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  1. @Albert can you please delete the gamecontrollerdb.txt file i posted on page 6? It has a huge problem and i dont want anyone else downloading it.
  2. @digdugnate @CS1 @Shannon please do not use the old gamecontrollerdb.txt i posted. has huge issue. please use this one gamecontrollerdb.txt
  3. Full version comes out in december. And yes if you upgrade the firmware you get another game, galencia and yeah you can run everything off of the usb drive
  4. After you do the fel mod you can ftp/ssh with a usb ethernet adapter.
  5. This is a very useful book. Amazon has paperback and digital. Epub on google as well.
  6. The carousel is a huge pain but i believe it too has a 256 game limit. The hack is worth it just to swap out the gamescontrollerdb.txt file with the one i posted here.
  7. 256 files or folders. Inside each folder you can add 256 files or folders. You can keep going 256 times
  8. Not using tapes .tap or .t64 files (.t64 are tapes too) you are really missing out on a lot of games. They made a lot of games that were tape only.
  9. i added a button to mine but if you don’t want to add a button for efl mode unplug the led and plug the led into to button plug. Luckily the led was wired the correct way to act as a button being pressed.
  10. Yeah no problem. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  11. i am in the facebook group "Thec64 Mini Group" if you have been in the group or not. i have found an issue with a ton of controllers having both dpad "hat" and analogs sticks both set in the gamecontrollerdb.txt. i have removed the analogs out of a ton of controllers to hopefully fix the issue. ps3 controllers have buttons instead of hats on the dpad but the analogs had to be removed for them to function properly. i have also added a few adapters. back up your gamecontrollerdb.txt to your pc before replacing the one on the pc with mine. if a controller doesnt work in the main menu or the dpad doesnt work in the game edit the line in the gamecontrollerdb.txt with that controllers line from the original gamecontrollerdb.txt. if still an issue let me know what controller is the issue and i can try to help. also notify me if putting that controllers original config back on fixes the issue so i can update the file instructions to add mine: put my gamecontrollerdb.txt on your usb drive in a folder called gamecontrollerdb (so you dont overwrite your backup) when you are logged in and have access to the c64 commandline type: mount /tmp/usbdrive/sda1 /mnt mount -o remount, rw / cp -i /mnt/gamecontrollerdb/*.txt /usr/share/the64/ui/data/ type the entire word "yes" when asked to overwrite mount -o remount, ro / umount /mnt poweroff gamecontrollerdb.txt
  12. i just tested, no they do not work at all on the nes/snes classics. i edited my last post to reflect that.
  13. yes they wont work on the nes/snes classics
  14. Ok. I didnt think it was correct. Thank you.
  15. I have been running the test for a while now. The last 30-45 minutes i havent seen any activity on the screen. How long does this test take? Here is a pic of how it looks:
  16. i 100-% agree about preserving them. It isnt preserving it if they arent made public. I do like internet archives but yeah i prefer useable formats that arent limited to a specific format useable by very little. I am 100% for public releasing of them. The nice thing with stuff that can be ripped with a kryoflux can be ripped to useable format and can be ripped back to disk with the kryoflux.
  17. So everything is still working good for you with the new board?
  18. i didnt realize internet archives already had it. Awesome.
  19. Any interest in creating an image (if you have the equipment) or shipping the disk only to me to to create an image? I have a ton of apple images but that one isnt one of them. I have both a device side and a kryoflux so i am capable of creating the image of the file. And then i will also send it to the archivist sites who still need it.
  20. So if it is only happening from an immediate reboot and they say to wait 20-30 seconds, my guess is you need the capacitors time to discharge any remaining power that is keeping info stored in the ram. This is even an issue with electonics to this day. Just doing a reboot when you have something in the ram causing issues, you can still boot having issues. You are supposed to power down/unplug your computer, modem, etc. and count to 30 then plug the device back in.
  21. I face palmed myself when i saw this stupid story. There are 100+ year old radios that still work and old em pinball machines and tons of other electronic stuff. They built things way better back then. You could probably hook up a computer from the 50s/60s and it would probably work fine too.
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