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  1. I like old video games.

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    2. Papa


      you're wet.

    3. chas10e


      I tell my neice that ... she was born same year as "my really old video games" ... then she hits me

    4. copper20


      Same here. I didn't grow up with the NES or the Atari 2600 but I like them because they have really good games.

  2. Official McDonald's Facebook page, that of 22+ million fans, has noticeable .jpeg artifacts in their profile logo image. C'mon. Seriously.

  3. Guys, @Chris_Magnalon's next Map Quest feature goes up on @1MoreCastle later today, and... it is really good. Really good. #NostalgiaBomb

  4. Someone used the term "boner-pogostick" on my Facebook wall. This is amusing.

  5. Totilo vs. Kuchera in a straight-up fist fight. Who ya got?

  6. My interview with Stuttering Craig remains the most-commented page on my blog -- http://t.co/BdZZZIHV

  7. Review #247 is up! Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Very not-awful. Blog post -- http://t.co/j48lqG1Q Full review -- http://t.co/j48lqG1Q

  8. Fun fact: @dtoidniero says that the SNES console is "the bestest!!!"

  9. Okay guys, I am a little excited for the #WreckItRalph trailer to be released tomorrow. O_o See: @WreckItRalph #Pixar #8Bit

  10. ... Not really, no. A different paradigm, but likely a little simpler/easier. @ArcadeErrorWin Though, keep in mind, I don't know SQL.

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