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  1. and theyre still signing up as i type this! at least a thirdish of the posts people were leaving behind were not hard to tell that they knew the petition was total crap and conttriversial to pretty much fail. im like alot of others on here in that i played all / most of those games that local churches etc tried to get banned) you know--->postal-doom-mortal kombats-and the list goes on and on) and i turned out okay (evil psycho giggle)..
  2. personally i never seen much less played a family friendly first-person-shooter! is there such a thing? if so throw me a link cause i want that in my collection along with the family friendly playboy mansion game).
  3. i didnt think this real till i saw for my self! what are your thoughts? thepetitionsite/708/952/914/activision-blizzard-please-remove-guns-from-your-game-/ i think this is regarding the game called overwatch.
  4. i would make steciles for the cut-out areas with thin stiff card stock then clear tape in place for front and back. then you can put your artwork back in place. works pretty good except for clumsy little ones) i have done it a few times for movie cases which are identicle except for the color which is mostly black.
  5. found this article while stumbling around looking for a new av codec pack so thought i would share. www.digital-digest.com/articles/orb_setup_guide_wii_playback_page_1.html havent read all of it yet but looks interesting. i dont have a wii at the moment so cant confirm.
  6. just saw tarentinos latest and it rocks)))

  7. i have these and they do work. some games for the last 2 hav sound issues with some games. kega fusion (gen) d-fend reloaded(dos) fceux(nin) ootake(tg16) 4do (3d0) project tempest(jag)
  8. search engine is ur friend--isis using ps4s to communicte-- fear mongering at its finest) and for those who have a hate-on for fox if i werent for them who knows what kinda world we be livin right now??
  9. the xboxone system and controller are online like pc / i-phone etc. meaning personal info incriminating or not could be stored on them. not to mention how ''they'' are tracking us))
  10. just curious. why the xbox one controller? i can see the other elctronic stuff that was removed from the womans home. is there something special now about the controller that we need to know about or did someone just need a replacement for one of their own?
  11. i recently upgraded to windows 10 and have been doing the learning curve after being with win7 for the last few years. i have a small number of emus and with trial and error managed to get all to work) the only one im having problems with is the p-t jag emulator seems to play fine but sound is either wonky (cannon fodder) or is non existant (ray man). is anyone else having any kind of similar probs or is it just my fumble fingers?
  12. update! the black jack i ordered was to be the picture lable version (sears) and the invoice also shows that is what was to be shipped but instead i got the text lable version so i went to pp and explained about the situation and that i would like to get a refund for just that one item ($5.95) because 1- it was wrong item and 2-they were over charging me instead of giving a discount. they said that if they got no responce from atari2600.com that they would give what i asked for. anyway long story short-i ask for one thing from pp and i end up getting reimbursed the entire ($40.00) ammount i had spent to begin with) so money back+free games make for a nice day. anyone else have great endings like this regardless who you were dealing with? oh and joe and co. never did respond!
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