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  1. I am going to suggest that Secret Santas not post in the thread yet that they have sent their package as that may give it away too quickly. You can PM me and I will send your recipient the tracking number but if you can please wait a few more weeks to post you have shipped your SS gift.
  2. AA user Frankodragon has been known to recode a 7800 game or three
  3. ALL SECRET SANTA INFO HAS BEEN SENT! Phew! and now for your viewing pleasure...
  4. I will be sending out Secret Santa assignments soon! Check your inbox. I still need addresses/SS info from three participants.
  5. Only one more day left to sign up! I still need 4 3 emails/answers with addresses for shipping.
  6. Secret Santa signups end this Sunday! Sign up NOW!!!

  7. If you have yet to send me your name/address/secret santa info - please do asap!
  8. Come over to the Secret Santa thread in 'Events' and sign up!

  9. I am getting some absolutely fantastic responses this year about who you are and what you like. Everyone wants to have a good time and enjoys giving. Thanks for making this fun to do!
  10. $55 shipped for the remaining games! Billiards, Miracle Space Race, Blockids, Bear in the Big Blue House, SCARS, Harry Potter, Triple Play, G-Police. SENT TO EBAY
  11. One more week to sign up for Secret Santa!

  12. Come on over and sign up for Secret Santa 2019! In 'Events'!

  13. I would like to think I had something to do with that ha ha anyway glad it seems to be working out
  14. Send me your PM my good sir! Happy to have you!
  15. not those of us willing to pay shipping cost LOL
  16. Secret Santa signups going on now in 'events'!

  17. I still get a kick out of this every time I watch it … 


  18. 2019 Secret Santa signups going on now in 'Events'. Come over and join the holiday fun!

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