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  1. That is an atari 7800 controller. Not compatible with a 2600 except running 2600 on a 7800.
  2. What needs modified on the 2600 paddles to work on flashback? I played a paddle game just fine and both players worked for me. And the flashback 9, 9 gold and x use stella 3.xx which allows use of both paddles and joysticks.
  3. Any chance you can take better quality pics of the motherboard so i can see traces and numbers and chips so i can compare to flashback x to see if i can just buy a flashback 9 and steal all the bluetooth circuits and put it all in the flashback x. The flashback x motherboard has spots on the backside where i believe the ic chips for the bluetooth plus some capacitors go. Plus the oscillator and other caps on the top side.
  4. As for the sound have you tried different hdmi cables? There are different versions of hdmi cables and some of the changes in them involve audio.
  5. Well now that you did this can you flash the firmware for the atari fb 9 from sd card slot? The reason the fire button and joystick work is because they are the same pinout on a sega genesis. The other buttons on the atari fb p1 joystick are not common to anything else.
  6. So i took high quality pics so you can see that there is nothing for the bluetooth. There arent any capacitors or resistors and the two chips that appear to go to the fb9 (he posted bad pics so cant say 100%) uses for the bluetooth are missing on the front and back of the fbx board https://m.imgur.com/a/1iK6L6c.jpg https://m.imgur.com/a/HvYrZd9.jpg
  7. I am going to test the driving controller, keypad and trak-ball as soon as my replacement fbx comes in. I static shocked it touching the switches and now the otg and pc syncing no longer works so i cant test games on my hdd. So i sanded the chrome off of the square part off the switch covers that touch the actual switches and will swap these ones out when the new system arrives.
  8. The updates are all the same. There is no available software specific to the full size c64.
  9. You can switch between pal and ntsc on the system to accomodate whatever game you are playing since hdmi doesnt care about ntsc and pal so no issues outputting either one.
  10. Im guessing after a while after the us finally gets a release they might add the disk swapping and vic20 to it. But i like the mini. Its great.
  11. Yes now you need to get the january update to fix a huge problem in the december update that messes up the usb rom names.
  12. There is a january update if you didnt get it. Also a new game was added. Farming simulator.
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