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  1. To be honest with the multiple Pac-Mans, Centipedes, and whatever other games they've put together a few times in different forms, I've already lost track of the Arcade1up releases.
  2. It's pretty simple. If you collect 2 of those capsule things, then you warp to another path/dimension after the bonus stage. If you don't, then you stay on the path you're on. There are different enemies in the different dimensions, and each path has a different final boss. It's a good game, but even back in the day when I got it at launch, my complaint was that it ended. And once you've tried beating all the bosses through each path, there's not much else to do.
  3. If Numskull has Space Invaders Part 2 on there with the JAPANESE background & bezel etc. I'm pretty much sold. I've been watching their SI part 1 for a while now and the release date keeps getting pushed back probably due to the covid but it seems they're still looking to release it.
  4. I guess basically what I was saying was VG&CE always seemed much more hesitant to cover rumors and gaming gossip, or even report on overseas gaming news (i.e. Japan). So in the speed of news back then, it seemed they were always "scooped" by EGM with VG&CE behind the ball by a couple months. For example EGM would show us the Famicom Disk System, Gradius 2, Dragon Quest, or would show how the Jap version of SMB2 was different from the US one. However VGCE would not consider any of those to be news for their US readers. Don't get me wrong.. I liked their mag. I liked all video game magazines! Back in 1988 and continuing for several years, I would literally wait each and every month for all the video game magazines to come out and I would buy all of them. So that's how I know about VG&CE's editor's philosophy of not covering things too early, because I totally recall they would state it themselves!.. either in the editor's column or in their replies to letters. Yes but EGM was running coverage of the 16-bit systems (Mega Drive & PC Engine) in Japan months before that. VGCE waited until it was a done deal for the US (i.e. summer 1989) to finally start writing seriously about it vs. just mentioning it in passing here and there.
  5. Nice.. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-03-game-boy-and-game-boy-color-titles-headed-to-nintendo-switch-online
  6. If I recall, in the 8 and 16-bit console days, VG&CE had a sort of editorial policy of not giving much attention to games, until they were available for retail.. which I think kind of hurt them especially in comparison to EGM which thrived on rumors & previews, and also gave tantalizing looks at games and hardware from Japan, etc. After all that's what we all wanted right? We ate that stuff up.
  7. Ah nice! I should check that out. I had no idea there was a 5200 emulator on the DS. My submitted score for now is 331,475 played on an emulator on the xbox. I used the xbox pad and the 2 analog sticks.
  8. Found it. Page 57 of this issue of Video Games Player: http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/vgp/vgp_augsep83.pdf
  9. Are you looking for articles on the console only? Or do game reviews also count. For example there's a 5200 article on page 48 (page 46 of mag) in here: http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/ccvag/ccvag_spring83.pdf But there are spatterings of reviews on 5200 games in various places like page 57 of this pdf (page 54 of mag) http://www.digitpress.com/library/magazines/joystik/joystik_sep83.pdf Also I remember I scanned this years ago.. but I don't remember what magazine I took it from. I'll take a look 😛
  10. Heh I aint in the market. Just curious since he said $700 for a duo+everdrive, which seemed kind of steep. 😛
  11. The Turbo Everdrive is about $80. Are Duos going for $600+ now??
  12. Set it for 7 days, starting and ending on a Sunday evening. And yes you should have put "Dreamcast" in the title.
  13. Yeesh.. I was actually enthused about this until I saw the control panel. I'm very comfortable with the Defender arcade controls and was hoping they'd have at least approximated the standard "Multi-Williams" CPO, but alas.. it looks like the Mortal Kombat layout won the day. I'm really not sure how well that would work with Defender. unless maybe you can customize it. e.g. Can you at least thrust and fire with the 2nd players buttons? Hopefully... Multi-Williams
  14. Did you know if you mess with cheats in MAME and enable invincibility  in puckman/pacman, you can (with some finagling) make the demo get all the way up to the key, intermissions included?

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  15. @Tanooki Although.. If you're trimming down what you own, but still want to play Turbo games, I don't really understand why you'd bother with a Mini-emulation box, and not get an Everdrive or SSD3, etc. for your real console??? Just saying... 😛 Well mine was definitely complete too and minty since it was purchased retail. 'Course then, I immediately tore it all up and threw it away!! Ah memories. Regarding the difficulty.. it really gets to be a piece of shit in the later parts of the game. You just end up with big dragon sprite trying to dodge multiple bullets in limited maneuvering space and walls that hurt you. I don't think any mortal human would be able to complete it normally! Yes I'm just being melodramatic. 😛
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