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    Hi Thomas!! glad to see you here, I think that 10 members (not me included) are Masters in a Temple, colleting anwers this place will be an incredible reference in the net (google searches) for everybody wanting to know about dasm syntax. i did a reference to this forum at facebook too. https://www.facebook.com/pg/DASM-Macro-Assembler-CLUB-100808128199075/posts/ cheers!!
  3. Hi Andrew, i mean a c programmer to add some examples in my spanish version of your tutorial at http://atari.rf.gd examples to some pseudo ops with no examples available(BEING ABLE TO READ DASM C SOURCE CODE). i know dasm's documentation it's done by professionals, but there are too not advanced programmers that don't know how to interpret certain references to pseudo ops in that short document. if you take a look in a search about this subject(into atari age forum) you will find several people asking for examples, and there we are, not always a document is enough for everybody. e.g you are using pseudo ops and there is something you cannot understand, then you search and search with that opcodes at google... and there are no examples in the internet. i love dasm and im really greatfull about it, but there is a lack of examples in some cases. then you are stuck like this user needing more examples so sometimes this is really harsh and you know, you can get out of answers and not wanting to write to the forum a zillion times. i had an issue about macros, talking about macros arguments, then years after i have found Thomas in the dasm forum talking about that. https://github.com/dasm-assembler/dasm/issues/15 and here recently(recently found this old post) then i was trying to understand with this examples if it is possible to do some kind of array or table of macros so i have found this post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51217465/dasm-directives-pseudops and found this same user here asking for it(what i think it's near what i need, really dunno) ok, that's all Andrew, thank you for answering and for your work. i would love to be able to write some examples for dasm being able to read it's code in this cases where you feel that I NEED AN "EXAMPLES FOR DUMMIES." cheers!! pd: sometimes when i think about examples or documentation i remember dasm's preface from peter in 2008 and when you look all the documentation versions you will find that there is not a stack of examples or documentation added until this days since peter said that. 😱 PREFACE FROM PETER (APRIL/2008) Everything Andrew says above is still true, there have been a few sporadic updates to the documentation but no major ones, not even Olaf Seibert's changes from 1995 have been integrated, to say nothing of Thomas Mathys' F8 backend from 2004. We are urgently looking for volunteers to help with the documentation!
  4. this is crazy, i'm looking since days and days, and nope!! there is no exclusive tutorial about dasm, there is the great tutorial by Andrew Davie about atari 2600, but there is no "exclusive" "dasm tutorial" this is so sad, there are a lot of good ideas not being fully explored with lack of examples, i would love to help doing some dasm documentation but i'm not a c programmer!! and i see... your post is from 2009, all this years with no new examples or tutorials about dams is craziness!!
  5. hi, i have found this, can you explain it later for me please? i think i'm using it wrong. i m trying to build a table(array) of macros. (i don't know if this is possible or not, there is no dasm clear examples or documentation in the internet about this, is so tedious!!) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51217465/dasm-directives-pseudops TY IN ADVANCE.
  6. i have orderer the old and new editions Andrew!! thank you DIONOID!! for all the work you did formating, etc with this new edition to be possible!!
  7. sorry i never saw the name selection process. regards.
  8. Thank you for sharing Darrell !! GOD SAVE The spiCe !! cheers!!
  9. Hi vidak, the other day i saw your github and for your extension files i released that you use Gimp. i use Gimp too and Lubuntu Linux cheers!!
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