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  1. DCUltrapro


  2. cool I look forward to it (I think you emailed me earlier about this as we had been talking about game packages? thanks again for the awesome Space War 2000 pack!!)
  3. just got Skyhammer and goddam is it hard! anyone got any helpful info on how not to suck at it? I'm all ears lol

    1. Gaztee


      Don't put the cart in the Jag :o) Good game, once you get used to it!

  4. I'm confused I thought it was already out in demo form much like Space War 2000 and Phase Zero, is that not the case? Or are you referring to a new release/version?
  5. nice post, I'd be inclined to agree, though I do love my 360 and the games on it I still love all my older consoles and certainly prefer the days when everything was new and exciting and what not, the Dreamcast will always be my fave machine as nothing has ever provided me with as much fun in console gaming but the Jaguar has such a bizarre and interesting character and aura about it, I've now got 34 games for it and its just really good fun discovering all these hidden gems that no one knows about. I'm a little disappointed with Skyhammer (more to do with me not understanding how the hell to play it lol) but I'm really looking forward to Phase Zero and Towers 2 and I absolutely adore playing Battlemorph and a bunch of the other cartridge classics. Great little machine with lots of 90's character and the CD I think is a must
  6. ok just received my copy of Space War 2000, the cart says its a work in progress, is that the only version available guys or is there another, more complete one somewhere? cheers

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      AFAIK that game is just a demo, or if not the exact definition of a demo, then very much the same thing. There's alot of incomplete/prototype reproductions for the Jaguar out there.


  7. I'd still say the Jag is one of the worst consoles. Wacky hardware, bad marketing (or lack of), rushed buggy games, limited 3rd party games.. It's certainly not up there with the better consoles. Doesn't mean I don't love my Jag's though, and I'd certainly not consider myself an idiot who hasn't done his research ok so I didn't mean the guys on here are idiots, I just meant that people in general on Youtube for example who put these stupid vids up saying how crap it is and they have no idea about what it had and what it can do etc, they just make the assumption based on the fact that they don't like the design and it wasn't very successful. If someone on here who is clearly knowledgeable etc comes to that conclusion then fair enough, I still personally wouldn't say its one of the Worst Consoles of all time, ok its marketing was shit and if you don't like the design etc then yeah you could say that fine, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wouldn't personally label it that way, because I quite like it lol
  8. After having played Iron Soldier 2, Battle Morph and Hoverstrike and having seen videos of the following: Black Ice White Noise Space War 2000 Phase Zero Skyhammer Soul Star Dactyl Joust Robinsons Requiem Towers 2 You can really start to get a much better feel of what the Jaguar might have been had it fulfilled all its promise, its such a shame it never carried on because it had some seriously good potential and titles coming for it. I have Skyhammer, RR, Towers 2, Space War 2000 and Phase Zero all on the way so hopefully that will open up my Jaguar even more. Its certainly no longer just a crumby old console hidden in a box but rather a pretty awesome machine with the CD Drive and memory track, a wide range of quality titles etc and a brilliant new pro controller Anyone saying the Jaguar is one of the worst consoles of all time is an idiot who clearly hasn't done his/her research properly IMHO
  9. Thanks a lot, I programmed and did all the artwork for it, Matt Scott (who later started Byte Size sound) did the sound and music. It was the first project I did as an independent developer. I poured over the original source code and multiple times a day I'd played the coin op beginning to end. I had to keep the coin op in my garage due to its size which wouldn't have been too bad except it was FREEZING! I remember seeing my breath and the screen would fog up from time to time. I worked hard on that game, funny thing though is my favorite part about it I didn't do - it's that opening chord on the title screen. I couldn't believe when Matt reproduced the coin op sound PERFECTLY without having to digitize the sound. Anyway, thanks again. Thanks man, I wrote that one too. RoadBlasters was the first game I did start to finish on my own. I had the coin op right next to my desk at Atari in Lombard IL. There are a couple things I would change about it now but it turned out great. Look up the Easter eggs if you can. If I remember correctly if you hold down A or B or both and drive into the first tree on the right or left of the first level you will see my or Matt Scott's picture and will be able to warp to any level except the last one. We took some liberties with the end of game music too; as I recall, there wasn't any fanfare at the end in the coin op so Matt Whipped out a grand finale theme that turned out really cool. My favorite thing I learned about the coin op from the source code was that the fuel economy (rate of fuel consumption) got worse and worse constantly, only depositing a quarter would fix it - you didn't have to continue or even die, just put in a quarter. There is even a comment in the code that says something like "this is where we embezzle money from the player". I laughed out loud literally and showed everyone in the office when I found that one. woah ok so hang on you actually worked on both games? would I see your named in the credits on the carts? thats awesome! I really like Hydra actually, its pretty good fun, Stun Runner I always found had a pretty steep learning curve and it often upset me that I couldn't save progress in such games, but still a brilliant little game. I tip my hat to you sir!
  10. who's getting/looking forward to Batman Arkham City on 360?

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    2. DCUltrapro


      are you kidding? Arkham Asylum was awesome!! I completed it on normal difficulty, can't wait for the second, apparently its much bigger, so its kinda AA x 1000 or so I've heard

    3. greencoman


      My friend says it is awesome. I guess not everybody is into those games. But it looks cool. I think Rage looks awesome too.


    4. Zedex


      Speaking of Batman, I just started watching Batman TAS last night. What a brilliant cartoon, one of the best of it's kind.

  11. thanks very much for the link mate! I spoke to them and am ordering a set for Space War 2000 including Controller Overlays, instructions, nice box etc and label for the cart. cheers again
  12. just laid down the cash for Baldies, Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Robinsons Requiem, Space War 2000, Phase Zero and IWar and am waiting on a best offer for Vid Grid to go through and waiting on a quote for Towers 2, Skyhammer and World Tour Racing... Can't freakin wait!!

    1. disjaukifa


      Having owed Towers 2, its a good buy for the Jag, another great by for the Jag is Breakout 2K!

    2. DCUltrapro


      cool, I'm thinking once I've got Towers 2, Skyhammer and World Tour Racing I will probably stop there as that will be 30+, obviously if I see any of the others for pretty cheap I might be tempted

  13. I hope no one minds me dreding up an old thread but I discovered this overlay via googling and as I'm a member on the forum I thought I'd ask about custom overlays, are there many around? and whats the best way to produce them? Would you literally just print it off on paper? thanks also if I buy a cartridge version of this game is it possible (in your opinions) to finish the game? or is it just incomplete like Soul Star and Phase Zero?
  14. surely Ebay can get in trouble for this if Atari or some other copy right holder found out and they had been made aware but did nothing, right?
  15. just to update those of you who have responded to this thread, I got the CD Drive finally yesterday, here is a video on my youtube of me unpacking it and then setting it up, let me know what you think! I've also uploaded videos of Battle Morph so far. I've got Iron Soldier on the way now so I'm pretty sure that I've got all the retail ones I want for now, unless Space Ace, Dragons Lair, Brain Dead 13 and Primal Rage come down a long way in price or failing that EVEN APPEAR ON EBAY ONE DAY!!! Never see any of them lol
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