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  1. lol you're right. I totally forgot about the SMS adapter. I had the Super NT in mind so that's what I get for typing out of my ass. That said, it's a thing whether the bugs appear on the original cart vs. ROMS loaded via the Jailbreak... e.g. like the Hardball 95 bug which apparently works fine when an original cart is used. So we'll see. Kev has fixed a bunch of bugs to date, but there's always stragglers. Bottom line is it's up to you whether it makes a difference or not.
  2. Analogue's official position is that the Mega SG supports Genesis games and that's it. That is what it's sold as. Bubble Bobble & Rastan are SMS games.. i.e. which along with Colecovision support are free awesome bonus functionality from a jailbreak that Analogue & Kevtris do not support and *ahem* have nothing to do with. I personally don't see much to complain about really. Sure the clouds in Turbo Outrun could be fixed, but again it's really up to you if that's a deal breaker. For myself and most others it's minor considering the undeniable majority of Genesis games (and yes, SMS & Colecovision) work great.
  3. I mean yes but it would be simple to take a game that was initially violent, and make it about love instead! Take Dig Dug for example.
  4. Even with original consoles there's differences among the hardware revisions. You're never going to be 100% "bug free" anywhere. And as far as the many bugs on that site, the amazing thing to me is that's all there is! 18 obscure issues for the most part that you'd be hard pressed to find on your own. i.e. 99.99% of the Genesis / Sega CD library runs fine! Kev did an amazing job of squashing bugs.
  5. Thanks for the reply.. NOW I think I get it as far as the available functionality when viewing new topic posts. Interesting about the stemming though. I'd have thought that using quotations would be an obvious built-in method to bypass it (if any). Does the search allow for specific strings? e.g. Exact sentences "My dog has fleas" ?
  6. lol sup man.. I've been gone on a European vacation for 2 weeks so I'm not sure what's all been going on. Firstly.. one thing I just noticed, when I searched for "Loudness" (e.g. the japanese metal band), it looks for "loud". is there a way to make the search less "smart"? Also.. it seems that choosing show me "items only" no longer consolidates the posts to a single line? For example if there's 20 new replies to "New Atari Console that Ataribox" it lists them all. Was that changed deliberately?
  7. I'm not exactly a noob but even I was wondering at first whether it supported 32x games without a 32x. After all, it supports Sega CD games without a Sega CD right? 'Course it only took me a few minutes to figure it out, but the question was indeed there for me at the very beginning.
  8. lol I'm SUPER not-a-movie-watcher but as a dad I've heard this one dozens of times while driving the car as it's playing in the backseat. It's actually worth a single watch through. Heck, 2600 Adventure plays a big part in the film. 😛
  9. It does not. I think the only things the PC Engine version has over the US release is the religious symbols like the crosses and the altar (inexplicably removed to become a completely empty hallway in the TG16 version) But neither version had the background graphics gore of the arcade game. Just saying.
  10. Nice, I think the lineup is great. I’ll definitely snag one, or two. I agree that Gate if Thunder is missed, but not really about Splatterhouse. TG16 Splatterhouse was disappointing even when I bought it in the 80s. The gameplay of the arcade was there, but it missed all the gore and atmosphere which let’s be honest, the game is all about.
  11. NE146


  12. Yeah we talked about them before but it was in the Arcade1up thread:
  13. I think the game selection is great as well although some of the regional exclusions seem odd. e.g. For what seems like no reason, we don't get MUSHA or Revenge of Shinobi. What's up with that?? US and Japan don't get Alien Soldier which I guess could make sense but still kind of sucks since it's 2019 and so why bother keeping regional exclusives exclusive for titles like that. And then again, Japan doesn't get Sonic 1. It's just kind of weird decisions on some titles.
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  15. When is Herzog Zwei coming out? I have so many ways to play it right now but I'm willing to throw them money if it comes out on the Switch
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