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  1. pardon the ignorance but what does "coco" mean
  2. yep i don't have a huge amount of anything but a lot of different things. I've only started recently. I'll be expanding soon, since i've recently gotten a better paying job. most of the things I have were found locally
  3. i think this may need moved, sorry.
  4. Heres some pictures of my game collection. Enjoy or make fun of me The empty space is where my tv goes. My Vader and NES are below that. to the left on the bookcase are containers with cables/accessories for all my systems. left of the bookcase are my two snakes. I have lots of random man stuff in here haha. The two barrels are Department of Defense water ration barrels from the Cold War era. These are my consoles, except for the xbox, ps3, wii, and ps2. top to bottom, left to right: Intellivision, Coleco TelStar Ranger pong console, Intellivision, Atari 4 switch woody, sega genesis 1, Nintendo Famicom, Atari Sears TeleGames, SNES, N64, Coleco Gemini (atari clone, I love this thing), Sega Saturn. david tennant cutout on the left, don't laugh. My father and I made this display cabinet at his house a few months ago. More detailed pics below of the items inside. Macintosh Plus, my sega saturn steering wheel, and my father's old Commodore 64. atari 2600 games, atari game catalogs on the left (3 of em), VCS manual, Vader manual, Yars' Revenge Comic book. NES games, CIB "Infiltrator game, variations of NES manual (3 total) original Japanese (FamiCom) Final Fantasy, GameBoy colors, advertising inserts, Pocket Power (nintendo power) featuring "The Wizard" movie, Nintendo Game & Watch "Oil Panic", vintage nintendo stickers, zapper manual, mario/duck hunt booklet, SNES games, super gameboy, NES/SNES posters, snes and controller manuals, N64 games Boxed Intellivision games, manual, and game catalog. Atari Age magazine, Coleco Gemini manual, a few nintendo power magazines (lost a bunch in the move somehow), and 3 Nintendo Fun Club News (pre-dates nintendo power). NES box and a bunch of Atari 2600 game manuals.
  5. The manual may be scanned on this site :-)
  6. Towering inferno is horrible. I have commando raid but have never played it.
  7. or go for a coleco Gemini. Better than an Atari in every way except for the fact that it isn't an Atari lol.
  8. The six and four Switchers are the same size, about a foot deep and a bit more than a foot wide. Any system is fine, but I'd suggest a Vader system. They tend to be newer and they look cool. Aren't expensive either. But they are all reliable. Every one I've come across has worked, after some routine cleaning.
  9. I actually just checked your book out from my library! No idea you were a member hah. Awesome book I must say :-)
  10. Image taken from ''kerrytoonz'' Flickr page.
  11. I have one such ad. Pulled it out of a late seventies Richie rich comic book. Kellogs sweepstakes. Just starting a move to a new apartment so I can't take a pic now, but I found one identical online. Pic attached
  12. I actually love the Atari brand ones that hold 8. If i were alive in the seventies I can see myself using them to transport games to and from friends houses, school, etc.
  13. FalconPunch

    This is sad

    The sad part is that the heavy sixer they tried to use was just that... too heavy, too much shit on the walls to move it and screw it to a stud so they threw it away and bought a lightsixer.
  14. The only thongs I would a done differently is real wood instead of a veneer, a power light behind a semi-transparent Fuji (smoked maybe?), and straps to put your hands through on the bottom of the joystick controllers
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