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  1. On the full size you can swap disks in the menu. Wish they would release that as an update on the mini. As far as the controllers go i can edit the gamecontrollerdb.txt to support other controllers. I however do not own a neo geo x so if you wanted me to set that up you would have to ship the controller to me so i can set it up then i would ship it back to you. I have the genesis mini and the retrobit official 6 button controller for the genesis mini so i could add those as well.
  2. I would disagree about updating the mini. There will probably be an update when the vic20 is out. The last update was for both the mini and full-size when the full-size came out.
  3. There is a program on the pc for creating cjm files. You can make a universal file that works for all games that sits in the root of your usb and then make separate cjm files for any that need any special change like setting pal or ntsc. And without editing the gamecontrollersdb.txt you cant use a stella adapter or a upci.
  4. 4ever2600 give me your zip code so i can get shipping quote. to everyone interested i will offer it to everyone in order. So if one person declines i will offer it to the next person and so on...
  5. And thank you. I have 25 years experience in modifying electronics and i am all about making something look as professional and factory as possible.
  6. The 7800 i used as a donor was smashed and a cat had chewed the power wire right at the brick and the connector so that wasnt salvageable at all. It was free though with two joysticks so i wasnt going to complain.
  7. And then if you look in there you will also find my post that has a list of incompatible games that are compatible if you use a harmony cart. I was hoping for about $35usd plus shipping.
  8. I have a boxed cartridge modded atari flashback 2. I modded it about 6 months ago. Not sure if there was any interest in buying it or not
  9. Nope. Only update now is the announcement of TheVIC20 full size
  10. I didnt pursue it any further. They identified an issue with a ton of controllers with both analog and dpads and were supposed to add the fix. Not sure if the full-size got the fix as i dont have one but the Mini never did.
  11. You can also run the games on the pi in 240p. So you can make it look amazing on your monitor.
  12. I just acquired a flashback 9 gold and while it all looks like the same hardware could be used in the fb9 gold could be used in the x for the 2.4ghz, there are different traces going to the clock (which isnt on the x either) and a few other places, means the 2 chips designed to be used in the x must be newer/different chips.
  13. Atgames didnt start making atari flashbacks until the 3. So they are designed different from curt vendell’s flashback 2 and 2+.
  14. That is an atari 7800 controller. Not compatible with a 2600 except running 2600 on a 7800.
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