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  1. Looking for an external SCSI 5.25 disk drive for PC
  2. So, I was in Gamestop yesterday and I witnessed this guy pick up the Antman Avengers electronic helmet (the one on display behind the counter) ... and drop it. Yes, it broke. Yes, they made him purchase it for $99.99.

    1. CaptainBreakout


      Yay! Marvel finally sold some Ant Man merchandise!

    2. save2600


      Shenanigans at the LameStop! lol


      Dude will probably try to return it for his money back at another location. People did that shit at Sears all_the_time.

    3. HoshiChiri


      That's assuming they let him take it... and the receipt... and didn't call around to the other local stores to warn them.


      I'm always amazed at the people who don't realize the stuff behind the counter is there for a reason.

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  3. Ever park your bicycle in an airplane hangar?

    1. SoundGammon


      Even harder to park your airplane in a bicycle rack!

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Even a 747 looks small in the Grand Canyon.

    3. Inky


      I rode mine on a tollway.

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  4. I actually have a post in this forum again! Yay! First pic - not thrift store finds but at prices that were largely better than thrift store prices (all items are brand new). 1. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival with two Amiibos - Wii U - $9 (Walmart); 2. Super Smash Bros Wii U - $3 (Walmart); 3. Pokemon Y Nintendo 3DS - $3 (Walmart); 4. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nintendo 3DS - $3 (Walmart); 5. Infinity 3.0 Star Wars disc pack - $2 (Walmart); 6. Murdered Soul Suspect Xbox 360 - $5.69 (Target) Second pic - thrift store finds - all $2 each Looks like the GBA games are 7 Trials To Glory Yu-Gi-Oh, Road Rash Jailbreak and Ultimate Masters (x2).
  5. yellow stars, green clovers, purple horseshoes, and new Lou Phillips' Diamonds!

    1. Grig


      He was great in Longmire

    2. GoldLeader


      The Big Hit was a good one!

    3. DZ-Jay


      I think there was also some vampire movie I saw him in. Or a hell cop or some other cheesy B horror film. :)

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  6. When does that N64 mini come out? How far to go with those? PS2? Dreamcast?

    1. GoldLeader


      ^LOL ... Only if I could go to a Mini Blockbuster ...

    2. atari2600land


      I'm waiting for the Pokemon Mini Mini.

    3. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Xbox One mini. However you still have to wait two hours to start the game.

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  7. I use SDrive max. Touch screen and it works fantastic. I also use Ultimate Cart for my ROM and XEX files.
  8. There is a 'Wanted' thread for this kind of post.
  9. bump - VHS and Betamax TV recordings from the 1970s and 1980s wanted please!
  10. I can probably help you out, but only because you live in Minden!!! LOL I used to live in Doyle (Ca) but I have been to (well driven through) Minden many times. I can probably just copy DOS for you and the SIO cable let me check to see how many extra I have.
  11. Lots of 3DS games on sale at Target for $4.99. I was able to pick up Luigi Dark Moon. Score!

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      Well, I went to 3 different Target stores this morning and they were all sold out of $5 3DS games. The last store I went to did a stock check and every store in the city is sold out.

    2. GoldLeader


      Score Grig! I may have to run over and check our Target before I go to work today :)

    3. GoldLeader


      I checked our Target...No $5 games :( ...I did buy Fire Emblem Warriors for $12 though which seems like a good deal.

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  12. okay i think the issues are solved - I think it was a case of mainly bad disks and I had my SIO2PC cable plugged in at times into the second SIO port. Thank you to all for the help.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try some more today
  14. I am trying to fix my C-128 keyboard, i need two plungers and one spring. PM me if you have these. Thanks!
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