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  1. the windows game was just a trial, a "proof of concept" for a future 8 or 16bit game. This game will be the real game : it is different, more complete, with lot of new features
  2. Hello folks, Dr Floyd from France (sorry for my bad english) Here is my future game : COSMOS CHRONICLES (Work in progress) Official topic: https://www.gamopat-forum.com/t109587-cosmos-chronicles-atari-stfstemega-st-ettfalcon-030 Compatible with : - ATARI STF - ATARI STE - ATARI MEGA ST - ATARI MEGA STE 8-16Mhz - ATARI TT - FALCON 030 Minimum memory: 1MB Use of the blitter on equipped machines Expected release December 2021 (2022 in box) Developer: Dr Floyd (from gamopat-forum.com) Assistance: Shaoth ("Drill Sergeant") GrosTonton (some graphic retouching) The whole universe in your ATARI ST, 200 billion galaxies, hundreds of billions of stars and planets in each galaxy (approximately 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars), the ability to visit every corner of the grass or rock from all planets, houses, caves, the total and ultimate open world. A tribute combined with: - ELITE and ELITE FRONTIER (for open world and space commerce) - SUNDOG (for the futuristic adventure and the many possibilities of play) - ULTIMA IV and V, for visual rendering and the box system A game supported by: RICHARD GARRIOTT (who agreed to be in the game) BRUCE WEBSTER (Sundog) (+1 like of DAVID BRABEN) These screenshots are not definitive: Hope to release an english boxed version en 2022.
  3. here is my new version 2.1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/earr1dopp0f3qqd/COSMOS2_1.zip?dl=1
  4. An alternative link if you have problem to download : http://www.arcadevision.net/cosmos/v2.0.zip
  5. Hello ! COSMOS THE SECRET MELODY is now finished, and available in full english ! Download (PC game, 58Mo) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2axnvrht9oqb2jw/COSMOS_2_0.zip?dl=1 Tribute to Ultima (I to V), StarFlight, Elite & Sundog
  6. here is the new demo version 1.2 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksxg9kyixdgc92n/THUNDERDOC4_CHRISTMAS_DEMO_1_2.exe?dl=1
  7. Hello folks ! Dr Floyd from Gamopat (french retrogaming forum) This is my Christmas Tribute to ATARI 2600 & Maria Whittaker, with the shoot'em up THUNDER DOC IV PC demo V1.2 for Windows 7,8,10 (2Mo, only 1 file) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksxg9kyixdgc92n/THUNDERDOC4_CHRISTMAS_DEMO_1_2.exe?dl=1 Hope you will appreciate this little "scoring demo" game ! Doctor Floyd Official link : https://www.gamopat-forum.com/t106261-thunder-doc-iv-christmas-demo-concours-de-scoring
  8. COSMOS 1.5 is now available ! Now about 85% in english (choose Language : english in the menu) English will be 100% at the end of june, and fully corrected this summer Final game in december Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/at4aznfg4inze5x/COSMOS1_5.zip?dl=1
  9. Hello Laurent from FRANCE I am fan of BLITZ3D (abandonware), best basic ever (?) In your opinion which is in 2019 the best classic basic langage (with possibility of stand alone .EXE) ?
  10. Here is COSMOS THE SECRET MELODY VERSION 1.4, the game whicj simulate ALL THE UNIVERSE in 2D ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjci34w8108hakk/COSMOS1_4.zip?dl=1 The game is now about 75% in english (select english on the menu). When finish, all the text will be checked to correct bad english. PS : Kyle22, you are the only person who indicate this problem, could you please check with version 1.4 ?
  11. Version 1.3 now available : https://www.dropbox.com/s/aa8alkxt05el7ov/cosmos1_3.zip?dl=1 Hope the translation will be finish this summer
  12. Little update (correction of bugs) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/z17mstx5kx1egx5/cosmos1_2b.zip?dl=1
  13. You can choose English by pressing ENTER on the menu line 4 "français"... But translation is in progress (about 15% for now) River, thanks, I change change to 1 for direct download But I do not understand your problem with MSVCRT.DLL ???? First time someone tell me that ?????
  14. Hi ! COSMOS 1.2 available, the only game which simulate the full universe, 200 billions galaxies ! lot of improvements, and translation in english in progress ! (choose between FRANCAIS and ENGLISH). Translation will be finish i suppose in june. I need support to check bad english sentences Free download for PC : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu6npteqhinrzz3/cosmos1_2.zip?dl=1 Website : http://www.gamopat.com/2018/12/cosmos-the-secret-melody-v.10.html
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