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  1. Really?, I would have thought checkers was common as it was a pack in with the console when sold in australia and I always assumed the same happened in the res of the world. The boxes here were printed as draughts but the manual was checkers.
  2. Thanks lathe for posting this link. I found it very interesting and it just shows how much work goes into retro game production. The kitchen table assembly scenes I am sure would resonate with many game producers!
  3. There is some great information there. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Is it any good and will it work on a pal unit?
  5. I'm really getting used to the new look and format. Being in OZ I have been following this topic all day while many of you have been asleep. Have patience and I am sure it will grow on you as it has with me.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Have you thought about getting some sleep?
  7. Loving the new look. Small issue, but when in messages I don't see a way to quickly navigate to the latest one. I am always clicking on the first message no matter what I try. Am I missing something obvious? 😕
  8. Perhaps the wicked witch has headed south to "down under"
  9. I'm surprised no one has claimed #1 yet? Are these not available in the US? No problems getting them and lots of other variaties in OZ.
  10. That was quick! You are going to love it, have fun.
  11. I haven't chowed down on the last lollypop yet. bacon? ......Not sure if I ever will.
  12. Looking good. I love these types of games. :thumbsup:
  13. If you send Joe a p.m. through here he would be able to give you all the details.
  14. I did a electronic transfer to Joe's bank. It took a bit longer than Paypal but worked just fine.
  15. while a box is good to have it does not make the game any more satisfying to play. Sure, it looks nice on the shelf but the game to me - box or not, is most authentic in it's originally released form. Trends also appear to be changing with rom sales being quite popular now, go back a few years and many people only wanted CIB releases. My copy of Piggy Bank would not feel authentic if I took it out of its bag and shoved it in a box that the publisher did NOT make.
  16. I'm impressed and have not seen the tatt's before. Mine came with a bacon chuppa-chupp.
  17. 1. stupus 2. Intvsteve 3. Utopia Rocketeer/Mars Minis 4. Intymike Rocketeer/Mars Minis 5. Scalpel 6. Gunoz 7. Soulbuster, plus Mars Mini 8. Inframan 9. Mojotv67 10. Kiwi 11. Bill Loguidice
  18. I'm fairly sure that we were to first receive a email confirming a paypal address and then respond before getting a refund. I contacted Groovybee confirming my paypal details when he announced in Jan 2017 "refunds for all" and he quickly responded that he would make contact when he got to me on the list.
  19. So, has any one on this list received their refund yet? There does not appear to be many of us still waiting.
  20. So, there is a sequel to BE&EM I knew it.
  21. Now that that's over what are we going to do for fun around here?
  22. With less than a hour to go can BE&EM get up?
  23. Looks like we are now down to the last two hours!
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