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  1. Herman Cain for President?

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    2. jaybird3rd


      @Bryan: Speaking as someone currently in academia, I wholeheartedly agree.

    3. atarian63


      seems like a great guy with an actual plan.

    4. ApolloBoy


      Does his plan involve getting 9% off on your next pizza if you pledge to support his 999 deal?

  2. what do you mean look for donkey kong, what does that game have to do with it?
  3. I live in the town where the CPK were created Cleveland GA, has any one ever been to "Baby Land General"?
  4. so i cant use the Turbo game with a regular controller? so maybe my controllers do work fine???, ill just have to get some more games! i have had the case on unit opened myself i just used some caned air and blew everything out. but the turbo game comes on and i can press the fire button and the car will move i just cant steer it.
  5. Well i got my new power supply i ordered off of eBay and my CV fired right up! but i think i have some dead controllers? i only have 2 games for the system currently Turbo and Cabbage Patch Kids, the turbo game works somewhat I can give it gas but i cannot steer the car?? and i don't think the the CPK game works cause it comes on and i get different colored screens and sound some times. i have cleaned the contacts on the game cart but still not working.... can one one give me some insite on these controllers? -Isaac
  6. does anyone have a Power Supply for sale?
  7. i am looking to buy a Canadian or US Power supply for a ColecoVision. I HAVE PAYPAL! Thanks!
  8. so im guessing the the plug that goes into the wall is the same? ANYONE HAVE ONE FOR SALE?
  9. is it the same style like a charger for a laptop?
  10. update. for some reason now i am getting 5 volts now, but i opened the case on the CV i and checked the voltage on the back side of the plug and im still getting 5 volts but when i turn on th CV the voltage drops below 1 volt to .40 volts????? anyone???
  11. Thank you! Anyone else like to chime in on their experiences?
  12. but do you think that what i said about the voltage would affect the system from working?
  13. Hello all im new to this forum but not to gaming... i recently picked up a Colecovision on ebay it when i got it out and hooked it up and put a game into it, The system comes on but all i get is a BLACK screen? the worthles hack that i bought the system wont grant me a refund or partial refund so i am on a quest to try and fix it! i got to looking at the power supply and noticed that it has 3 voltages coming out of it along with a ground so i thought of testing the volts coming out and this is what i got... PIN1 +5 VDC .9A PIN2 -5 VDC .1A PIN3 +12 VDC .3A and PIN4 is GROUND... well on pin1 +5VDC i am only getting 1.33 volts. could this be a problem as to why the system is not working? THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP!
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