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  1. Hello. Is there a site with JPG or GIF pics of atari 8 bit game disk labels? I recently put a bunch of ATR images to real disks and I would like to have them labeled with their original titles and not just my very sloppy handwriting. I have done a lot of searching and cannot find any. I have found box scans and instruction scans but not disk scans. Anyway, just thought I'd ask. There may be nothing out there but it can't hurt to ask. Thanks very much. Jon
  2. HI. I've included a picture of my atari 5200 games. Some of them are pretty rough but they all work. I'd be interested in the intellivision. Thanks for your time. Jon
  3. I have a bunch of extra 5200 games. They are all common and many duplicates - 19 total I think. I can send you a list if you want. Nothing rare just commons.
  4. Hi. I've still got the PS3 for trade if you'd like. I PM'd you earlier but it may not have gone through. I'd be very interested in the trade. PM me if you get a chance. Thanks. Jon
  5. Good evening. I am looking to trade for some Atari 8 bit disk games. I have a PS3 40 GB with two controllers (one wired third party, one wireless Sony - both work good but the wireless battery does not last long), power cord, hdmi hookup, and 4 games: MLB 11, Madden 10, Cars, & Tron Evolution. The PS3 works great and the discs are in great condition. The PS3 has a few external scratches on the casing but it does not affect how it operates. The PS3 is also updated to the latest internal software as of last week. It also has two internal games - Wipeout HD and a planet blaster game (I can't remember the name but it's fun). I am looking to trade this for a collection of Atari 8 bit disk games - preferrably in the original boxes but original disks only will do as well. I'm not sure of the current value of these items but I am willing to entertain all offers. I've been using my 130XE more and more lately (and not my PS3) and it's just been a blast, taking me back to the 80's when Atari was king in my world. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Jon
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