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  1. Im guessing after a while after the us finally gets a release they might add the disk swapping and vic20 to it. But i like the mini. Its great.
  2. Yes now you need to get the january update to fix a huge problem in the december update that messes up the usb rom names.
  3. There is a january update if you didnt get it. Also a new game was added. Farming simulator.
  4. The c64 mini and full size have a new update that Also comes with a new game. Farming simulator. for the mini https://retrogames.biz/thec64-mini/support/upgrade-thec64-mini for the full size https://retrogames.biz/support/upgrade-thec64
  5. I have done a ton of them and i removed everything but if i recall these need to be removed as well
  6. If you get a controller board from @byteknight ‘s ultimate flashback interface boards you wont have to hack the original board at all.
  7. Also carlsson, to answer your question, a pal mini plays the usb games as pal unless you have a config stating to run games as ntsc and vice versa with ntsc mini. Now even though on an ntsc mini i say the games are pal in a pal machine, even on the usb, they dont run at the correct speed. A pal game is too fast. Not as fast as playing a pal game with it set as ntsc but faster than it is supposed to in a pal machine. This is a problem with the vice software that is on the mini. and it is slower playing ntsc game on pal system even telling it the machine is ntsc.
  8. So there is a config file for every game that is on thec64 mini. A .tsg file. In that file for both jumpman games it is set to pal. I changed mine to ntsc. Why the games are set as pal on an ntsc c64 machine is beyond me. And no in the case of thec64 mini pal and ntsc settings are different. Hdmi is irrelevant to this issue. And even telling it the game is pal in a pal machine it doesnt run it at the correct speed. This is an error they will have fixed in the full size thec64 and hopefully will have an update for the mini to fix it as well.
  9. Let me make a correction. No. Same rom. However, they have it running as pal screenshot and the config file is set as pal. They both have to be replaced to run it in ntsc correctly
  10. Yeah not sure why they did that. I will be replacing mine with ntsc version.
  11. Both jumpman and jumpman junior on thec64 mini are pal rom versions of the games.
  12. The internal config for the game could be wrong too. I will look at the game and config when i am home.
  13. I would realy love to have all of thec64 full size software in the mini, and then a full size keyboard as just a keyboard with usb ports on the side. If by sheer luck the full size board fits in the mini and the keyboard is usb, i just might shove the board into the mini, and add a usb hub to the keyboard. I dont want to be tied down to my tv which sits on my dresser because of the hdmi and power cord. Otherwise i will need to buy another school desk like i use for my apple iie raspberry pi now and just use a monitor.
  14. If you need to make the game use joystick port 1 on a game add _J1 to the end of the rom name. Example change 1943.d64 to 1943_J1.d64 Make sure the J is a capital J.
  15. I probably should put my arms up and say iduddits every time I add a new lunchbox to my collection. 😁
  16. 😂😂 Hilarious. I love it. So curious, did you test the keys on the the keyboard with the keyrah external switch in both directions?
  17. 👍 Yes definitely a +1. Was a great reference to a great movie. I use to put my arms up and say i duddits all the time when i accomplished something i was working on.
  18. The keyrah has solder holes for the usb so you can solder the usb wire internally so you dont have to have the usb cable sticking out and plugging back into the keyrah. Also did you set your keyboard in the mini to uk to have keys all correctly located?
  19. There is a guy on here by the user name intvnut. He makes intellivision cartridge cases that are like Activision style. You might be able to use his shells. If i recall correctly it is hard to tell between c64 and intellivision activision games and you could mess your system up by plugging the wrong one in. You had to count the pins on the board as the carts didnt specify which systems they were for on the labels.
  20. In the settings on the mini you need to set the keyboard to uk for it to be mapped properly.
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