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  1. Hi Folks, Trying to dig up a copy of HiSoft Devpac ST. Looking to get back into 68000 assembly and this is my program of choice. Please pm me if interested. Thanks Rick
  2. Hi folks Looking to buy Arcticfox for the Atari ST. PM me if interested. Rick
  3. Hi I'm looking for the original version of the MAC/65 Assembler cartridge by OSS. Please PM me if you have one to sell or swap. Thanks. Binarius Geekius
  4. Hey all, The disk I posted had a few things that needed revising. I usually only work on the Omnimon OS, but when I ran it with the stock OS the Authenticate had changed and a bail out ALWAYS resulted in capture. Fortunately, the fix was very simple and now they work the same on the stock, Omnimon and Omniview OS's. If somebody could delete the above file, I would be most grateful. I've posted the revised copy. Since some of you would like to make just your own favorite mods to the program, I've also posted a list of the mods. You'll need a sector editor to make your changes. 1) Authenticate - Sector 152, byte 70. From 0A D2 to 00 D8. 2) Always Rescue on Bailout - Sector 126, byte 2A. From 0A D2 to 00 D8. 3) Max Starting Fuel - Sector 119, byte 10. From 5A to 7F.b 4) Max Fuel with Tanks Dropped - Sector 131, byte 5A. From 34 BC to 00 7F. 5) Unlimited Gun Ammo - Sector 229, byte 24. From 4C 18 70 to EA EA EA. 6) Max Bombs and Missiles - Sector 199, byte E. From 4C DB 61 to EA EA EA. 7) ECM Always On - Sector 195, byte 2B. 20 FD 78 to EA EA EA. Note - Once the ECM is activated, it stays on even though it is silent. Regards, Rick Atari F15 Mod FIXED.ATR
  5. The missiles are unlimited in the unmodified game. When you are out of, say, medium missiles, press the S to arm the short range, and then press M. Now fire the missile, and lo, no missiles are subtracted. Works with both short and medium missiles.
  6. Hi Folks I started playing around with F15 Strike Eagle to see if I could get some additional fuel. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with this. 1. Unlimited fuel. Drop your tanks before the fuel hits about 14K, and you'll have 30K. You can do this again and again. 2. Always rescued on bail out. 3. Unlimited gun rounds. 4. Unlimited bombs and missiles. Just hit the fire button and the missile will fire. No need to select a missile. 5. You missiles are just relentless and stay in the air for quite a while. If there is an enemy plane, your missile will hunt him down. 6. Authentication is always "G". I've had a blast with this. F15 Strike Eagle Mod.ATR
  7. I can provide the Control and Shift keys. PM me with your address. Rick
  8. I have about a gazillion of these boards and can provide one, but they are not PAL. If one of these can work, lemme know your address. Regards, Rick
  9. Hi Folks, I'm looking for the Atari ST Happy Discovery Cartridge. Please PM me if you have one for sale or know where I can get one. Thanks! Regards, Rick
  10. Partitions I'm sure. Just not going to pop the top to see if more than one are installed (if even possible). And you're right. I'm old enough to remember the days of MFM and RLL drives.
  11. OH. MY. GOD. Had the sonofabitch hooked up to the external instead of the internal drive port. Hard drives show up and they are loaded. This is gonna be fun to play around with. Thanks all for your help.
  12. You mean the Megafile uses an SCSI disk? I have a Gotek, but I'm just checking the hard drive out. Got this, an SC1224, two 1040STF's and a bunch of disks for $255 delivered.
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