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  1. Good to hear. EB Games is everywhere here in Australia also.
  2. Tommy's announcement was great news to wake up to this morning. To celebrate I am wearing my Amico tee shirt today and so it looks even better (or I do) I asked my wife to shave my neck first! It's a lovely sunny day so I will be showing it off in public. Congratulations to all at Intellivision for making the band bigger and better. 👍
  3. You just can't help yourself can you? Does it come with any gamestop exclusives?
  4. Awesome! I also spent tons of time bashing around the Bush just to find stuff and remember odd bits of random track...like a drag strip.
  5. I'm amazed you found this little treasure trove at all as I have seen all the stuff you have in your room and you must be constantly rediscovering items all the time. Seriously, Dale's collection is massive!
  6. Hmm, I think i might just have a spare eight hours. 👍
  7. Do you push the switch up to turn it on as suggested by the picture? In Australia we push it down. Just curious.
  8. Having seen your collection I have no doubt you would purchase them all!
  9. Just loved our private studio tour in February . Thanks Dale.
  10. Hi Tommy, A long time ago you hinted that Australia may be on the cards for a release when it goes on sale in the U.S. and clearly due to current global events that would not be happening now but what are your plans for down under? I have a founders edition on order so I'm ok but the the rest of Australia needs access to the amico! Have you had talks with retailers here?
  11. Right, taking you up on this offer whenever we are allowed to travel again.
  12. Spending a day out with Dale and his wife was a highlight of our week in L.A. and we packed a lot into that week. We were staying in West Hollywood so it was a bit of a hike to collect us but we spent a afternoon and evening together and we got on so well that it was like the four of us had known each other for years. And it all started with a P.M. message five years ago on Atari Age. Naturally we had to play some Intellivision and for the record while Dale shot me down in Biplanes more times than I would like to remember (Although I crashed a lot without any help) I redeemed myself in Frog Bog so I would say we were even in the end. Our tour continued and after lunch in a local restaurant we visited where Dale works.The CBS studio was closed on a Saturday but Dale flashed his "Amico golden ticket" at the guard house and we were in. As soon as we swapped the car for a golf cart we were on our private tour and I had no idea so many good shows had been filmed there. My highlights were New York St which was constructed for Seinfeld, and the Lagoon Building which is now built over where Gilligan's Island Lagoon was until a few years ago. The Griffith Observatory was also a amazing place to visit and the lights at night stretching off forever into the distance were just fantastic. Anyway, travel blog over and thanks again to our fabulous L.A. hosts for the day for showing us a piece of their town and welcoming us into their home. And special thanks to a 40 year old console. Thanks Intellivision!
  13. And at least 14 days to Australia. Sometimes up to 20 days.
  14. But it will have Bluetooth right? Perhaps you could use a set of those cans.
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