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  1. I need to unload a massive amount of books in one lot. Fortunately for you, the USPS does not charge much to ship books. This lot weighs in at about 35 lbs so media mail shipping is about $20 anywhere in the USA. SCORE for you!

    Please look at the pics, I have a lot of books here, some are in great condition and some are in fair condition but they are all worth reading. Some real gems here you don't find at the local bookstore or thrift store anymore. A few more modern books but most of them are fairly old or older. I am asking $50 shipped or best offer but I think the books are well worth the $30 plus $20 for shipping. SOLD



    PM me if interested. Thanks!

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  2. A lot of Mini classic and Flashback consoles - $220 shipped OBO SOLD


    Atari Flashback 9 (unopened), Commodore 64 mini (opened but all pieces like new, I got this from eightbit last year I think), PlayStation mini (never opened), NES Classic mini (never opened), SNES mini classic (never opened), The Edge Super Gamepad for SNES or PC (never opened)



    PM me if interested. Free priority mail shipping in time for Christmas. Thanks!

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  3. I have these two Nintendo 3DS games for sale, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Y, both brand new, never opened. Both for $40 shipped OBO SOLD



    Free first class shipping in time for Christmas. PM me if interested. Thanks!

  4. I am selling my Colecovision Flashback, complete, works great, $50/OBO shipped anywhere in the continental US - SOLD



    Also selling a Sega Mini new in box, never opened $45/OBO shipped - SOLD



    PM me if interested.



  5. 17 minutes ago, CaptainBreakout said:

    As someone who grew up reading vintage Walt Disney Comics & Stories (Dell 10¢), and looked forward every year to the Walt Disney Christmas Special (the Disney Channel was free that weekend), I really like how it's remained so popular in northern Europe. I was amazed and amused to see a rack of _current_ Donald Duck comic books on sale in a grocery store in Iceland when I visited a few years ago -in Icelandic!!

    Yeah it's something else. My favorite is this because it has Small One and Scrooge



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  6. I have an extra lot of Wii controllers and accessories for $10 plus shipping (either medium flat rate or 6 lb priority whichever is cheaper)



    Includes: two remote controllers (used, one is missing the back battery cover and both need a light cleaning. Original issue -non motion plus-), three used white nunchuks, one used black nunchuk, one new white nunchuk, one Wii wheel (not pictured, needs a light cleaning as it is a bit smudged but it is not broken), two Skylanders Power Portals, one Wii power brick, one Wii A/V cord, one Wii console stand, one white remote skin, two clear remote skins. The remotes and the controllers could use a light cleaning as they are a bit smudged. All items tested and work.
    SOLD!!! Thank you


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  7. 2 hours ago, carlsson said:

    Ha, only 17 days for me since we celebrate on the 24th over here. Actually a little less at the time of writing because it is 03:45 AM.


    And by the way, my SS package apparently cleared customs without issues and has been waiting at my post agent since Tuesday but I haven't had time to pick it up yet, will do so during Saturday.

    Fantastic, I think that now makes two years in a row for you since the customs hostage Secret Santa crisis of 2017 LOL

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  8. 40 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

    I guess I can understand that to a pint, but depending on the period, you're kind of off the mark on older they get for ease of play.  16bit Windows games/installers are the only problem really as modern OS's will spit them out, but if a game is 32bit or newer unless it has some real problems just work, so I do collect them, usually the workable 32bit and the DOS stuff since I can get them working in under a minute using DOSbox with an frontend app.  I only brought the game thing up because I have a Sega PC sealed game of Last Bronx lying around.

    There's a lot I think I understand after a pint or three


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  9. 51 minutes ago, carlsson said:

    I dug into the candy early on, but saved the wrapped gifts for actual Christmas. I think many might be doing the same, at least as long as the gifts are individually wrapped.

    I tried to do that as well. I was 100% successful in eating the candy as soon as the package arrived and I think I opened my gifts about a week before Christmas.


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  10. I found two PS2 slims, 6 controllers (one wireless), 4 or 5 memory cards and about 80 games for $100 (only about 15 sports games), then I found Final Fantasy X-2 for $1 at another yard sale.


    Both PS2 slims work great and the controllers are in good condition and work good as well. Some of the discs are a bit scratched up but they still work.

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