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  1. Hey everyone. I've decided I'm ready to part ways with my Nintendo Power collection. I've got the whole set of 285 issues. The condition varies and some of the early issues were clearly well-loved, but most issues after 1992 are in very good condition or better. Posters are generally present (for the issues that came with posters). For the final five issues I have both the newsstand copies and the subscriber editions. I can of course provide more photos or details for anyone interested in knowing more. I'm flexible on the asking price but am thinking somewhere around the US$1,000 mark. I did a quick search on eBay this morning and I see that a complete collection in similar condition recently sold for US$1,600. Given the heft of this particular lot, I would prefer to sell to someone in Alberta, Western Canada, the northwestern U.S. or that general vicinity. I have wheels so I can deliver this where needed. Again, if you're interested, let me know and we can try to work something out. Thank you for looking!
  2. Sorry about this. Initially I'd listed the items as shipping to Canada only. I'm now adding U.S. shipping rates one by one, so hopefully that will fix it and open everything up for you folks. EDIT: I've added U.S. shipping rates to all the listings except three, which already had bids and couldn't be changed anymore. That's "Golden Axe," "Sonic R" and the system bundle. My apologies.
  3. Good day everyone. I've just posted for auction a Sega Saturn system with two controllers, memory cartridge and two loose games, as well as almost two dozen games as separate lots. There are lots of sought-after games here... Panzer Dragoon, Sonic R, Dragon Force, Nights into Dreams, Legend of Oasis, Night Warriors, Street Fighter Alpha and more. Shipping is to Canada only but I will combine shipping for multiple purchases. Click the link below to see everything I've listed for sale. Thank you!! eBay Seller: vanderveen88
  4. Purchased a loose copy of Herzog Zwei from him. The transaction went smoothly with no issues — shipped fast and safely, game works and matches his description — and I'm a happy camper. Thanks!
  5. Just a quick heads up: I tried to buy the same set from this same seller on NintendoAge several months ago. He was using the same photos but was under the username TokyoScarab. (Notice that the album on imgur was uploaded seven months ago?) I paid him and then had to file a claim on PayPal to get my money back. If you want to verify this, check out his feedback on NA — I wasn't the only one to get burned: http://nintendoage.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Users.Feedback&User=TokyoScarab Bottom line: Don't do it.
  6. Another smooth purchase from FujiSkunk. DS game was packed with care, matched the description perfectly and shipped quickly. Very satisfied, thanks yet again!
  7. Just purchased a lot of 10 Intellivision games — nine of them boxed. The games arrived quickly, packed very securely, and everything looks and works great. Very easy to deal with, good communication and a smooth transaction. Thanks again — highly recommended!
  8. Purchased a Sega Saturn game. It was packed well, arrived quickly with no damage and looks and works great. Highly satisfied and I would be happy to purchase from you again.
  9. I remember about 12 years ago, when I was still in high school, sending Ralph an inane question via email regarding the Odyssey line of game systems. He took the time to respond, politely noting that he was only involved with the original model and had nothing to do with all the ones that followed from Magnavox. It's not much, but in retrospect it says a lot to me, about how much he appreciated the interest in his work and accomplishments, and how incredible it was that even in his 70s (and much later) he was eager to connect with fans online. A genuinely nice man, it seems, and I'm glad that he belatedly received recognition for helping to start an industry. Rest in peace, sir.
  10. Bumping. Vectrex games are sold but lots of great stuff is still available. Send an offer if you're interested in multiple items.
  11. Bump with all-new items, including several consoles, lots of games and some early Nintendo Power magazines. Check it out!
  12. Another purchase from Grig — PlayStation games this time. Everything went smoothly — games were packaged with care, and they looked and worked great — and I'm satisfied again. Thanks!
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