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  1. Welp I finally bit the bullet and installed the MODE I ordered back since April. It's working great! Only thing I realized is now I have no way to test discs. Ah well, I know they're all working and at this rate will probably sell most of them except for Dragon Force (since I like having the manual) and Nights with 3D controller since the only other controller I have is a single regular Saturn pad.
  2. I played through the PSP version last year and I found it really enjoyable. I'm not sure if it's identical to any other re-releases out there though.
  3. See that's why I dig the Kung Fu / Black Belts. No armor, no weapons, no magic, no worries. You just go and beat up everything, NAKED.
  4. Also if you haven't figured it out already, in FF1 the "Peninsula of Power" is the spot to be for early levelling up. It's where you cross into a small section of the map and meet some enemies from a later part of the game that'll give you a bunch of experience.. if you can beat them. Just make sure to save. And I
  5. nah man 4 black belts completely naked is a great way to go and everyone should try it once.. They start off slow and having to use armor/weapons but then boom (around lvl 8? I forget), you just take off all their armor and weapons (you never really have to worry about it again) and they start punching everything to death
  6. Oh come on it's was never a secret to anyone that Tron was a pretty weak arcade game once you got past the presentation... even back in 1982. I still like it though.
  7. There was a time I'd probably have called myself a Phantasy Star fanboy. I paid $99 for Phantasy Star on the SMS back in the 80''s and it was really my first RPG experience. I was super excited for Phantasy Star II but to be honest it disappointed me by the simple fact it abandoned the 3D dungeons. I finished it anyway but I didn't love it as much as the original. When PSIII came out I excitedly got that too, and finished it (saving at the points of marriage to try out some different paths). As we all know that was a really dry Phantasy Star game... and it pretty much ended my fascination with the series. I was really too bad because it made me 100% skip Phantasy Star IV. I'm sure I would have loved it had I got it back in the day.. but alas, I only played it very recently long after the fact. Also I'm sure most of you know this, but the Switch version of Phantasy Star is a great version which automatically maps out the dungeons for you. It admittedly makes the game way too easy though so thankfully you can turn it off if you desire.
  8. Wonder what games would use the trackball & dial control.. heck the only old Taito game that I can think of that used a trackball is Marine Date. I used to play that game a ton but it probably hasn't aged too well
  9. I sold a Saturn Megaman 8 not long ago to fund this, and it finally showed up from SAG. Pretty stoked to put it in a Saturn. My only problem is I have 2 Saturns, one with a working drive and one with a non-working one and I want to install it on the non-working one, but I can't find it!
  10. Example #2! I manually bookmarked a Sega Saturn Mega Man 8 auction (which ended a couple days ago) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sega-Saturn-Mega-Man-8-Anniversary-Collectors-Edition-Complete-Rare-/154434074259 However when searching for sold/completed items for "Saturn Mega Man", it doesn't show up, as if it doesn't exist? Am I doing it wrong? What's up with that 😛
  11. Just an example, but can anyone out there explain to me why searching for the term "Ozzy guitar tab" on Ebay, it doesn't pull up this auction even though it friggin has the words "Ozzy" "Guitar", and "Tab" all in its title?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/324417595091?hash=item4b88cba6d3:g:r80AAOSw6N1f16he Not that I'm wanting this.. I'm just curious for the reason why! If the search isn't working as expected it has me suspicious if I'm missing auctions I'd be interested in because I'm either not "searching correctly" or their algorithm just doesn't want me to see it.
  12. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Tip sheet) (U).pdf Raiders of the Lost Ark (U).pdf
  13. That's interesting.. thank you for that info about the NES version of that joystick, I think that's exactly what I need for the 2600/7800 cores on the NT-Mini! Gotta hunt ebay now...
  14. In my freshman year of college 1987, every day before or after classes I would stop and get a snack & drink from the local Woolworths(?) in Santa Clara, CA and while I was standing in line I would often just stare at the copies of Stadium Events amongst the NES games behind the counter. I did this every single day for a long time and it was Stadium Events that caught my eye because of the cartoon graphics of the artwork. But then again in my defense, who the heck would have known what was to become with that game.
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