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  1. 2019 Secret Santa signups going on now in 'Events'!

  2. 2019 Secret Santa signups are going on now in 'Events'! Come on over and sign up!

  3. The inner contents of the NES Top Loader box have been sold. I now have remaining (pics in above post): 1. NES Top Loader Box & Styrofoam only - $90 shipped OBO SOLD 2. PS1 Billiards & Miracle Space Race (both sealed cut out) - $10 shipped 3. PS1 Blockids (sealed cut out) - $10 shipped 4. PS1 Dragon Ball GT Final Bout (sealed cut out) - $30 shipped SOLD 5. PS1 Bear in the Big Blue House (sealed cut out) - $5 shipped 6. PS1 SCARS (sealed) - $25 shipped 7. PS1 Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (sealed) - $20 shipped 8. PS1 Triple Play 99 (sealed) - $10 shipped 9. G Police Weapons of Justice (sealed) - $15 shipped
  4. We have our first ten participants for this year! Yay! We had 26 last year. Let's keep going!
  5. Secret Santa signups going on now in events! Come join the fun!

  6. 2019 Secret Santa signups going on now in 'Events'!

  7. do not EVER separate the word "cockroach" into two words … and then capitalize them.

    1. Grig


      This was done on a work order at my job … you can't unsee that

    2. carlsson


      I hope you don't work in the restaurant business and some customer ordered deep fried cockroaches. Or what do I know, perhaps those would be yummy?

    3. retrorussell


      Saying "cock-a-roach" is bad enough.

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  8. 2019 Atari Age Secret Santa signups going on now in Events!

  9. Fantastic give away those are two great games for the DS
  10. I came across a JVC X’Eye about 10 years ago at a flea market but I did not have the $65 on me to purchase it so sad times. I do not know much about this Majesco version but it sounds great
  11. 2019 Atari Age Secret Santa signups going on now!

  12. Atari Age 2019 Secret Santa signups are going on now in 'Events'!

  13. I am so willing to pay for shipping!
  14. No but there will be table scraps for lepers and orphans.
  15. I wish but alas I am in California.
  16. So … the 2018 Atari Age Secret Santa was a fabulous success, even though it was marred with one individual who has yet to acknowledge what he did. AA USER: SAZAE. He participated in last year's Secret Santa and received a gift; however, he never sent his recipient (theVNAguy) a gift. He acted like he was putting something together but he never sent anything. He never responded to any PM I sent him, asking him to explain what happened. I was even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt; however, all I received in response from him was crickets. He is still trolling the site and was last here on October 8. Albert was informed. The AA community came together and multiple 'Rescue Reindeers' made sure theVNAguy had a smashing Atari Age Christmas. Thanks again to those who volunteered assistance.
  17. The Official Atari Age 2019 Secret Santa thread has begun in Events!

  18. AND NOW! NEW FOR 2019! THE OFFICIAL ATARI AGE 2019 SECRET SANTA THREAD This is the official Atari Age Secret Santa Thread for 2019! Thank you for making the 2018 Atari Age Secret Santa a rousing success! Open to all Atari Age members in good standing (explanation to follow) The rules are very simple: 1. Post a reply within this thread of your intention to participate. 2. PM me (Grig) with the following information: Atari Age username, name and mailing address - along with the following information: This year, instead of answering questions, send me anything you would like your Secret Santa to know about you for the purpose of gift giving. I want you to thoroughly enjoy your Atari Age Secret Santa experience! The only thing I ask is that you actually take the time to formulate some ideas for your Secret Santa. Secret Santas want to have fun coming up with your gift! Also please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally for our non-USA participants. 3. All responses need to be received by Sunday November 10th. I will send out your Secret Santa notification by Tuesday November 12th. 4. How much you spend is up to you. Don't go broke! 5. Final mailing date should be no later than December 11th for US posting. I would recommend shipping international gifts by December 4th. Tracking numbers are not required but they are recommended. The thread will be regularly updated with participating members at the bottom of the page (I put my name down first to get it started). Please remember to have a good time with this. Don't be a Bah-Humbug and just enjoy giving and receiving with other Atari Age members. (in case you missed it): nope, uh-uh. This is DEFINITELY not allowed. Let's ALL enjoy the 2019 Atari Age Secret Santa! And now a word from our sponsor (the fine print you don't want to read but should): This is open to all Atari Age members in good standing: In other words, Albert will have the final say if you have been a tad too "naughty" this past year on Atari Age. If someone requests to participate who has been more "vinegar" than "honey", I will ask Albert for a final decision and either add your name to the list or send you a "We regret to inform you" PM. Sorry mates, but the Atari Age Secret Santa is a special occasion and will be reserved only for those who enjoy and value this truly remarkable community and the fabulous individuals who keep it going. If you want an example of what can unfortunately happen during Secret Santa I will post the details on the 2018 thread. 2019 Atari Age Secret Santa participants: 1. Grig 2. CyranoJ 3. Chicgamer 4. Carlsson 5. ClassicGMR 6. Fujiskunk 7. HoshiChiri 8. Roberto 9. Doubledown 10. Machine 11. Dr Moocowz 12. Soulblazer 13. adamchevy 14. theVNAguy 15. Captain Breakout 16. karokoenig 17. Atari Dogs * 18. Bomberpunk 19. Zeptari1 20. Mountain King * 21. Moycon * 22. Emerson 23. jd_1138 24.
  19. everything is perfect! Thanks! My 13 year old is having a blast.
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