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  1. I took an apple iie and turned it into a raspberry pi machine. I removed the 19 pin cable from i/o controller board though. You would have to remove your cable and pop it on this one but you can have the board for the cost of shipping.
  2. This is pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  3. retropie does not i stall the latest version either. Download the new one from jzintvs website. To install on the pi you need to have root user permissions as the /opt/retropie/emulators/jzintv/ folder and its contents belong to user root and not user pi. Then you need to use a program like winscp to put it on the pi.
  4. do you have a keyboard hackfile setup for the ultimate pc interface/ vision-daptor for jzintv?
  5. they have two locations for emulationstation files. In /etc/emulationstation/ and in /opt/retropie//configs/all/emulationstation. Files in the latter wont get overwritten during an update. If you put an es_systems.cfg in that location you can put the systems in whatever order you want and it wont get overwritten. Only downfall is if you add a new system you need to copy it from the other es_systems.cfg
  6. so out of curiosity, why doesnt your theme work with newer emulationstation versions? Ive had no problems using the themes we were making on retropie 2.5.
  7. you can send em back to me. I have things updated way past what your flashbacks had done on them with much better improvements from how they were back then.
  8. its funny, i prefer the coleco flashback controllers. Even as a kid all the coleco joystick did was give me hand cramps.
  9. i am interested in one of these. I have super nintendo, pc engine and nes controllers that i modified that i can use on this. Not sure how well the nes rapid fire will work on this.
  10. yeah i was going to go hunting. I was asking him on locations since we live in the same city.
  11. i want to go hunting for mugs. Do you only have the intv ones? I want to hunt for pac-man and mario ones.
  12. have you found any pac-man mugs? Which locations did you find the others at? I know i am a little late but i want to go hunting now.
  13. are you sure its plastic and not the painted metal cover?
  14. lmao. Yes spudger is a real word for a metal or plastic tool designed to pry open electronics. And you are welcome. I laughed myself the first 50 times i heard it. Its one of those awesome words like poop. Except this word didnt get designated to something shitty. 😂
  15. i didnt try goo gone, but a heat gun does not work. The method i posted takes about 3 seconds with no damage. I tried quite a few methods to see the best way and this was it. I dont have anymore glued cases to test goo gone on. But im not sure how effective goo gone is on super glue. The way i see it, this is the fastest method so i personally wouldnt waste any costly fluids or longer time on this. This is far faster than unscrewing cases too.
  16. nope. I havent gotten anymore of them. Anyhow i tested several tools and methods for opening the sealed carts and found the best one. The backs are super glued on the sides and posts. This is the plastic spudger you want to use. I can send you several if you need them. The bottom side has tabs so stick the spudger in the top side. Now push down the back of the spudger making the back cover bow a little. Then shove the spudger in farther. Now that the spudger is in between the 2 post put more pressure down on the back of the spudger until the back pops off. Now you can see they super glued part of the sides and the posts. You can now replace the boards and put the backs back on. However, due to the original super glue you need to put the backs on the cart shells they came from.
  17. i too would be interested in building one of these if you ever decide to release the hex code and the wiring schematic. The program could be useful too. 😊
  18. i will have to take one of these sealed games apart. I have everything i need to properly disassemble one so i can find the best way to disassemble them so you guys can reuse them.
  19. if you need an rf modulator let me know. Or you can buy a new one from intvnut.
  20. so if hdmi_force_edid_audio=1 Doesnt work remove it and try: hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1 If that doesnt work remove it. Some tvs audio wont work with these options set so remove it if it doesnt fix your issue.
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