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  1. Monero going to mars!

  2. I like how eBay sellers fake their location now, bought an item that's 100 miles away, and it takes 3 weeks via DHL, I should've just ordered it from Shenzhen

    1. CyranoJ


      Yeah we have a lot of "Australian based shop in Melbourne/Sydney" then you order and "Shipping from China!"

    2. jd_1138


      Yeah I wish ebay had a feedback option to select "shipping address is different than advertised", but ebay doesn't care about users. I guess you can search through feedback for such info..

    3. amiman99


      Click on feedback profile or the feedback score number and it will tell you were the seller is registered. See if it's different.

  3. Got some 5meo-dmt (pure lab grade, so now you can leave that damn toad alone!)

  4. Lotharek site is down?

  5. So I've gotten some progress, I finally got a memory map I feel is usuable Using a12-a15, drives a 74hc154, this allows me to bank switch rom, atmega 8515, and 32k of ram (swapped with rom in 8 4k banks), and also leave the riot and tia at the same base addresses, the 8515 also can drive 6502 rdy along with the tia, 8515 would use a multiplex bus, like the 8910, only using one gpio port This will likely cause issues with existing vcs code relying on bank switching, however, this should still work with 2-4k software
  6. Monero going to mars, yessir!

  7. Also, the past 5 years Bitcoin has increasd by almost 13,000%


    Monero in that same timeframe, over 34,000%




  8. The past year xmr has risen 455%🤑


    Don't say I didn't tell yall

  9. 1100ug of lsd, 👽
    Similar to dmt

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. universal2600
    3. DoctorSpuds


      That damn space baby. Creeps me the hell out.

      I'll leave you one more for the road



    4. universal2600
  10. Hi, my name is Walter Peck, I'm with the Environmental Protection Agency

    1. DoctorSpuds


      Uh oh.

      Venky? You uh, doin' anything of questionable legality over there?


    1. universal2600


      Man it doesn't embed 1080p....

  12. Got my new oscilloscope probes, watching pokey waveforms is so satisfying

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