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  1. The disks look clean. SIO2PC - real disks, yes, not virtual. I just formatted a disk on my happy 1050 using SmartDOS 6.1 and it worked - but it has been giving me many 173 errors all evening as well. SIO2PC is writing to the real disk on my happy 1050 just fine too. I am thoroughly confused. I will take the covers off and inspect the track movement. Thank you.
  2. So, until today, all three of my drives worked great. Now, I cannot format a disk in all three, either through SIO2PC or standard DOS 2, 2.5, 3, etc. Nothing seems to work. I have formatted two disks all evening. They usually start out okay and then when they sound like they will almost be done, i get a "beep" and then they re-start the formatting process. I get the same results from my 800 and 130XE no matter what combination I use. They all seem to read disks just fine. Sometimes I get the dreaded "173" error.
  3. What's 45 hours between a man and his WEGA?!?!?!
  4. I am offering this here first before Craigslist. Man is this thing heavy!!! But, of course, those who enjoy the WEGA series already know this. We are getting ready to do some remodeling of our house so I need to get rid of some larger bulkier items. Works great, it includes the remote. It has two composite inputs and one component input. The TV shell is a bit scratched up. I live near Sonora, Ca and could possibly meet in Modesto or Merced for transfer. PM me if interested. I won't hold on to it too long before sending it to CL.
  5. The reel to reels are great. My dad has an Akai stereo system he purchased in the 60s - a complete system with reel to reel. I think reels and 8 tracks top my list of finds with more home made compilations and LP transfers than my cassette finds.
  6. Many thanks to the Rescue Reindeers who have saved Christmas for TheVNAGuy.
  7. Nice score. I would have grabbed that for $10 too. I like that one has 'Noisy' written on it.
  8. My PC is windows 98. Thanks box, I will look for one, should have them on eBay I just hope not too expensive
  9. 10-4, Carlsson already let me know of my technological errors LOL!!! My computer only has the older CD/DVD hookups and the smaller version for the 3.5 disk drive. I think I don't know what I am talking about ...
  10. I found some old PC disks with "Dungeons and Dragons" listed on them and I want to see if they can be accessed; however, I do not have an internal 5.25 disk drive on my old PC so I am looking for one. PM me if you have one to sell or give away! Thanks!
  11. ALL MOVED TO EBAY 1/5/19 - and sold Atari 830 (base unit only, untested - includes warranty card and the missing rubber foot, I found it) - $45 shipped (2 lbs to ship) Atari 8 bit Star Parallel Interface (untested) - $20 shipped Apple II RS-232 card (untested) - $20 shipped Atari 8 bit cart lot (all tested and work - Basic, Defender, Star Raiders, Centipede, Pole Position) - $25 shipped
  12. We are all set, but thanks very much for your offer!
  13. Some don't post but that is not a requirement for participation ... though I do wish everyone would post pics of their Secret Santa loot because IT'S AWESOME!!! I have not received any PM's about someone not receiving their Secret Santa gift except the one individual who is being rescued as we speak.
  15. Well, I went ahead and purchased a Playstation flashback but at least I got it for $59.99 and not $99.99. I think it can be modded to accept playstation files so I will probably do that. I think I would like to get the Intellivision and Colecovision FB too (wish I would have picked them up years ago LOL)

    1. AAA177


      I think my comment got cut off (if this now becomes a duplicate, please forgive). Just wanted to mention I advise everyone now to keep their toys/systems, you'll want them later. Things I wish I kept: Weebles Haunted House, Colorforms Dracula's Castle, Electronic Detective, and most sadly, Atari 520ST...

    2. GoldLeader


      I've kept everything after my mom convinced me to give up my original Atari since I had the ColecoVision expansion module...I agree! Keep it all if possible :)

    3. AAA177


      Smart move, GoldLeader, wish I was as ahead of the curve...now I'm doomed to pay appreciated prices...

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  16. I am absolutely floored by what my Secret Santa got me ... of course my previous picture of the candy and gifts ... the candy has been long gone, gobbled up within the hour. The XA1541 cable and Star Commander CD for transferring .d64 files from my old windows XP computer to actual 1541 disks. This will be epic. I just re-booted my XP machine and it works great ... PLUS it has a working serial port just for Star Commander and my SIO2PC Atari cable. I absolutely prefer hardware/physical media (though I do love my SDrive Max!). I have a TON of old 5 1/4 inch disks just waiting for some Commodore goodness. Also some great Atari 8 bit disks - many original disks I did not have. The Bentley Compu-Vision TV Video Game (Pong) System - BUT WAIT!!! This is not your father's Bentley system!!! IT HAS BEEN MODDED JUST FOR ... ME!!! It has composite audio/video (the picture & sound are CRISP and CLEAR!), a plug for an AC adapter (a 2600 power supply - which I have!), two inputs for Atari 2600 paddles (and I happen to have a great set of working paddles) - but the included paddles also work perfectly, and four 'MOD' switches: A randomized angle, randomized speed, internal/external paddle selector and 2 or 4 player select. Push 'Left' to enable the mods and 'Right' to disable the mods so you can use the original buttons. In a word ... AMAZING!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you Secret Santa!!!!!
  17. Thanks to everyone offering to be a rescue reindeer. I will contact you in a few days to see if you are needed. Also, you may begin revealing who you were SS to!
  18. Those are all fantastic I will post my secret Santa pics as soon as I return from visiting family. Unfortunately our AA family may have a no show on the secret Santa front there is one individual who has yet to receive a gift and I have not heard one peep out of his secret Santa. I am still investigating however multiple messages to this person have gone unanswered I am just hoping nothing unfortunate has happened to this person and possibly they just got overwhelmed during the holidays.
  19. Looking for original disks only for: Ultima III (Atari or C64, it doesn't matter) Ultima V (Commodore) Ultima VI (commodore)
  20. Looks like there may be about 5 AAers who have yet to send their gifts out (or at least that is how many have not sent me tracking numbers or notices of shipment). Please confirm if you have not contacted me yet and I will probably be contacting you ... Yes, I am checking my list twice.
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