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  1. Didn't realise that was there!
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your advice. Yes, I'm not a member of a C64 forum (should be I guess). But thought someone here would certainly know.
  3. Does anyone know if I can use this C64 Power Saver with my Vic20 (NOT 2 pronged power version). https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/W217819ASN17_C64_Power_Saver.html Thanks
  4. I just ordered one of these and it should be here (NZ) in a few of days. I've heard they are quite thick and may need filing down so they can sit a bit more flush with the case, as per the original.
  5. Just bumping this up a bit. Still hoping some generous person can help me out. Thanks!!!!
  6. As hueyjones70 mentioned. If I first test the memory with 'BYE' then reset out, and then press 'OPTION' it seems to work...go figure????
  7. I spent a few hours on the weekend restoring this machine, one thing I did was to completely strip back the keyboard and give it a very good clean. All keys are very responsive. I don't think it's been taken apart before, so I'm assuming the ROM is original.
  8. Mine does the same. The OPTION key works fine. Typing BYE works fine, and the computer seems to have no issues. Just won't boot into test mode when pushing OPTION. Weird. Looking forward to the replies.
  9. Hi All, Was repairing an Atari 800XL over the weekend (came out fully functional, and looking very nice!), and found I need 2 conical keyboard springs. The ones in the machine have been destroyed :-( I have the Mitsumi keyboard variant. Just wondering if someone here may have a couple of springs they could spare. Thanks & cheers Philip
  10. Found this. Wile this work?: https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/dupli-color-dupli-color-metalcast-aerosol-paint---enamel-grey-metalic-ground-coat-311g/105534.html#q=Anodised%2Bpaint&lang=en_NZ&start=8
  11. Thanks for the replies. Tezz, those look great. Well done. I also saw another post on that thread where you had just polished them back, and although not original looking, it looked quite stylish. Couple of question, is there a trick for popping off the function keys or do they just come off easilly? And finally, can you share a link to the paint you used? I'll have to find something similar here in New Zealand! Thanks
  12. I'm just restoring an Atari 800XL that I recently got. Lots of wear on the aluminum function keys. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to make these look like new again? I was thinking to polish them with a light abrasive liquid (Jif?), but not sure. Thanks
  13. Ok...so the answer is a 3mm LED is the perfect fit...but only of you file down the plastic lip (rim) around the base of the LED. I've put an LED in without filing the lip down, and although it works perfectly ok, it sits low in the keyboard hole, and therefore when the case is assembled the LED is not as bright and defused as it could be. Cheers Phil
  14. Thanks for the link, that's great. He seems to use a 3mm LED (a little hard to tell), but he also needed to drill out a larger hole in the keyboard plastic. Maybe the 2mm would actually be a better option as it may not need any drilling. Thanks P
  15. Don't get it - why reply if you can't be of any help? I thought it was a simple enough question that someone may know the answer too, maybe having replaced the LED themselves. Thought it could save me cracking the case open and pulling the keyboard apart, which is probably the best way to accurately measure the LED. So thats what I'll do Harrumph.
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