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  1. Now that I've had one in my house for about a year, that is exactly my default description of them to people. i.e. "They are toy arcade games". Although I wouldn't go so far with the toy car analogy.. maybe more like the difference between a laundromat industrial washer/dryer vs. a $250 home one or something. Although those are the variations of the "same" thing, and these aren't, since emulation is different from the real thing technically. I dunno.. just typing off the top of my head. 😛
  2. Probably Tapper & Jawbreaker are about it for me.
  3. Yeah I don't have an IPS screen like I said, but what I HEAR is that the problem you describe has been addressed with the more recent revisions. But again, I don't know first hand.
  4. Ignoring the Analogue-Pocket for a bit, If you really want the form factor for GBA, the market for IPS replacement screens for the original GBA seems to have gotten larger as of late.. just snag one of those https://funnyplaying.com/products/gba Saw this from someone on Discord.. this isn't my pic (I still have an ags101 in mine).. but just to show you the idea. Looks pretty nice.
  5. Well maybe not small business, but for government it helps their salaries and additional small positions to be created in the future for sure. 😛
  6. NE146


    Even on the oldest iterations of this topic on Atariage, it was probably discussed earlier on Atari Nexus, and definitely on Usenet multiple times. We are talking about a 4 decade-old system after all.
  7. NE146


    Here's an angle that I think was lost over the years. Atari had a pre-release commercial on TV meant to build up hype and it showed gameplay shots of ARCADE PAC-MAN in action! The commercial went something like "This is the smash hit game Pac-Man (showing the arcade version) and it is coming only to the Atari VCS" .. basically. So it totally made people feel that at least a 'pretty-good' approximation of the game was being made. I remember myself thinking that it might be possible that we were looking at the actual 2600 game and maybe miracles would happen. At the very least it would be something like it (I had visions of what I might realistically expect as something similar to the hacks we have now). Anyway, unless things have changed there is zero evidence of this commercial online today.. but it was there. Whether it was made by an over-eager marketing department who knows, but the bottom line had they kept it low key it might have been more accepted on its own merits as you are stating. However the history is Atari were guilty themselves of ginning up the hype and the ultimate disappointment.
  8. That thing is for pure display / collecting. The fact that it actually can play a game is more of a novelty 😛 I mean, at this point if your desire REALLY is to sit down and enjoy playing a miniature toy game of Pac-Man, there are about 12 dozen other choices out there for you.
  9. Well a common height for cocktails is ~30 inches or so, and these are apparently 24". But, I mean you're sitting and you're looking down anyway so if you want a riser it's just so the monitor is closer to your face I guess. 😛
  10. arcade Asteroids.. I can NEVER get a handle on it and the UFOs just shoot me up. It's very rare I can hit 10k for an extra ship. Other people seem to be able to score in the millions however Moon Cresta is another one from back in the day. I could never keep my first ship intact to dock with the 2nd. Yet it seems everyone else around could easily keep all 3 ships together for the first run through of the waves.
  11. Well of course it's still playable.. but it just sucks because the ghosts don't stay blue as long as they should, to match the arcade game's default settings. There are hacks out there though for it. e.g. SuperPacMan(Adj.Bluetime2chiphack).bin
  12. If I remember correctly, the game had a problem with the ghost blue time.. it was set too fast in the early stages or something like that.
  13. In case you guys wanted some additional plastic decoration dress-ups for your Mini I do dig it though I have to admit.
  14. I honestly don't limit myself at all no matter what multi-device I get. 😛
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