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  1. Wow, very nice device. Is it still possible to buy one?
  2. really awesome, nearly missed this one, thanks for doing another masterpiece, guys
  3. somehow I was hoping that she would open the door and we would get some kind of maniac mansion game
  4. ehm, you told me you would spread the 2k16 version at SV17, but somehow I didn't get it. I cannot find it anywhere, did you change your mind or did the ataricake stopped you from releasing it?
  5. nice to get some new technical playground into the scene I was a little upset when I first saw that there were not that many entries in the compo, but then it was nice in the end and a nice suprise to me. Sounded pretty awesome on the soundsystem at SV nice work and really fantastic to have the sources in such a perfect way! thanks alot
  6. me likes, and I don't care if I would have done it differently or not, as I didn't do this song. Author decides how he wants to do it, just my 2 cents. Keep up the nice work
  7. it is really a superb game, worth playing for sure
  8. The c64 reloaded is just a modern Version of the old PCB and no conpletely new system. Hence why the c64 scene is still alive? Because it still mainly relies on a stock system. Gesendet von meinem A0001 mit Tapatalk
  9. wow, that looks like fun to play, pretty fast action. looking forward playing this. thanks for this contribution and good luck in the compo
  10. Guess I saw this one before :-) I am eager to see what it will look like in the end. Keep up your great job supporting this platform. Jungle :-) less pinkish
  11. just wow, what a great picture by Odyn1ec, I truely bow before your great pixelling art.
  12. What a messed up planet we have, good that we still have you around...
  13. Do you just need a naked machine or any psu stuff, too?
  14. Wow, would love to have such device
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