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  1. ok try this. However if it doesnt work remove it. Add: hdmi_force_edid_audio=1
  2. question 1: what system and what emulator?2: open up /boot/config.txt and remove the hashtag # in front of the line: #hdmi_drive=2 so it looks like: hdmi_drive=2 And save, then reboot. If that doesnt work there are a couple other things i will recommend.
  3. You are also missing the quite rare keyboard component.
  4. if you have a super pro that works or is modify-able, you can pull the board and put it into a sears unit.
  5. If someone like joe makes the chips that are needed available i probably would do some for people. I would mod my sears unit too if it is possible.
  6. so is the lto flash capable of running the extra gram?
  7. that works thank you. i just now got it working with --gramsize=2 as well
  8. on the new raspberry pi version of jzintv for the studiovision games i tried adding a -g, a -g2, a -g 2, a -g1, and a -g2048 flag but i just could not figure how to get the full bitmap
  9. i am working on going to prge. Do you have info on everyone meeting up and stuff? Are we doing nametags this year? Plus if you guys know where a cheap hotel people are staying at i would love to know.
  10. you may not get dysentery with these travel alternatives, but flying you might catch tuberculosis.
  11. And technically its intv iii. Seperate from what the intellivision iii was going to be.
  12. cracked solder joints on the big capacitors will do this too. That is the first thing i would look at.
  13. there are like 4 motherboards in the intellivisions. The ones used in the sears units are the absolute best ones for using the turkey mod. Great quality. Some boards are really terrible and a new rf box and rf cable is a better way to go. I cant remember but is the motherboard white? I think these boards were the only ones that couldnt be system changer modded without a lot of extra work due to a different design. Its been a while since i have done these so i forget exactly.
  14. that would be so freaking awesome!
  15. i think an add-on would be cooler than a new console. Releasing a super outdated new console has been done a bazillion times. Add-on just makes our cool system a little cooler. Now the new add-on doesnt need to be waterproof, but hopefully it will at least be "Juice-Proof"
  16. The motherboard that came with the system was bad. It had been stored in a barn. So as a result i couldnt test the duo disk drives. I kept all the parts though. The only parts i "destroyed" was the bad motherboard from the system and the untested motherboard from the duo disk drive. As far as the green phosphor monitor, i bought a non working unit because i didnt need it working and those monitors are in plenty. I want to get the color monitor to actually use the way it is but i cant afford the $450+ that they cost on ebay so modifying a broken green phosphor monitor was the alternative. I have all the parts to put the system itself back to an apple //e again if i ever need to. Oh and i did destroy the modems motherboard, but it too was a nonworking unit that was missing the power supply so i got it really cheap.
  17. that is an awesome price. Jaybird make a multicart with all of the programs and games that came on cart on it. I think you can find some of the tape games in .wav form that you could write to cassette or use an mp3 device to run them.
  18. this manual is the best part of the haul.
  19. i understand your feeling. I however play the apple ii games a lot more this way. And thats what is most important to me. And as far as making a retro game console i wanted it to be an apple iie because i had one as a kid and had them in school. It was a lot of really great memories for me. So this was me having the best of both worlds. If i had the room i would love to collect tons of old apple stuff. But unfortunately, i cant. So for now i just try to collect old apple cables and some accessories. and anything i can add to my mod. I do have a another apple iie, except ups shattered the plastic case and bent keyboard frame in shipment. So one day if i can find another shell and keyboard for cheap, i will make a good old one. I just wish i could find the color monitor for the apple iie for a good price.
  20. i converted my iie to a raspberry pi gaming machine so i cant use floppies. Any plans on selling a rom version?
  21. im so jealous of you guys with brown ecs' and music synthesizers.
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