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  1. Bluebugs anyone who have this game ? and even better maybe converted ?
  2. My Cartridge store, scrap from a dentist in this town , can hold 840+ cartridges
  3. more than 1,5 year without using Ti99 is not good i want to make EA5 files to a Bin cart file in Classic99 but can´t remember the procedure Thanks Richard
  4. I got these made , works great so far
  5. Scramble ,Tutankham, Breakfree, Snake Plisken, Star Trek, Bigfoot, Lasso , Freddy , The Mine , Fathom and many more
  6. Anyone who can help me find the breakpoint in Myarc disk manager 3 , can´t remember if i asked before I think it is a hard one because it searching for the controller or something so it go to start screen after some seconds It is an E/A option 3 file MDM3.dsk
  7. Cartridge save , don´t know if it is for any use anymore , but here it is : A Navarone cartridge expander must be used also a Gram Kracker for the "Kracked Images" to be used Hehe :) CARTRIDGESAVE32kb8.BIN
  8. Clock Master for MBP or John´s Clock ClockMaster32Kb8.BIN
  9. Try and see if they are as they should GAME OF LIFE32Kb8.BIN GOMOKU32Kb8.BIN
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