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  1. Yeah it's something else. My favorite is this because it has Small One and Scrooge
  2. I have an extra lot of Wii controllers and accessories for $10 plus shipping (either medium flat rate or 6 lb priority whichever is cheaper) Includes: two remote controllers (used, one is missing the back battery cover and both need a light cleaning. Original issue -non motion plus-), three used white nunchuks, one used black nunchuk, one new white nunchuk, one Wii wheel (not pictured, needs a light cleaning as it is a bit smudged but it is not broken), two Skylanders Power Portals, one Wii power brick, one Wii A/V cord, one Wii console stand, one white remote skin, two clear remote skins. The remotes and the controllers could use a light cleaning as they are a bit smudged. All items tested and work. SOLD!!! Thank you
  3. I don't recall Backin89 being a part of this Secret Santa, I think he's still sleeping out in the cold ... Sorry, many of you probably have no idea what that means.
  4. Fantastic, I think that now makes two years in a row for you since the customs hostage Secret Santa crisis of 2017 LOL
  5. Just a reminder to finalize your Secret Santa gift packages and get them out!
  6. Picked up the Atari Flashback portable at Dollar General for $25.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. King_Salamon


      Oh sweet!!  Enjoy it!  I'm considering getting that one... eventually.  

    3. Grig


      Frogger is not the 2600 version. It has no music but it is a decent rendition.

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      I have one but the dpad/joysticknubthing really sucks... but I only paid $7 for mine CIB at a thrift store. 

  7. It is missing the manual but has the case and disc. The case has a few pock marks/scuffs on it. If I can find a better case I will swap it out. The disc has some surface marks all over it but it plays fine. The disc picture does not show all of the marks. $23 shipped PM me if interested. Thanks!
  8. I have two items remaining before I can send it out ...
  9. +100 for the ren and stumpy reference
  10. There's a lot I think I understand after a pint or three
  11. I tried to do that as well. I was 100% successful in eating the candy as soon as the package arrived and I think I opened my gifts about a week before Christmas.
  12. I control all dark web transactions. I am … the Sphinxter!

  13. Finally beat Spyro A Hero's Tail. Great fun. Now on to Epic Mickey.

  14. I found two PS2 slims, 6 controllers (one wireless), 4 or 5 memory cards and about 80 games for $100 (only about 15 sports games), then I found Final Fantasy X-2 for $1 at another yard sale. Both PS2 slims work great and the controllers are in good condition and work good as well. Some of the discs are a bit scratched up but they still work.
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