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  1. NES Joust and Defender come to mind.. I thought they were pretty poor. NES Donkey Kong while not a “disaster” just obviously could have been so much closer/better. Yes I know about the later version.
  2. That's just a screenshot I took in a quick 10 second search off of youtube for an example but even at that, it's very much not an exaggeration. I'm not sure when was the last time you were in front of a working Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinet, but short of that.. the best we can do on the internet is videos.. Here's another totally unrelated AD video. Same thing 4m26 seconds in. Every other video of Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe show the same thing. It's how Asteroids is.. bright glowy shots 😛 Yeah I think so for sure. If it's worth anything there is an emulator out there "AAE" which does in fact try to compensate the graphics around the shots. I believe they put an artificial halo around it along with artificial artifact trails among other things.. it aint half bad to be honest.
  3. I guess so.. but my thought is it might not be all that great. 'Course, these are vector games you're talking about, so it's obviously a different animal as far as the display goes. The tiny screen could really make the emulated vector graphics small and thin so they'd probably have to jack up the line width or something. But even with that I don't really think a game like Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe would look very well emulated on such a tiny screen because you'd probably barely be able to see the ship's shots which are a single vector dot. They're tiny even when emulated in Mame (The original arcade game of course relied on vector monitor to give the shots a bright physical glow), so unless something could be done about that.. it might be hard to get right. Even in the minimized screenshot below.. the shots on the left (emulated in Mame) are hard to see. The bright shots of the actual arcade game on the right, are a big part of the game's look in my opinion.
  4. ok I finally got to open up mine.. it is indeed really nice. However: 1) It's not a 100% direct emulation of the arcade game.. and by that I mean you don't get a 300 point UFO on the 23rd shot. So, something's changed I'm not sure if it was done purposefully.. maybe? 2) Also as mentioned in some reviews, the marching sound of the invaders, which is a huge part of the arcade game's atmosphere is very much lacking. 3) The screen is tiny.. so in regards to whether it's meant for actual play or not, I will say that for me it's not ideal.. but that's just my aged eyes The controls work well with an actual 2-way joystick with white ball handle just like the Taito original, and not just another lazy standard 4-way/8-way stick with only 2 directions working, or *shudder* a d-pad with a stick in the middle like some of the earlier MyArcade units. With that out of the way, the rest of the plays near perfect as far as I can tell! e.g. The timing of the gameplay feels right. You can do the old 'rainbow' invader leaving-a-trail behind it trick. The invaders don't appear to shoot on the bottom row (in the few seconds I tried the trick), so hopefully it means the strategies for the upper levels will work. And of course, the presentation is awesome. The mirror and colored overlay effects makes all the difference (vs. artificially coloring the invaders green the lower they get to the bottom). That mirror alone in my eyes easily makes it the BEST of the little toy arcade cabinets we've seen in recent years. The designers were obviously very thoughtful of the 1977 cabinet design. It's almost as if they actually put some love into it.
  5. While that remains to be seen, at the end of the day the Numskull one at least has the scale dimensions of the actual cab which is a plus in my book.. Just cool to have on display somewhere That said, SI will probably be the one and only Numskull game I ever get.. they're a little big to get too many. Unless of course they somehow released this one too... I'd pre-order day one. I'd even settle for a deformed My Arcade version.
  6. I dunno.. Most of us got an email last week. All it said was what we all already knew though.
  7. Welp now that I've seen the video of it, I'm in for one. Why not. I also will be suckered into buying the Numbskull one as well I'm sure.. whenever it comes out. It's interesting to me how they went for the Japanese arcade cabinet design (which is great for me because I've always preferred it over the Midway cab) but now what I wonder is if in the future, they decide to do Space Invaders Part 2, will they go for the japanese version as well? Japanese SI Part 2 artwork differs a lot from Midway SI Deluxe, but information or even screenshots of it is pretty hard to find on the internet. It's not even in Mame yet.
  8. Yep I USED to say the SP-101 was the way to go for GB/GBC/GBA, but now I prefer the original unit specifically for the form factor and AA batteries. I put a ben heck freckleshack screen in my GBC, and a SP-101 screen in my GBA. The newer IPS stuff looks pretty nice, but I'm pretty much done with them as they look and play fine enough. Well isn't that one of the neat things about the Analogue Pocket is that its resolution is high enough that it can emulate some of the look of the original systems? e.g. gaps in pixels of GB games. I'm definitely going to try and get one. e.g. https://twitter.com/analogue/status/1287764756741292032?s=20
  9. <edit> nm.. just actually read what you wrote Will be looking forward to pics of the screen later.. thanks man!
  10. Nice..Can you post some pics? I'd be curious to see it
  11. Is it a mirror with background? I was kind of assuming it was simply a drawn playfield like in the SNES version.
  12. As someone who saw the transition of Japan arcades from cocktails w/ uprights.. to eventually as the years progressed becoming samey looking long rows of clean white sit-down cabinets like the Sega City, I will tell you what games were normally on them. MAHJONG
  13. re: the question: “Why would you expect more of the same?”. I am an original NT Mini owner, and I bought a Noir expecting it was the same thing. I didn't even really know about the cart slot (I never had a problem with my original the small amount of times I used it). Anyway, I hemmed and hawed for a few days but at the end of the day I guess the reason was I wanted two? That's about it. I'm not sure anyone knows what the heck you're even talking about
  14. For genesis, MiSter has the "Composite Blend - ADAPTIVE" setting which I think works well. MegaSG has the Dither Blending setting with the slider which I think works pretty ok. They both seem fine to me. Anyway if you shove em onto a CRT it works as expected anyway
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