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  1. also if anyone is interested in building their own paddles, here is one of my homemade sets for ideas. the 9 pin d-sub case was sprayed inside then out with "Satin" Krylon Fusion. I made these Paddles for my Oscilloscope game "Tennis for Two" originally created in 1958 by William Higgenbotham, but purposely designed it to have the same pinout as the atari paddles so i could use them on it if needed be.
  2. they are very comfortable.. and on the plus side this way a lefty can hold the knob in their left hand or our fellow gamers that only have the use of one hand can spin the knob while keeping a finger on the button
  3. this 5200 mod was what inspired me to want to do it with 2600 joysticks. and to be honest the pictures dont make them look as good as they are in real life You did a great job too. I hope you didn't think I was taking away from your accomplishment. It just reminded me of Thomas's video nope you didnt. actually i was glad you posted that. i had only seen a pic before. it was nice to watch the video. so thank you.
  4. i am going to be showing this from my already modded paddle so you will have to do some steps how i say and not what it shows. So first open both paddles and joysticks and completely dismantle them including removing the wires. then get a piece of thinish plastic that can be cut to fit loosely in place of the joystick hole Then before gluing it in, drill a hole as close to center as you can. start as small as possible til you end up using a 3/8 inch drill bit. Then cut the rubber joystick cover around where the old joystick use to be. After that put the potentiometer on the plastic still not gluing down.. Needs to be put on in this direction Next put the boot on and put the plastic piece with potentiometer on it in place(note: the joystick is not square so you will need to find right direction to make the pot center). With the boot on and the pot centered shove the knob all the way on. It should center itself with the knob over the boot. so with the knob centered we can glue around the edge of the plastic piece as shown in pic above. next cut a hole (preferably with a dremel, but mine was broken so i used needlenose pliers)on the board to make pot fit. Make sure the pot does not touch any edges so it is not making contact. Also you need to solder a wire to fix where we broke the trace. Next cut the platic down on the center pin on the bottom plastic piece. Now pull off the knob and shove little pieces of paper in it until you have enough to make the knob sit over the top of the 2nd rubber bump on the boot, but not rub against it. Now run your paddle wires through the hole and solder to the board removing the old metal pin connectors. Note that you need to adjust pot wires and the jumper wire to avoid being crushed between the board and posts. reassemble the bottom and screw together. This took me about 30 minutes to do both paddles. Also as you can see I just learned a lesson in super glue fumes. let fully dry before reassembly
  5. this 5200 mod was what inspired me to want to do it with 2600 joysticks. and to be honest the pictures dont make them look as good as they are in real life
  6. they work better than original because unlike the original if you turn the knob too much it doesnt rub the plastic casing
  7. i got some reading for college to do, so later tonight i will post some instructions.
  8. a set of paddles. I dont know if anyone else has done this before but here is my version if so. i also still used the rubber all the way up to the joystick where it was then cut off. If there is any interest i will probably show details of how i did it.
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