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  1. 2600 Ms. Pacman (crazily enough) does have a little of that behavior, which to me was amazing that they had actually done it. I mean I don't know how technically accurate this is, but it always did feel like the the red and pink ghosts had a little more speed and tended to be more aggressive in chasing you, and the brown ghost tending to wander around on his own. But then again there are sections in the game where you don't know wtf the ghosts are doing Regardless, it was WAY more than I expected to see on the VCS and was pretty happy when I found it was that way.
  2. Thinking about catching Rise of Skywalker this weekend but holy crap locations and showtimes are already pretty scarce. Movies sure don't last long anymore...

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    2. BydoEmpire


      Saw it twice, enjoyed it quite a bit, best of the new series.  It tied up a lot of things and was pretty well done, all things considered.  Could have been way worse.

    3. Flojomojo


      It's my least favorite of the sequel trilogy, but way better than Rogue One and Solo. I liked it a lot more on the second viewing. @NE146 there are a zillion pirate copies online now, probably ripped from Oscar screener discs, if you don't want to wait 3 weeks for video.

    4. wongojack


      Woah - better than Rogue One?  I get why you'd say that about Solo, but Rogue 1?

  3. I float between all means of playing games without much regard if I was being quite honest. However I really like emulation in particular for playing old RPGs so that I can speed through battles and save anywhere.
  4. I have very fond memories of first seeing Crazy Climber in a bowling alley. I wasn't any good at it though since I didn't have the coordination, so I had to watch older people play to see what happened. It's funny though because if I play it today I need to play the Japanese version which is what I grew up with. Half the appeal for me was the wacky sounding voice e.g. "BAMBALA" or "ABWAAK" whatever they say (no idea if they're actual japanese phrases or not) Anyway, during the Mame days I finally got to hear the english voices, and the "GO FOR IT" or the "OUCH" just doesn't do it for me.
  5. Yknow what I tend to play these days is Pac-Man Plus. For decades I always thought of it as a phoned-in hack of the game for more quarters (which of course it was if we're being honest), but my opinion of the game has changed as of late and I'd rather play it now than regular vanilla Pac-Man. I like the added challenge, and the fruits causing the ghosts to become invisible with added points bonus is a nice feature. I'm not sure why I didn't think much of it before.
  6. Not that I'm aware of.. but if you want them they're going to be available this week.
  7. If it follows the Analogue method we'll probably hear something on or around Feb. 29
  8. They're all emulation of course. However half the appeal of the "classic" systems is the official mini/cute model version of the console, along with box, etc. Lots of people collect them for that, and never turn them on to play play a single game.
  9. Yeah there's no way I'm digging them all out to take a pic, but to my recollection for multicarts I have: Sean Kelly 5200 multicart (ancient one) Sean Kelly Vectrex multicart A couple of custom SNES multicarts for SA1 & FX A bunch of the commercial stuff (e.g. konami classics for GBA, etc.. That kind of stuff) For flashcarts I have Various GB/GBA flashcarts from the 2000's which used serial ports and software to write games and could hold 2-5 at a time at most. Various DS flashcarts like the R4, DSTwo, CycloDS and others I forget. Cuttle Cart 1 (I still need to get a kroc cart someday) Cuttle Cart 2 Turbo Everdrive N64 Everdrive 2.5 GBA Everdrive X5 GB Everdrive X7 NES N8 Everdrive SD2SNES Genesis Mega Everdrive X7
  10. <edit> oh MULTICARTS.. I thought you meant flashcarts. Never mind 😛
  11. To me, Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2 is the most memorable in my brain. But does that count as a "theme" song? p.s. Stuff from Mega Man 2 music would have won on another day had I been feeling different.
  12. That's exactly my attraction to it of course. i.e. Same as my attraction to the 12-1 with the trackball/spinner/button controls which was: Something you couldn't play well with joystick + buttons (ugly franken-control panels with every control scheme on it notwithstanding 😛 ). That's why I pretty much have zero interest in the majority of the other Arcade1up cabs who's games (TMNT, Galaga, SF2, etc.) all play fine enough on a standard emulation cab, or even with a gamepad on a console. By the way, you mentioned the controls weren't so hot on the 12-1 and that was true. But I do have to say their current spinner rivals even the $50 Glenn's retro show replacement one which surprised me. The newer trackball, while obviously not top of the line, works well enough where I can practice and get to late stages in Crystal Castles and have a good game of Millipede. I'd be the first to say when they sucked (and I have, several times on these forums), but now that I have the new one I'll give credit where it's due. But man!... the floor space
  13. I'm really going back and forth tempted to get one of these, but my mind is telling me it's ludicrous to dedicate more home floor space to another toy arcade game when I already have the 12-in-1 and a homebuilt Pi-Barcade.
  14. Usenet is usually my first go-to for games, but for Xbox which are usually ISOs (as opposed to entire romsets for snes, 2600, etc.) it might get a little spotty these days. It's just been a while. Else if you're fine with torrents I can invite you to a site that has some. Just fire me PM with your email.
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