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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All good but for those of us that have a good L.P. collection and good Hi-Fi equipment the argument is moot. There is a big difference to listening to music and "listening to music" a good audiophile setup wins over every other format every time.
  2. Well, digital is not always better because on a good Hi-Fi system the dynamic range that opens up (on a LP) can be simply amazing. Also so many people listen to music in compressed formats that they are just missing out on how good even digital music can sound.
  3. I still play my humble record collection from the 70's and 80's. I have around 400 L.P.s and 100 singles. I even have one laser disk! (will never be able to play it though but it looks nice)
  4. Looking forward to some positive news.
  5. He was commenting on a news story by example of a classic Intellivision game. Was it so bad?
  6. The best of both luck and skill to you on your quest!
  7. The patient is not in very good health. Looks like he is about to leave the building, and he is not going home!
  8. I have to say that I have no idea what the deal is with tacos but am sure that it will not be a part of this conversation if it is stupid. Intelligent Intellivision is what we have here.
  9. I'm thinking around $100 to $150 here but things are quite expensive for Intellivision hardware in OZ. And yes, it is worth owning one.
  10. My comment was clearly in jest. But just for fun will someone please release a game just seconds before the new year. A crappy game will do...just anything to get it over the line.
  11. So we need a cutoff time that would suit all time zones since this time in North America would already be late afternoon on January 1 in Australia.
  12. Hmmm, I wonder what the box manufacturing cost would be in Australia? Although the local market would only be around 4 boxes!
  13. Actually you should go in it, you might win this time! mr_intv, on second thoughts DO NOT put me in this year since I won the last giveaway you did a couple of years ago. (intellivotion, you were so close) That Blix manual looks sooo nice.... Good luck everyone and thanks again mr_intv for your fun and generous giveaways. :thumbsup:
  14. Count me in again, lots of nice goodies in that lot.
  15. Well, how about stipulating that voting does not end until 2 months (perhaps 3) after the last game for the year is released. Then it does not matter if there is a late game for the year as there is still time for people to play it and vote accordingly. For example if the last game is published in October then voting can conclude in January. If it came out in December then voting finishes in March.
  16. There is too much overthinking on this subject going on here. If a game is released between January 1 & December 31 in 2018 then it should clearly qualify for GOTY 2018. There is no point suggesting a 2018 released game be held over until 2019 which makes no logical sense whatsoever.
  17. It may exist as a area but it's doubtful there are any alien remains there.
  18. Thanks Groovy, that clears it up for me.
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