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  1. NEW items 10/18/2019 NES Top Loader box & Styrofoam only - $90 shipped OBO SOLD PlayStation games - ALL STILL SEALED BUT SOME HAVE THE BAR CODE PUNCHED OUT - you should be able to see it in the pic. All prices include shipping 1. Super Shot Soccer - $18 (cut out) SOLD 2. Extreme Go-Kart Racing & Bayblade - $18 (both cut out) SOLD 3. Billiards & Miracle Space Race - $10 (both cut out, MSP jewel case cracked) 4. Blockids - $10 (cut out, jewel case slightly cracked) 5. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout - $30 (cut out) 6. Bear in the Big Blue House - $5 (cut out) 8. Road Rash 3D - $30 SOLD 10. S.C.A.R.S - $25 11. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - $20 12. Triple Play 99 - $10 (jewel case slightly cracked) 13. G Police Weapons of Justice - $15 PM me if interested and thanks for stopping by The Garage! May the luck of the seven pillars of Gulu be with you at all times.
  2. Bump! Please help out an old nostalgic fogey with some retro TV goodness!
  3. Signups for Secret Santa 2019 will begin this Sunday … watch for the thread in 'Events'

  4. Sign ups will begin on Sunday 10/20/2019
  5. I think I have an older PC I can ram Windows 95 or 98 into. I also have a PowerPC G3 with OS 9.2 so I should be set for the kiddos to have some good times. They already know how to play Pirates! and Civ IV. Anyway this is a great bundle!
  6. O... M... G... PM sent, I'll take it. My kids will have a blast! They are currently enjoying a retro Windows XP system at the moment with upgraded video and sound. BTW - best 'for sale' post I have seen in a long time
  7. Finally got the power restored after nearly 48 hrs shutdown due to "proactive" electricity management. Thanks PG&E.

    1. save2600


      Of all instruments in grade school, my brother chose the viola. Small world!  🤣

    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Viola is my Grandmothers name.

      R.I.P. you will always be my favorite person to walk this planet.


    3. x=usr(1536)


      PG&E once shut off power to my apartment at 4.54pm on a Friday for nonpayment.  The irony was that I'd paid the bill that morning, in person, in one of their offices.  It wasn't even overdue; they just screwed up and left me without power for an entire weekend, copping the attitude of, "gee, that sucks."


      That's at the low end of the scale compared to what they've recently been up to, but PG&E can eat a fat turd in hell as far as I'm concerned.

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  8. Finally playing Metroid Prime for the first time

    1. Inky


      I could not defeat the final boss, sadly.

    2. CaptainBreakout


      Possibly my favorite game ever, besides Star Control II.  Certainly one of the most polished- a pleasure to play.

    3. BydoEmpire


      There were a lot of great parts, but a lot of frustration as well.  IMHO MP3: Corruption is the pinnacle - all the great bits of the Prime series, none of the bad.

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  9. Today I found a 1050 drive and some floppies at the Salvation Army for $15.
  10. The Starbird - When non Star Wars toys were actually cool ...
  11. Place your request in the 'Wanted' section, that's about as helpful as I can be
  12. Ric Ocasek RIP

    1. Stephen


      Damn it.  We only lost Eddie Money a few days ago :(

    2. save2600


      Heard last night - how sad. Love The Cars and most of Ric's solo stuff.

    3. sramirez2008


      One of my favorites. Was able to see them during my youth.

      RIP Ric Ocasek and thank you for the music.

  13. I'm in NorCal and would probably try to work something out if I had the extra room and extra $$; but alas … anyway, I would caution selling these on ebay as they will require lots of packing and will probably be damaged by USPS or UPS during shipping. I would definitely try to do some more testing and show things functioning (or not) I'm not sure what the selling solution is other than Craigslist or offer here for lower prices and pick up or just make sure to overpack and get insurance for delivery but I would hate to see those beauties busted by the morons at USPS and UPS. Anyway GLWTS and we will help as much as we can.
  14. Saw these recently in one old letter  ...

    " … it was humungass …"

    "... couldn't Carrie a tune …"

    " … raise his son Wright …"

    1. Flojomojo


      and at least one "should of," I'll bet. 

  15. NEW 9/07/2019 A few Nintendo Switch games. I bought these awhile ago and I was going to give them to my kids for Christmas along with a Switch; however, they have all informed me they are not interested in a Switch and are very happy with their DS handhelds and Wii games. All games are brand new, still sealed, never opened and FREE SHIPPING. 1. DRAGONS: Dawn of New Riders - $20 SOLD! 2. Namco Museum Arcade Pac - $20 SOLD! 3. Brawlout - $10 SOLD! 4. RBI Baseball 18 - $20 SOLD! ALL SOLD THANK YOU!
  16. Nice little score today at a local thrift store. They had a Wii with a few games for $30 but I don't need that. They had a few Wii games I did not have (all complete and no scratches) so I picked up these five for $1 each and some great old comic books (actual books of comics) for .50 each:
  17. Yeah my boys really enjoy the CYOA books. We have some CYOA D&D and sci-fi books they enjoyed as well. The DS Lite works perfectly, took the charge and played everything we threw at it. The Cyclo is updated to version 1.15 and we haven't seen a time bomb yet. It seems to work great. It has probably about 50 to 60 DS games on the 8GB SD mini card and they are mostly RPG games like FF and Dragon Quest but there are some good games for the younger kiddos as well like Nintendogs (all versions LOL), and it even has Mario Kart DS. My wife and 15 YO daughter are happy about the RPG games.
  18. I don't get out to many yard sales anymore but I took my boys camping this week and stopped at a few on our way home. I didn't find much except these: The 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books ($1 each) are in amazing condition and are all from the 1982 printing. Mario Party 7 ($1) is missing the booklet and the disc is a bit scratched up but I cleaned it and it works perfectly. The kids really enjoyed it. The black DS Lite ($5) did not have a charger but that is okay as I have many. The screens are in perfect condition, no scratches or blemishes. It also came with the GBA Pokémon Fire Red and a little something called 'CycloDS Evolution'. I had to look it up. Apparently it allows you to play downloaded .NDS ROMS on the MicroSD card (it has one at 8GB). I have not tried it yet as I am still charging the DS but I will try it soon and let you know if there were any games on it and if it works. (not pictured) a huge box of 'GeoTrax' with working engines for $10. The kids love GeoTrax.
  19. FINALLY!!! I now own Ducktales vol 4, the final 25 episodes! I know it came out last year but I missed it then. Great episodes.

    1. Wyluli Wolf

      Wyluli Wolf

      Ah, the Disney Exclusive volume that goes for a few million dollars?  ;)  Congrats!  Not sure why they made that a club exclusive though, given that the other 3 volumes were not.

  20. Serious 90s flashback on Saturday … Mariah Carey's "Can't Let Go" playing on the radio, and as soon as I step out of my vehicle someone is blasting Rancid's "Time Bomb" in a Geo Metro. The dude was totally punk rock with the dyed black spiked hair.

    1. GoldLeader
    2. GoldLeader


      When I was in college (about 1993 I think) I had a flyer for a Rancid show on my wall (1st album)....Rancid featuring Members of Op Ivy!  $5!

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