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  1. In the settings on the mini you need to set the keyboard to uk for it to be mapped properly.
  2. Im not sure what happened to my reply to this. The price drop most likely has to do with not only getting rid of old stock but making some more money to make the c64 full size. Sales wont be hard. In Europe/uk and australia pre orders are flying off the shelves. I follow several facebook groups for the mini and full size and there is no shortage of buyers. It has an option to choose 50khz and 60khz so they are universal. I will buy one here in the us as soon as possible.
  3. Look in the full size c64 thread. I posted on what to install in linux so you could get the guid and id. Then you could add your ps2 adapter to the gamecontrollerdb.txt.
  4. Cant edit last post. Its an sdl2 gamecontrollerdb.txt. I posted in the c64 full size thread on how to install the stuff to be able to get the linux guid and id.
  5. Here is the link for being able to get the guid and id. Only do whats in the reply post marked as 2 https://askubuntu.com/questions/366994/how-to-identify-game-controller-for-sdl2-in-ubuntu Then this is what you type in terminal to get the info when you have your joystick plugged in: ./sdl2-joystick
  6. I quite thoroughly enjoy the mini. I have the main screen filled with 150 games and all of the games i have are on a usb drive and no complaints. I plan on buying the full size when it comes out. I love the classic systems that come out and also making my own with raspberry pi’s and what not. But personally i will never go back to actually running old technology. And just running the emulator on a pc just doesnt do it for me anymore.
  7. The mini uses an sdl gamecontrollerdb.txt to decide what controllers work or not. They dont just work. Just the usb hid means nothing on the mini. It was a pain to find everything i needed to make a raspberry pi able to give me the linux guid # of the controllers. You need that and the controller id plus all the controls added to the gamecontrollerdbtxt, which you have to go through all the hack crap to be able to access and modify that file.
  8. You need the ps2 controller to usb only adapters. Without a guid setup for the adapter you have it will never work on the mini.
  9. You never have to turn it off to swap controllers. Except for ps3 controllers cause those are completely whack on thec64 mini.
  10. Are your controllers official ones? Bootlegs and aftermarkets arent in the gamecontrollerdb.txt. Controller have to be plugged in. I tested with both a ps2 adapter and ps3 controllers. Both are detected fine. Ps2 controller with adapter works good as long as you dont press the analog button. What ps2 adapter are you using?
  11. Not sure about the ps4 controller but the ps3 controller has a lot of issues and not worth using.
  12. Now the these are only $29.99 you should really consider getting one. It was what finally sold me. And i have no regrets.
  13. https://www.thec64minizone.com/cjm-configuration-file-tool/
  14. So in a .tsg file and a .cjm, here is the button layout. this is different than the layout for the original joystick in the manual. i will get on my computer and post a link to the cjm configuration tool. J1 (*) / 2 (*): JU, JD, JL, JR, LEFT trigger, RIGHT trigger, Y, X, Left bumper, A, B, SELECT, Right bumper
  15. Well if you do get one and want any help just give me a call. Or text. Or pm. Or carrier pigeon. Or however else you feel like contacting me. 😁
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