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  1. Does your friendship with those people depend on where you stand, though? I'd hope it's based on something more -- in which case, hey, fearlessly form your own opinion and don't worry about it, just play games or whatever else you enjoy. [ I am just amused on the sideline. ]
  2. How good are those automatic transcripts? If it's really borked, let me know, I might be able to do it myself later.
  3. This is an interesting situation to be speculative on, because Coleco sounds like they want to be nothing but respectful and polite -- but, boy, I'll be honest, I'll be surprised if they can whip up something in time. We'll see!
  4. [ oh my gosh yes this ] I dearly hope Coleco is quick to post a statement as to the results of their little inspection!
  5. Is the megathread the one labeled "Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?" Because, uh, this interview has nothing to do with hardware speculations... it's just an oral history sort of thing. But sure, if that's indeed the megathread, my bad. I understand it's a topic that we don't need spammed around more than we have to. *poof*
  6. Hi. I'm not sure if we're tired of Chameleon stuff yet, but I did a fun little interview with Steve Tom Sawyer, who was on the ground floor for projects like RETRO Magazine... and the Retro VGS. He has some stories to tell -- https://youtu.be/Vl754JuG1vw
  7. I like old video games.

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    2. Papa


      you're wet.

    3. chas10e


      I tell my neice that ... she was born same year as "my really old video games" ... then she hits me

    4. copper20


      Same here. I didn't grow up with the NES or the Atari 2600 but I like them because they have really good games.

  8. Haha, no problem. Like I said, every once in a while one of his articles will get attention like this, and by now we just get a kick out of. One quick funny story: When we launched the site, he was one of our first writers, and that Asteroids piece was his first contribution. I remember having to do some damage control that day on Twitter, trying to explain to people that he doesn't actually believe that Asteroids is a teenage simulator. Lol. All in good fun.
  9. Some additional information for you folks, to confirm one thing: Yes, it is satire. The Atari Poop series is a weekly column that satirizes Atari 2600 games. Here is the link to the whole series, if you would like to check out some samples. And here are some specific examples, to further drive home the point. One of my favorites is when he cites Body Harvest (an ugly Nintendo 64 game) as being the worst-looking Atari 2600 game ever. Here is one where he displays his specialty, which is concocting outrageously absurd explanations, often of a conspiratorial nature, as to the "true" motives of an Atari 2600 title: Asteroids, which is actually a simulation of being a teenager. His most recent entry is Pitfall!, and you can read the opening paragraph where he lets readers peek behind the curtain and pretty blatantly explain his prior methods. I have subbed for him a few times; most recently, I wrote about Radar Lock... and made the silly claim that it was used to train American fighter jet pilots. In other words: Yeah, they are humor pieces, but we totally understand that satire is not for everyone! So reading through this thread, as his editor, is very amusing. We occasionally catch some flak when Atari fans read one of his articles and fail to realize that it is just for humor, not reality. Some people are REALLY SUPER SERIOUS and actively dislike him for writing these humor pieces. Whatever the case may be, we at 1MoreCastle just love old video games, and I think we can agree on the greatness of the hobby. I apologize, though, if we occasionally ruffle some feathers in an unpleasant manner! But, yes, that's totally why the series is called Atari Poop: It's bullsh*t. [ Edited just to add my own personal example. ]
  10. Official McDonald's Facebook page, that of 22+ million fans, has noticeable .jpeg artifacts in their profile logo image. C'mon. Seriously.

  11. Guys, @Chris_Magnalon's next Map Quest feature goes up on @1MoreCastle later today, and... it is really good. Really good. #NostalgiaBomb

  12. Someone used the term "boner-pogostick" on my Facebook wall. This is amusing.

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