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  1. That may be the case and is totally possible, either way i can still post and the main thing is that you all know about it, and If it is someone here hopefully they are identified before anyone gets ripped off id like to thank everyone that responded or even read my post as i wasn't trying to start drama (im sure thats not what any of you come here for) i was just trying to shed light on a suspicious auction and wound up biting a bit more then i could chew (and possibly jumping to some conclusions a bit too quickly) also i would just like to add in regards to my comment about professionalism i'm certain this person is in no way a representation of how any of you are, he/she is simply a bad apple, sorry about that again Thanks and happy hunting Trevor
  2. Hey just thought i would point out that this guy is selling a mangia cart as ntsc but im 100% sure it's not he bought it as a pal certified and tested cart with a manual on oct 21 for $130 and is now selling it with no manual for $1000, he states that it has been retested and verified no rolling screen thus being ntsc but from my observation and experience not all pal games roll on an ntsc system some just have different colors, is this correct? i think this guys just out to get someone the pictures from is feedback look identical to the cart he's trying to sell eBay Auction -- Item Number: 190622586812 just hope no one bites on this one it would be a shame, i've actually been trying to get a copy of this cart and would have been furious if i didn't dig and find this, but would also not like it to happen to anyone else hence this post... what do you guys think? Thanks Trevor *within 20 minutes of posting this* *he has already takin down the auction and made his feedback private, but watch out i bet he'll pop up again* **this is the one he bought since he blocked it eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260875824456 if you look in feedback left for others you can see he bought it oct 21** supposedly it is one of your biggest sellers here as now i've been blocked from atari age on my comp!!! i am editing this from another, if the admin could please unblock my i.d's ip address i really dont think it's fair to get blocked for posting about a highly possible scam especially when one is trying to cover their tracks so bad he also stated the you guys dont take newbies seriously here but i dont have to be new to know a scam and think you guys should know about it too i never thought there would be espianage and lying and cover up with these forums but i guess anything is possible ebay member lyndasal = scammer location = tualatio OR , united states this is a copy of the last message i got from him, is this the professionalism i can expect from everyone here someone please tell me i'm wrong "lol - your retarded. Just took it down because people assume things all the time without taking the time to look. It will be listed again and is authentic. BTW - nobody really listens to newbies on atari age. I'm one of the big sellers there and very trusted. You've been blocked. " - lyndasal again i do not see this being grounds for getting blocked if anyone wants any more info please contact me [email protected] to any admin please look into this and resolve it ive been coming around here for years and only recently started posting but i think this is ridiculous a scammer shouldn't be able to block someone posting about their scams how do they have that authority and if my accusation was b.s. why wouldn't they just explain themselves or post a pic of both carts not hard, not name call and block and unlist auction
  3. Hey, I found a couple gems recently in my opinion that i just cant keep to myself, eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270871879701 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150718172863 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 290645534276 Note the resellers i outbid on the last two, I love it!!! Happy Holidays to all Trevor
  4. Just wondering what would the value be of the magicard instruction manual in this lot, and is it original (you can see it in the 3rd and 8th picture in the description) Thanks Trevor
  5. Hey i recently came accross this cartridge but it doesn't look right, is it real or fake? I purchased it but i only noticed the differences afterwards, I am in the middle of cancleing the transaction cause i think it should have been listed as a repro, any of your opinions would be great, eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260913987251 Thanks Trevor -sorry i put the wrong ebay code in the first time i posted this...
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