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  1. There's aftermarket LED lights to fit in the Detolf as well as an IKEA lamp set, these are very nice once put together. A bit flimsy to get them built, but once complete they're great!
  2. Found this one on Ebay, it's a bit wierd to me in several ways - Mainboard looks like a real 130XE, but the bottom stickers say 800XE - Attempts made to conceal country of origin (made in ...SCRATCH..) - Atari logo is wrong color, it's normally red. - Most importantly, that's a bit of a rat nest! What is this enormous hack job and is that a 30-pin SIMM from a PC? Also the RF shield appears missing Thoughts?
  3. Sorry, i checked both, and it's not one of those.
  4. I can't seem to remember the title, but here's what i remember - I think it's a pac-man clone? - It had a colorful title screen with 'up-n-down' jumping main characters and a maze on it i think. - They moved to the music up-n-down, it was a very catchy tune, the jumping characters may be on a row on top of the screen? - As a kid i was amazed at this game, it was very colorful and had (in my experience) very good multichannel music - Might have been a PD title, or magazine release game. Maybe rabbits and carrots? It came to me on a tape, from a colleague of my mother, who did the 64K upgrade to my 600XL to show off the machine/upgrade. He was very active with computers so that's why i think it may have been a PD title, i'm not sure. Does it ring any bells for anyone?
  5. Ok, so i checked the ingot, tried with a different PSU and so on and so on. I put the 600XL away as i just got a dirty 800XE that i cleaned, and played a bit with that. Funny enough, i can duplicate the exact behaviour on it. To get this to happen i just need to reset some games and they end up at the sio2sd loader option/start selection. Once i press start or option/start, i get this: If i turn off / on the 800XE the problem goes away and i can enjoy loading another game/demo whatever. (The machine is off for say, max 3 seconds.) On the 600XL i have 64K ram installed. I was under the impression that powering off clears the ram completely, but in my 600XL i need to wait at least a few minutes before it behaves. Guess this is not a problem, just a different understanding and coming from a C64 that boots much different.
  6. Finally found back my 600XL after moving house over a year ago. I've tried the following at this point: - Swapped out the pokey with a known good one from my Atari Tetris Jamma pcb. Both work fine and Tetris works fine. - I'll confirm again that the 800XL has no issues at all with high speeds, but alas its sold. - I've found the location on the 600XL where the capacitors were, and temporary disconnected them. This did not help. - Removing the caps did make a noticable change in sound when it works ok at cold boot. - The block of data is just white noise KZZZSST KZZZSST KZZZSST when it fails. (Normally they are bleeps, and when high speed, a bit high pitch bleeps.) Now i just need to find my multimeter and i'll do the remaining tests.
  7. Bump. I never got to the bottom of this. It's a 64k modded 600xl. it's done this always.. Even when I was a little kid I remember that it would only load a single game from tape when it booted cold in the morning. The loading sound bluurp noise gets distorted after a while when loading tape. I guess the beeps also get screwy with the sd2sio but have no clue why. Any caps or resistors I can check?
  8. Recently sold my 800xl which was working perfectly with my sio2sd, and started using it on my 600xl, it has some wierd loading problems. SD card is loaded with Pitfall 2 w/ trainer, Star Raiders 2, and the 'disk1.atr - disk4.atr' images which are 16mb and hold a load of games. 1. Normal ATR images (pitfall 2 w/ trainer) for example seem to load fine. 2. I can use the sio2sd.xex and select disks, but sometimes the atr images show up 4-5 times, if i press space to read again. 3. The sio2sd.xex menu is really unstable.. i need to select the atr quickly, and press X to run the disk. If i stay in the menu too long, it will freeze completely.. 4. The multi-game disks produce 5-6 'white noise' bursts and go into 'boot error' no matter how i try to boot them. The selection menu does not load. 5. Sometimes, if i reset several times, the multigame disks load into the selection menu, but show no disk content All worked fine on the 800xl but the 600xl seems to be having some data errors when reading from sio.. Are there any hardware mods needed on the 600 to get better loading?
  9. Better call the embassy to warn them in advance...
  10. This part about the anti fungus spray makes it work, i think: What the product contains: Bleaching agent on oxygin-base, cleaning agents. If i recall correctly the 'retro cleaning' stuff was all 'oxygen based'. Offcourse the bleach also helps. I don't think it's any good against fungi though. Just makes them invisible for a while hehe.. Problem for me, i live in an appartment, where i get little Sun inside Oh, and I found the spray on ebay for around 5 euro's ex shipping, most sellers do EU/worldwide shipping too.. Also, if anyone knows a good alternative to this available in The Netherlands, let me know.. (i took a look at the stuff from HG but nothing with oxygen-based bleach stuff.)
  11. A little OT: Anybody ever find a source for the buttons on the 1010? I have one with a few broken buttons, mostly due to 'plastic rot' since 198x.. i think with new belts & buttons, this 1010 could work. 13matt: I have another 1010 on the way, that would probably require new belts. If you can put me down for two sets (and cheap 'envelope+stamp' shipping to .nl) i'm up for that
  12. I fired her up for the first time since 199? today, and she runs fine. Except, my POS Samsung LCD tv has a jumpy picture (even over RF).. but the Atari still works. I can confirm i hear the 'brrrr.rr.rr.rr' pattern after i leave power off for at least 15 seconds or do the cartridge trick so i guess everything is fine. Unreliable 1010 combined with the 'cold boot' was probably the reason back in the 80's-90's i could hardly play with it. Eventually the 1010 ended up with broken play/rewind buttons (any replacements?), and i got a C64 at some point.. So now 1010 is broke, so i guess getting a sio2sd would sort out my nostalgia fix for a while. A little OT, but what's the cheapest way to get a (prebuilt) one (No case needed,i'm in the Netherlands, sellers can pm me.)?
  13. I googled a bit, and came across the following threads/guides.. An AtariMax original doc, and a thread on ram chips. These seem to differ from my mod a bit, but nowhere is the 'cold boot' effect described.. Differences: Guide has U18 #9 going somewhere else. Mine goes to U18 # 7 Guide has U5 #3 different. Mine goes to U15 #9 Guide has U6 # 9, mine goes to U15 #15 The thread mentions this mod which involves U16, a resistor cut, and U9 solder pads. I've yet to find a version that matches the hack done per my picture, but maybe the effect is the same? Can someone tell me, if the 'cold boot effect' exists on all modded 600xl's? Edit: Russg, your pic seems to match the 'Don Neff' version. Does the resistor/wire touch the points in the tracec on the right? Or is it hovering above it? I cannot tell from the picture. Guide doesn't mention it..
  14. Hi all, I recently got nostalgia in my veins, and went to dig up my 600xl from the attic. I haven't powered it on, as the tape recorder (a 1010) is broken, some of the buttons are snapped.. Probably end up getting some SD card load thing later on. I remembered that my mother had this upgraded by a co-worker (she did accounting at an electronics company). I also recall it sometimes had a wierd problem, cold-booting was the only way to get certain games going. For example, if the 600xl had been off the whole night, i could load pitfall II from tape with no problems, and play all day. If i powered it on/off, it would refuse to load anything from tape, throw random boot errors, and so on. Ram rom always tested out ok if i remember correctly. The computer was pretty much useless unless i stuck to the same game the whole day I popped off the lid, as i now know a bit about electronics myself. I found two 41464c rams inside instead of the 4464. Could this be the cause? I took a few pics of the ram mod, maybe an expert can see if there is something wrong? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6773475/Atari600xl/20110916_200119.jpg Could the use of these 41464c rams explain my 'cold boot after a night with no power' experiences? Would replacing them with 4464's sort me out?
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