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  1. My Cartridge store, scrap from a dentist in this town , can hold 840+ cartridges
  2. more than 1,5 year without using Ti99 is not good i want to make EA5 files to a Bin cart file in Classic99 but can´t remember the procedure Thanks Richard
  3. I got these made , works great so far
  4. Scramble ,Tutankham, Breakfree, Snake Plisken, Star Trek, Bigfoot, Lasso , Freddy , The Mine , Fathom and many more
  5. Anyone who can help me find the breakpoint in Myarc disk manager 3 , can´t remember if i asked before I think it is a hard one because it searching for the controller or something so it go to start screen after some seconds It is an E/A option 3 file MDM3.dsk
  6. Cartridge save , don´t know if it is for any use anymore , but here it is : A Navarone cartridge expander must be used also a Gram Kracker for the "Kracked Images" to be used Hehe :) CARTRIDGESAVE32kb8.BIN
  7. Try and see if they are as they should GAME OF LIFE32Kb8.BIN GOMOKU32Kb8.BIN
  8. Could also be good if it was possible to use an eprom with for example Fred Kaals E/A instead of disassembling the original E/A cart , is it possible ?
  9. Ok Thanks , that would be great , i will try it
  10. Is it possible to get 1440 sectors on a Myarc controller instead of 1278 ? Can´t remember if i asked before Richard
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