this was 17 years ago
  9. CThiesUGP

    pc4 tickets

    i bought a 3 day pass for PC4 .do they mail them to use or we pick them up there? a little confused here
  10. the pole position cartridge works great on my 4-switch woody no jumping.but in my heavy sixer it jumps.it also does that on my newly aquired Sears telegames light sixer.all other games work fine on my sixers
  11. my "retreat" contains an Atari super pong stand alone , two 2600's,a 5200,an intellivision ,a colecovision, nes,sega genesis ,SNES ,playstation, and a MAME cabinet. soon to arrive an Atari stunt cycle stand alone
  12. i have the games in 44.1khz 16-bit wav format for creating an audio cd e-mail me
  13. I recently "rescued" an ATARI "heavy sixer" from a local flea market .i took it home,took it apart, cleaned it ,put it back together.now testing the unit ,all the cartridges the i have worked great except my pole position cart .with pole position the picture jumps .it's an NTSC cartridge and the heavy sixer is an NTSC system .any ideas why the picture jumps on this cart when all my others work fine?
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