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  1. New/old console for me. Oh the nostalgia!
  2. Just went and got a copy 30 minutes ago which I will read soon. Heading off to a tiny island in the Pacific ocean on Saturday for a week.
  3. The original Intellivision gets my vote as this is what a real Intellivision looks like. To me the model two has a cheap look about it although I have never seen one in the flesh as the Australian market bypassed it and went from the original one to the INTV model three. There is also no problem with the Intellivoice as it is a perfect match.
  4. Well that was fun. First game got 2040 76/90. It was good to drag this game out of a dark cupboard.
  5. When the "sped up" next version of the software rolls out will we just find it on the LTO site?
  6. Great, so 7zip will also un-rar a rar (if I can put it that way)
  7. Thanks Lathe, always up for a bit of knowledge. There are several good ZIP programs out there, whats the best one for extracting RAR files?
  8. So........when is a ROM not a ROM? When it's a RAR. Must admit that I cannot get this working either.
  9. Don't be so hard on him, perhaps a meeting with the "cat o nine tails" will set him straight.
  10. Why haven't you played it? Perhaps shrink wrap should be banned if people could not be be bothered to rip it off and stuff that cartridge in the slot! Otherwise what is the point of getting the game in the first place. I actually love this game and it is played often.
  11. Hope everyone has ordered a copy by now. There is no excuse not to at this price.
  12. Ok, so im a bit late to the party but my copy of sydney hunter has just arrived in the last couple of days (I got one of the last ones) and I must say this is a impressive product. Well done to everyone involved. :thumbsup:
  13. I wonder if it's worth more or less since it has the "devils number" ?
  14. That looks very impressive and hope to try it out tomorrow.
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