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  1. I took my controllers apart and gave them a good cleaning and made sure that everything was connected and good Now they work great
  2. My mom just didnt think I would ever use it again because I was moved out and away from home, and when she asked my little brother he told her that all he needed was the N64 I had no idea that the system would be collectable today, if that was the case I would have never thrown away all the boxes and woud have handled the instructions and games with care I mean I remember friend Dustin offering to trade me 30+ 2600 games for Mike Tysons Punch Out, which I declined I understand why my mom did it, she watched us move on from system to system and as soon as the new one was hooked up the old one was boxed up and put away So in her mind as long as the family had the latest system all the rest of the stuff was useless She thought she was doing the right thing, I dont blame her now It was easier to not blame her after I had bought back every system and game I owned (and the ones my friends owned and I wanted) But I still just have that nostalgic feeling about how cool it would be to have all my original stuff
  3. You said it perfectly I own both systems and I love them both I play my 5200 more just because I love the ports of my favorite arcade games growing up like... Robotron Joust Pacman Berzerk Defender Missile Command Centipede I have a Trackball controller that works great and makes playing Missile Command and Centipede feel so much closer to the arcade My two favorite 5200 games by far is Robotron and Berzerk Berzerk is so hard on the 5200 yet so mch fun, and I love the difficulty select on Robotron I dont play my ColecoVision that much but thats because my arcade didnt have the less common arcade ports that the CV put out I love Pepper II and Ladybug, I even like Venture I just didnt grow up with those games so there is no nostalgic value in them for me Thats why the 5200 gets more use, but I would not want to be with out either system in my collection
  4. My mom gave away (to her poor friend who had like 10 kids) the following systems/games My 2600 with about 25 or so games My 7800 with 2 games (we had a 7800 for a month before my mom bought us an NES) My NES with about 50+ games My SNES with about 20+ games I had the 2600, 7800 and NES all boxed up with all the games and stored in my parents attic while the SNES was still hooked up in my room when I moved out with my girlfriend in 1996 So my mom felt bad as her friend with the 10 kids could not afford to buy any system for her kids, so my mom said hey I have a bunch of systems and games that are not being used they are just up in the attic lets give it all to your kids! I learned later that she asked my little brother if there was anything he wanted to keep and he said no because he had the N64 hooked up in the living room So not only did my mom give them all the older systems she had my bro go in my old room and unhook the SNES for her to take to her friends kids Fast forward to the year 2000, my girlfriend (now wife) had moved up to Seattle and I started to get the craving to play all my old treasured games, I couldnt wait to visit my parents and brothers and dig up in the attic and get down all of my stuff Well I called my mom and was talking about my plans to hook them all up in Seattle when she dropped a bombshell on me I was furious, I couldnt believe it, and it made me even more mad when my mom told me how happy the kids were to get all my stuff! I have bought back everything I owned and everything I wanted to own and then some, but it would have been so awesome to have my original systems I forgave my mom, it only took me about 10 years to do it
  5. I have a back up 5200 as well I use my two port to play and I keep my four port in the orignal box At least I have one of each different kind of 5200
  6. I love the 5200, it is by far one of my favorite consoles
  7. I never have thrown a controller in my life, its a saying we used to have in reference to the kids that did throw the controller in anger (my little brother being one of them lol) When I would beat my brother in Street Fighter 2 over and over again he would punch me in the arm, throw the controller and then turn the SNES off and take the controllers out and try to go hide them lol I would be laughing the entire time
  8. 1. Space Harrier 3D for the SMS: Its not super rare, but I played it back in the day with the 3D glasses at my friends house and being a huge Space Harrier fan/player back then I fell in love with it. Im glad I found a mint condition complete copy and own it today 2. Micheal Jackson Moonwalker Genesis: Again its rare but not super rare, the reason I love this game is because I owned it back in the day and played it to death 3. Boxed mint 4 port Atari 5200: I own 2 5200s and use my 2 port to play games while my 4 port sits in the original box in mint condition complete with everything 4. Sega Master System: It was the system I loved back in the 80s but didnt own, I spent so much time at my friends house playing his SMS while all he ever wanted to do was go to my house and play my NES 5. Tower of Doom/ Thunder Castle for Intellevision: The first rare games I ever found in the wild. I paid $2.00 each for the games and had a huge smile on my face while walking out of the game store
  9. I could beat Mike Tyson back in the 80s and can still beat him today, I always had more trouble with Super Macho Man and his spin punch, but once the timing was down I was all over him I also wouldnt say beating Tyson is easy, it took me 20 or so trys back in the day before I beat him, today it isnt hard but thats because I know whats coming G&G used to piss me off so bad, I never beat it because I gave up after making it through and then realizing you had to do it again Battletoads was for sure a controller throwing game, I used to get so pissed and playing with one of my brothers (both of whom where good gamers) and hitting each other on accident After a while we would get so pissed at the game we would hit each other on purpose However all three of those games were fun to play, Punch Out was always a blast The games I hated that I couldnt beat where the games that where not fun and confusing and impossible! Goonies 2 and Friday The 13th caused me more grief then any other games ever
  10. Found Micheal Jacksons Moonwalker for the Genesis at my local video exchange Paid $20,00 for it I was happy
  11. My oldest daughter loves to play Frog Bog and Bomb Squad She has played Bomb Squad by far more then any other game
  12. He-Man and Burgertime are my favorites
  13. Some of my other favorites are NHL 94 (one of the best sports games ever) NBA Jam TE Mortal Kombat Hard Drivin (I know tons of people think this game sucks but the replays are hilarous!) Sonic 1 Golden Axe Altered Beast Revenge of Shinobi I love most of the early games, my friend had a SMS and I was always playing it at his house and he had a ton of games So when I got a Genesis the first games I got for the system were the Genesis versions (or sequels) to the original SMS games like Space Harrier, Outrun, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Altered Beast and so on You cant go wrong with the early games
  14. Awesome! I cant wait to play DK2 Arcade I am so impressed with my copy of DK Arcade, I know that Carl will knock this one out of the park Im in!
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