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  1. I had a similar problem with one. I have 3 Intellivoice modules and one of them would not take the LTO-Flash. I sent pictures to Joe and Steve and it was clearly moulded slightly differently from the other 2.
  2. I was playing some piggy bank yesterday, love this game and look forward to the sequel.
  3. Yes but as Intymike said it is only a pal issue.
  4. Agreed. It is a real shame that this situation is still unresolved. A refund as soon as possible would be appreciated but I should not hold my breath as it is now 8 months since the announcement of "refunds for everybody"
  5. That price is crazy and probably will go higher. Any guesses on the final price?
  6. Well, It has been known to take a while to get some of the podcasts out in the past.
  7. I am on Easter island in the Pacific ocean.....so far from the rest of you. No postcard from me unfortunately!
  8. I am also curious to know the difference between "discontinued" and "sold out"?
  9. Love the layout Lazzeri. I'm in if you get it done. (I suck at spreadsheets)
  10. Do people use cheques anymore? My transaction paying into Joe's bank account worked out very easily.
  11. It would be rather cool if someone wrote a manual for beginners in the vein of the "dummies" style of book. Inty basic for dummies
  12. Can I also have a refund. On Jan 16 you advised "refunds for all" and I would appreciate mine as soon as possible.
  13. Probably just as well. If Hover Bovver was included it could well be a one horse race!
  14. Thumbs up! Very well set out and a nice travel mug. Is there more merchandise planned?
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