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  1. That purple does look good. Did you order a purple console as well as the F.E.?
  2. And I thank you very much! My good friend Dale has ordered a set for me and I am very grateful. Will send you some money soon. I love this community and how people here help eachother out. Good Karma. Thanks again Dale. 👍👍
  3. Fairly sure the console works everywhere in the world with no special versions required. Just sent a enquiry to I.E. through their website as to obtaining this boxed collectors edition in Australia so I have my fingers crossed. 🤞
  4. Well that's no good. Hope there are a few held back for a purchase in the not too distant future.
  5. Just tried to order but Australia is not accepted as a valid shipping location. 😞
  6. I read a bit and then gave up. Terrible and false journalism.
  7. So jealous Dale. Play a few games for me and I expect a full report. Have fun!
  8. Why be nervous? Do you have a deposit on a amico and if so and it worries you then just get your money back. i am happy to patiently wait for the console to be unleashed upon the world and then enjoy some great games.
  9. Someone posted here photos of several cd's that they had made from the music that Tommy gifted to us recently. I have looked for this post and cannot locate it. Wanting to do this myself I wondered what the best program is to turn the music into a compact disc?
  10. The box looks like a interesting design being rebated in on three sides like a hard cover book. Well, that's the way it looks to me on the video. How about a closer in picture please.
  11. Dale, now your just making me feel jealous. No idea when we can travel normally again.
  12. That old presentation was hilarious but regarding those boxes you may as well open them up to see what is inside. Weather you decide to sell or donate the contents need to be seen. It's always great to see something old/new?
  13. I don't think anyone has talked about the Amico in any media yet in Australia and when I do a google search the result is Amico branded kids playground equipment. I look forward to some local press releases.
  14. Thats ridiculous. Vegemite is vastly superior to the flavourless Marmite. There is also Promite which like Marmite is also rather bland. Vegemite rocks!
  15. Its very impressive as i have stood there in front of this wall of wonder drooling all over the carpet. When the world gets back on track I hope to revisit.
  16. I think your right. No longer have the wrapper thou so not 100 percent.
  17. Thank you for your very intelligent and well thought out comments. A good video.
  18. I was going to suggest some air bubbles but there they are. Nice touch.
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