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  1. psychedelics



  2. Chunghwa is a new favorite, I prefer over the American brands, smooth, clean, simple

    No harshness, I'm surprised they don't sell em around here



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    2. thanatos


      Never heard of that brand, I've always lived in the midwest.

      In college, a friend in the dorms had a roommate from China, and he had the brand "Long Life".  I thought it was hilarious, seeing as they would never allow such a brand to be sold in the US.


    3. universal2600



      one in every 3 cigarettes are smoked in china, but they still live to be old

    4. thanatos


      That's so interesting.  If it weren't for everything else, looks like a smoker's paradise!

  3. The PlayStation 2 is a glorified Atari falcon, prove me wrong.

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    2. MrMaddog


      Looks like an Atari system, but with much better marketing...

    3. universal2600



      I can see the ps2 there

      Sony bought the rights to the Atari falcon microbox when Atari went under,


      So from a R&D pov, just reverse engineer the falcon and build something better from it, replace the 68000 with MIPS/risc (it's successor), and the GS replaces the dsp, faster memory,io, storage



      Cheaper than starting from scratch





    4. universal2600


      Just like the ps1 is a glorified snes addon

  4. Monero going to mars!

  5. I like how eBay sellers fake their location now, bought an item that's 100 miles away, and it takes 3 weeks via DHL, I should've just ordered it from Shenzhen

    1. CyranoJ


      Yeah we have a lot of "Australian based shop in Melbourne/Sydney" then you order and "Shipping from China!"

    2. jd_1138


      Yeah I wish ebay had a feedback option to select "shipping address is different than advertised", but ebay doesn't care about users. I guess you can search through feedback for such info..

    3. amiman99


      Click on feedback profile or the feedback score number and it will tell you were the seller is registered. See if it's different.

  6. Got some 5meo-dmt (pure lab grade, so now you can leave that damn toad alone!)

  7. Lotharek site is down?

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