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  1. I'd totally do Minecraft for game boy (yes I have a problem :P) notch made a 2d Minecraft a few years back (minicraft, google it) which I thought was awesome and hoped might make an appearance on gba at some time.
  2. Quality of emulators is directly proportional to a systems popularity. Jaguar simply never was. Even today there's not much popularity to it. I know it and games are going for exorbitant prices now, but that's largely lots of people with disposable income that want shelf queens, not due to legitimate interest. Likely there never will be good jaguar emulation, but then, even us fans will admit it's not a huge pool of amazing games. Sure, there's half a dozen must plays, and a dozen or so more worth plays, but most it's games are mediocre to crap.
  3. All composite is IS rf. I think part of the issue is, most people don't know this. Rf splits the signal into a separate video and sound (or stereo sound) channel. The thing is, it doesn't actually provide any better picture quality. It has no more video info going down the pipe than rf. Where composite got it's advantage from, is that it's not using a (sometimes rather janky) switch box, which adds noise to the picture. This is easily solved by using an f adapter. Rf also using the cable input, and shares that channel with, well, tv channels, which is more noise.composite meanwhile has its own channel essentially. I've never bought into how bad rf is, but as a kid I often studied stuff a lot, and there is useful info, once you slog through the nearly infinite "just us composite" info.
  4. Don't get the "mac" bit. I like it though and might see about getting one. Most my gbasp handhelds get scrapped to backlight first ten one gba handhelds. Love the sp2 screen, but always hated the clamshell design. I was just always bummed that basically your throwing away a (usually) fully functional gba just for the screen.
  5. Cool. Never heard of it. Post 2k I'd take it, judging by the blatant gba styling. Wonder what games are on it? I've got tons of x in one lcd games, and most have variants of shooting games, racing games, and some even have tetris.
  6. Cool. I assume the Irish distributor bit is a big sticker.
  7. I wouldn't mind people checking up on prices, (they could and should get the best price possible), the problem comes from ,as you said, anybody can check ebay, but WAY to few people know (or care) how to check sale prices. That's often massively different from asking price, which usually is order of magnitude more than worth. This hurts everybody, yes, even the ebay sellers, I don't know now, but I assume you still have to pay for that perpetually listed item.
  8. Got a hundred or so titles for psone myself. The spyro trilogy and need for speed series are my favorites for it and still get regular play.
  9. I liked the saturn. In the few 3d games I've played, it seemed better at it than playstation, not all the twisted screen tearing weirdness that all playstation games seemed to do. It was also great on 2d games (which Sony seemed to actively discourage) Of course, Sega had an uphill battle with Saturn from the get go. It was $100 more than the PlayStation, and if course, they at this point also had a rep for releasing new hardware and almost immediately abandoning it. Also using quads instead of standard tris didn't help. I didn't buy one new. I got mine in 99 for like $30 when everybody was blowing it out. So I liked it, but saw it running out quick, and because I got it clearanced, I didn't have the same bias against it like people who bought it new and were like "waa, Sega abandoned us" It was a perfectly good system and capable for its time, it just largely got little love, in its time, or even now.
  10. That's technically right. Retro being a modern version of old school tech. I say technically because that's the definition, but despite being a living language, the definition won't be updated for years, or possibly decades, ( if ever) despite the average Joe's current overall usage of it.
  11. Never had a problem. It's the total wattage that matters, and unless your running it all at once, you won't hit much anyways. Bricks convert power wether the system uses it anyways, but built in psu may not depending on if it's before or after the powervswitch. I use multiple power bars at once, and turn the bar I'm using on to avoid leaches. Lots of people will freak due to the myth of 5A granny extension cords starting fires, but that's still watts and what not. Overloading any wire can cause issues, even those in the wall. Unless your right at the edge of your wiring limits I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. Didn't like the 2600 jr power switch, just slides but no real click. I like the Jr idea and design, but those switches suck imo.
  13. Pac man was always a favorite of mine. It's never been a bad game, and you'd be right in much negativity comes from it not being "arcade perfect". Much more comes from post internet and mindless "me too" posts from mid 90's onward. Atari is old, therefore it's cool to bash it. Interestingly, largely being bashed by people with only the desire to be contrary, many of which probably never played it bitd. Yes, there is precisely 1 game review from back in the day that wasn't glowing, but you'll notice that it's the same scan posted EVERY time. And even there,while it mentions the games flaws (mostly it's not "arcade perfect") that "this game sucks" review in fact, never said the game sucks. Could Pac man be better? Sure. Is it some mythical unplayable pile of dog sh!t? No. It's just an above average game for its time that had the misfortune to be released at the "growing pains" era for 2600, going from games that were rather chunky and clumsy looking to those much better looking more refined later games. There's nothing that people can say of Pac man that doesn't apply to nearly every other 2600 game of its time (and earlier) while many of those games get a free pass, or out and out are considered to be some of the best games on the system.
  14. Well Nintendo owns gameboy, and mostly Pokemon, so no real surprise a Pokemon character might have a Nintendo console as a pattern. Most Pokemon games have a Nintendo console in your player home after all.
  15. Doesn't kung fu master use extra ram? I've had several of this game die over the years. I'd think it would die outright, but depending how the game works I could see it working fine till a specific ram is polled and then crashing.
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