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  1. Same deal with the SuperNT & MegaSG. Obviously the original controller support, and granted.. composite output with the $75 DAC. But that total cost is not super far off from a MiSter setup (DE10 Nano + SDRAM + IO board, + case + whatever cost and effort to get composite output / controller support).
  2. 'Course aside from actual cart action, other things I get from the NT-Mini for example that I don't get from MiSter is the ease of using actual NES controllers, and composite output to my cheapo consumer CRTs. Of course both are possible on MiSter but it's not exactly out of the box.
  3. Right.. but my point is, then play the MiSter. That's what I do. And please, don't mix up people with that vague sentence that seems to even remotely tie me in with saying the MiSter is garbage. What the heck.. I love mine. I also love my analogue consoles. And I also love the Rpi & computer emulation and original consoles on CRT. It's simple. I like video games.
  4. Heh dont even bother. The guy for the past couple of years keeps pretending to be concerned about one minor bug or other, but he doesn't really care, even if they get fixed (and when they do he'll find another). His real agenda since day one was always just to shit on Analogue products as "inferior" 'Course no one cares. You aren't unique here.. so play the Mister man. See how easy that is. because like you it makes makes zero difference to us here who like to exercise ALL options at our fingertips and have them available on a dime. You going to rag on a raspberry pi? I like mine. You going to rag on Analogue stuff? I still like mine. You going to rag on MisTer? Sorry I still like mine. You going to rag on original consoles? I still like all mine. You going to rag on PC emulation? I still do it. You going to rag on At-Games products? Sorry, I still (kind of) like having them. Arguments about the ways to play are all futile to most of this crowd. You might as well be arguing about steak doneness at that point.. Use whichever one strikes your fancy at the moment. or works the best, or even the worst.
  5. Wow they did a very good job with that screen I have to say.. it's how it should look. I kind of regret not getting one.. ok not really. I suck at Asteroids But yeah, props to them!
  6. What's the big deal on missing out on the initial pre-order. It's like missing out on the first batch of pancakes from the kitchen. They're making more. 😛 Besides, no one's got it yet anyway, and it's possible the first batch will have a few identifiable things (I'm avoiding saying "issues") that might need to be addressed.
  7. Typically it'd be either in the root of the Mame executable, or within the \INI folder. If you still can't find it and you're really curious where it went, I use voidtools Search Everything, which catalogs every single filename on your computer and you can find it in a split second.
  8. Editing the INI is the most reliable way. I've had issues with the GUI syncing sometimes for example with games like Tempest. e.g. Using MameUI right now for example I have Mouse Input enabled in the GUI for Tempest Rev 3, but it doesn't work: Checking the Tempest3.ini confirms it was still not set for whatever reason. Of course changing it to a 1 then works. 'Course don't forget you can further tweak the response in the in-game menu
  9. Caveat: All my CRTs have RF and composite inputs at best, and as I found out, getting composite output from a MiSTer isn't exactly out of the box, even with an io board. I eventually gave up as "too much effort" and just plugged it to an hdtv.
  10. But I was going by the audio where you can clearly hear him spinning the trackball multiple times for little screen movement. That's all. Again, it may be a setting in the emulation, but you should be able to make little or big circles pretty easily as fast or slow as you want.
  11. I'm looking forward to a more reliable & better trackball but man the footage in there of Quantum is pretty rough with the cursor moving slowly even when he increases the resolution. Not sure if that's an emulation setting that'd need to be changed but you should be able to make pretty rapid circles..
  12. Sup man. Wow I'd be all over that.. are they custom/3d printed? Or did you pick it up from somewhere
  13. Whatever happened to their tracball? That's what I really need 😛
  14. I dig what you did there.. did you follow any particular guide or did you just wing it on your own? I've been "planning" on modding my Arcade1up 12-1 into a dedicated purely Trackball/Spinner/Buttons games cabinet, but when I turned it on before Christmas, the monitor had obviously died with the White Screen of Death (you can still hear the games playing though). So basically at this point I'd probably be doing the same thing.. just using it as a shell and building from scratch more or less. Did you change your monitor to anything in particular? And what are your guts.. an rpi?
  15. Heh ah well. Name another console of theirs that's been in stock for nearly 2 years. If someone wants one and didn't buy in that timeframe, that's just how it's gonna roll. This aint Apple with unlimited resources. 😛 Aside from Ebay, the only option now to wait. Like I said I do think they'll restock them eventually.. but wouldn't be surprised if it's a year+ later.
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