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  1. I don't know about that newer cab, but on my older launch A1up 12-1, the spinner works for both Tempest & Major Havoc.
  2. Hmm... as someone who bought TG16 Bonk's 1 and 2 at their respective launches and liked them, I actually have never even TRIED Bonk 3 out! .. not even 5 minutes of it. Now I'm intrigued to give it a good go.
  3. I'm sure I have a bunch I'm not remembering.. but off the top of my head: Seeing a screenshot of Colecovision Donkey Kong in a magazine 2600 Demon Attack Seeing Mario Bros. (not super) running on a Famicom on a display TV in an electronics store in Tokyo Rain in SNES Zelda - Link to the Past PSX Battle Arena Toshinden
  4. My perspective is a little different because as far as I knew, the supply of 2600 & 5200 games were long gone and I hadn't seen a single game in the stores for a number of years (else I would have eagerly bought). Then the Famicom (for me) and then the NES came out and that was all the rage. Video games were back! That was awesome.. But then in 1987 I graduated high school and went out to the states for college in California/the Bay Area. Of course one of the first things I did was hit up the malls and walked into a Kaybee toy store to see what NES games were for sale.. and aside from the NES stuff, MUCH to my surprise I saw two 2600 games for sale! They were Stargate and Junior Pac-Man. I was so amazed that VCS games were still available... I bought both of them that night (I believe they were only about ~10 each) and kept them in my dorm room for the entire year since I didn't have a VCS with me. When I finally went home that summer, I popped them in and was pretty amazed at how advanced they were for the VCS. So anyway the point is, while I was playing stuff like SMB, Zelda, & Punchout I still had a spot for VCS games. I had no delusions they were anywhere near the 'modern' stuff at the time, but I liked them all the same. On another note.. it wasn't long after that where there were zero new 2600 games available that I could find, so I was glad I picked those up when I did.
  5. Last time I beat Bonk's Adventure regularly was probably 30 years ago.. but for that bridge, don't you just use the TG16 controller rapid-fire to spin all the way across?
  6. If I'm understanding correctly, that's an unsupported method of playing ROMS via patching of games, renaming them to the *.pocket extension, putting them on the SD card inside a folder called GB Studio, and loading from tools > GB Studio. You can't expect the company to support that, anymore than Nintendo could support TG16 Military Madness not running correctly on a hacked 3DS. 😜
  7. What issues does the Pocket have with Metroid II? I haven't seen any reports of crashing with that cart. It works as advertised. You seem to have the relatively common confusion that Analogue would have any obligation to address issues with a jailbreak (*wink*). Just saying.. i.e if or when it shows up, they won't even acknowledge it exists. As far as they're concerned, what they support is the playing of original carts.
  8. I believe the command line switch is -flipx or -flipy (e.g. Mame.exe -flipx Puckman). Else in MameUI it's in the video properties tab
  9. NE146

    Analogue Pocket

    ..or alternatively, wait for a jailbreak.
  10. NE146

    Analogue Pocket

    Yes you would need the GB Everdrive to see them in their real Pocketfied glory. And actually on that note, so far in playing with this thing, I do think I appreciate it the most on GB & GBC games. Playing GBA on it is very nice of course but isn't super far from what we've had already with modded GBAs. But with GB/GBC games it looks and sounds so much better than what we've had so far in handheld form (even emulated on a PSP, etc.). It revived my interest and made me want to play some again. 😜
  11. That's just an unlockable on G&W Gallery 4 😜
  12. Got mine yesterday.. I'm not interested in the dock, etc. at all since if I want to play portable games on the TV there are obviously other and easier options. To me this thing is all about handheld action. Screen comparison 😛
  13. Space Invaders arcade.. 100%. ....And then most every arcade game that came out after it.
  14. NE146

    Analogue Pocket

    Mine comes on Wednesday.. supposedly. We'll see. Ditto... I haven't exactly been starved of GB/GBC/GBA/GG action over the past few decades (I've always been a handheld kind of guy ), not to mention modding a few of them in recent years with new screens. But I think the other half of the appeal of the Pocket is what we are hoping comes in the future. It will be pretty nice to have a handheld TG16/PCE since I've never had a Turbo Express. And if SNES/Genny or whatever else happens that would be awesome as well to have them in a portable handheld format. Here's hoping!
  15. Yeah although that was something I only learned during the age of the internet. In the late 80's, even if I did experience it I probably wouldn't have noticed at all.. not without an A/B reference of some kind. Anyway the one game out of the short list of Famicom games with expanded audio I could have possibly had that experience with would be Castlevania 3.... but I didn't since I bought the US version. 😛
  16. Well speaking as someone who had much easier access to buy the japanese consoles at the time, (Famicom, PC Engine, etc.) what did I want? Why, the SUPERIOR US console versions of course! I had to basically go to the states to get them, which worked out fine since I went out for college. Well actually I didn't consider them superior (I had no idea of the Famicom vs. NES technical differences back in 1987, and probably neither did most of you 😉 ) but really the main reason was I wanted my games to be in english. They really did play the same games at the end of the day. I had a number of Famicom and PC-Engine hucards and played them fine using adaptors on my NES and Turbografx-16.
  17. NE146


    I was thinking Pengoro Ok yeah it's a totally different game, but hey!
  18. Is Nintendo not just fixing them anymore? I've had 2 set of joycons go bad with drift over time.. I just ended up sending both of them to Nintendo (not at the same time) and they sent them back working no problem. Last time I did this was a year ago on Nov. 2020. https://joyconrepair.nintendo.com/
  19. I don't know man videos like that are kind of annoying. Like are they not aware that you can shoot lasers in Star Voyager? Or are they deciding not to use it. Either way it misses demonstrating a pretty major part of the game, or at least that one in particular. It's like the 2600 Asteroids videos that don't have "fast" (diagonal moving) asteroids, or even the UFO's enabled. 😛
  20. I dunno man.. Pokemon Pinball on the Gameboy is one of my all time favorite games on the system. Man that game was fun. The GBA Pokemon Pinball was a disappointment in comparison.
  21. May I ask what connector that is? I dig it!
  22. NE146


    lol man that's perfect! It definitely captures the essence and its those little details (in addition to the core gameplay) that to me, make it pretty much a given this will be the de-facto best Pengo on the classic consoles. Heck I'd even put it above the Game Gear version simply because of the faithful music.
  23. Cool man. Yeah right now I am using the TurboGrafx Mini, or Genesis Mini pad, both of which are USB of course. But yeah I'm thinking it's time to step up my controller game but I must have missed the memo on the best way to do it. Right now I have this USB dongle which just hangs out precariously, and then a friggin keyboard and pad connected to it. It just seems so fragile and is also ugly. Do you have a keyboard always at hand when you play the mister? It seems you can't really do much without one attached.. am I wrong?
  24. Hey man how are you using the M30? I wouldn't mind using mine for the Mister.
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