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  1. 👍 Any chance you can add that URL to your first post, so people find the working URL first?
  2. Suggestion: "Allan's Very Opinionated Guide Thank You Very Much To Scanning Cool Atari Stuff" You could at least write about the current process that you use now, and what hasn't worked in the past and why not, or how scanning/reading has changed over time (increase in DPI in displays, for example). I think your "volume" on archive.org speaks for itself.
  3. It's 26 pages, roughly, not including the front/back covers. Once it's scanned and I upload it somewhere (probably Google Drive while it's being worked on), you will be able to download and translate it.
  4. I'll scan it at 1200 DPI grayscale and then use ImageMagick and the magickal power of bash scripts to convert it into something more workable before I OCR and upload. I also want to try out some of the ImageMagick tools (textcleaner) and see how that helps, if any. After my adventure with the Indus GT manual, I know I have more to learn about creating smaller PDFs with clean text. If I have questions, I'll reach out via PM, thanks for offering to help. Have you ever thought about writing "Allan's Guide to Scanning Cool Atari Stuff" and posting it somewhere, maybe on your archive.org homepage, in order to coax other people in to scanning stuff?
  5. Scanning of the manual will happen at some point. Trust me. I'll also have Google translate the OCR'ed version, but take that for what it's worth. I can't make an exact promise when scanning and translation will happen, however; figure before the end of this year (2022) sometime. As well as scanning the manual, I will be making good pictures of the circuit board(s), drive mechanism and dumps of the firmware ROM(s) so I can post them "somewhere" (not sure where yet). Speaking of "firm warez", is there a public archive somewhere where I can find the official (or unofficial) XF551 firmware ROMs? When I dump the ROM from this thing, I can at least checksum it against known XF551 firmware ROMs to see if I get any matches.
  6. Is it possible to add file renaming support to the ARC.COM command when a file in the archive being eXtracted matches the name of a file already in the target directory? So for this prompt while using the ARC.COM X command: File exists - Overwrite (Y/N/A) ? Can you add a 4th option to allow renaming of the file being extracted? Since archive extraction has already blocked on the duplicate filename, IMO it won't cause users that much extra grief to allow them to rename the file at this point. For reference, I use the script TKUNPACK.BAT on the Toolkit disk to build new installs of SDX on various SD/CF cards and in emulators. Unpacking everything on the Toolkit disk inevitably comes up with duplicate filenames (CHANGES.TXT for example, lots of files with this name in the Toolkit archives) It would be nice to rename things at the point where the filename conflict occurs, instead of trying to take notes and then go back afterwards and unpack and rename the file(s) with the conflicting names. Thanks!
  7. Someone has already done this using an ARM STM32F334; http://www.virtualnextpoint.it/pinball/sc01.php I've seen these on eBay for about 9 months now. I can't speak for how well the work. The SpeakJet and Soundgin are built using PIC chips, so I would guess he would go the same route for the Votrax SC-01, assuming the pinouts of a PIC are friendly towards replacing the SC-01s. I'm not sure you can get a PIC to do the work at the same voltages that the original SC-01 can handle without a voltage converter though... (see the "Reveal hidden contents" block above for more info)
  8. I watched the interview video with Scott Savage; he didn't mention this in the interview, but apparently he was/is behind the SpeakJet and Soundgin phoneme speech synthesis/programmable sound generator (PSG) chips. The SpeakJet is still being sold today by SparkFun and a few robotics shops online, and is what is being used by the AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer to produce speech for the homebrew games that are programmed to use it. These two chips are similar in programming and speech output to the General Instruments SP0256-AL2's chips that Radio Shack used to sell, but both of these chips have a PSG in addition to the phoneme speech synthesizer. He has also announced on eBay that he is looking to produce a clone of the (in)famous Votrax SC-01 speech synthesis chip for sale that is pin-compatible with the original. If you have thought about doing a speech synthesis project for your Atari and the SpeakJet or Soundgin chips sound interesting, Scott is also currently (May 2022) selling new old stock (NOS) SpeakJet and Soundgin chips on eBay, search for eBay user smsavage or for "SpeakJet" or "Soundgin". You can find the datasheets for all of these chips online if you're curious. If you buy one off of Scott on eBay, he can email you the datasheets directly if you give him your email address through eBay, as well as a color block diagram in the case of the Soundgin chip. For you speech synthesis/PSG project hackers...
  9. Thanks for the fix 👍 and for doing all of these interviews!
  10. @Savetz the lefty.atr disk image file that was uploaded to archive.org is not an Atari disk image; $ wget https://archive.org/download/lefty-the-checker-playing-robot/lefty.atr $ file lefty.atr lefty.atr: MacOS Alias file The BASIC listing file lefty.txt is the correct file, so if someone wants to see the BASIC source it before lefty.atr is re-uploaded (hopefully?) to archive.org, you can download the text file and move it into an Atari disk image using your favourite Atari disk image tool. I did not check the cassette image file, so that might work as well.
  11. He mentions the Framemeister and the OSSC boxes as his "target'. The Framemeister is at least double the price of the Medusa, and the OSSC box is cheaper, but has less inputs. Apparently the OSSC box also requires quite a bit of setup. There's a good comparison of all of the currently purchasable scan-line doublers here, if you're curious as to what is out there: https://www.retrorgb.com/upscalers.html Disclaimer, I have two RetroTinks, a 2X-Pro and a 2X-Mini, which right now I only use with my 8-bit Ataris. The Medusa website does mention that there's an on-screen display, as well as having a bunch of retro hardware video modes "fingerprinted"; The other thing that may appeal to people is the ability to do live video capture of upscaled output, say if you stream your gameplay on Twitch or some other site for $$$. The RetroTink website explicitly says that they will not support you if you try to do this with their hardware and it doesn't work... tough beans. I'm not sure if the Medusa would work for streaming or not.
  12. You still can find the info about U-switch, if you know where to look. https://web.archive.org/web/20160314031429/http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=112 The archive.org capture has a picture of the PCB, as well as the schematic (it's pretty simple). Having the ability to bring up this kind of stuff is why I don't mind donating $$$ (or £££ in your case @flashjazzcat) to archive.org. You should be able to find the docs for Simple Stereo up there as well, browse to https://web.archive.org and put the URL "lotharek.pl" into the search box on the page. The above link is the U-switch page from March 2016, so I would start there.
  13. Update to this; The above two PDF files have been uploaded to archive.org, and placed in the "Atari 8-bit Manuals Collection". 100dpi full table of contents version; since this one was OCR'ed, the links in the table of contents work to a section level, there may be more than one section on a given page: https://archive.org/details/indus_gt_atari_disk_drive_owners_manual.full_toc.2022-01-02 150dpi partial table of contents version; this one was not OCR'ed, so the links in the ToC link to pages, not sections on a page: https://archive.org/details/indus_gt_atari_disk_drive_owners_manual.partial_toc.2022-01-02 I don't see an "Edit" button on my original post so that I can replace the links to Google Docs with the two archive.org links above. If there's some moderator magick that needs to take place to make editing my original post happen, any mod assistance would be very much appreciated. Note that I will be deleting these files off of Google Docs, the copies on archive.org are meant to replace them. If archive.org ever goes down, most likely we will have bigger problems. @GoodByteXL gave me some pointers to try and make the file sizes of these manuals even smaller, but I basically need to teach myself how to do it, and I lack the time right this second. At some point, I would like to take another shot at making that happen for this manual, but I'm not sure if/when that will ever happen, so these have been uploaded so that they're "available". Please let me know if you have any questions about these scans. Thanks!
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^ this.... or something other than "Garbage Scow Captain"
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