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  1. Video


    Who actually makes this thing? There are several versions, well not versions exactly, but different lots you can get, and they all got Atari carts. Did they get a good deal with Atari, or is it made by atari? LOL Roots, your no trefering to the "new handheld" topics are you, that seemed to be a link to another site but no info in the topic themselves. I didn't go back x pages or anything.
  2. theres also the issue of once you beat sword/shield, as near as I can tell, all wild pokemon are locked at level 50. Could be wrong though. I'm kind of torn, I like the game, but in many ways it's a weird step down from the sun/moon games (or even ruby/saphire 3DS versions) Eventually I'll get around to trying to trade myself, I got two switches and both games, but I'm not finished with one yet, though I guess you never had to finish the games to trade, just reach a certain point in the game, and I'm well beyond that LOL. Just picked up Cats Quest, and Everspace, so I'm going to try those in a bit (I've got cat quest on PS4, despite being short, I really enjoyed it, though it's probably on the easy side for most people)
  3. NO surprise really. And only took 2~ ish years too Switch is a great overall system, and appeals to people who want a real console, or those who love handhelds, or weirdos like me who loiter somewhere in the middle
  4. Interesting. I was in fact referring to those holes ( circled in red in your image) Mine does have a light sensor (central hole left of center in that image) HOWEVER, my system does not have the physical hoe in the plastic screen overlay thing. Maybe mines a newer model and they didn't see the need to put the hole over the sensor? (mines the black controller version) Switch lites have no speaker holes in the screen, their on the bottom edge of the system instead, as near as I can tell, no light sensor either.
  5. I liked tiger games, but then, I like games in general. But god damn those things were expensive. Towards the end of dedicated LCD life they got down like $20 on average, but remember when these things would regularly cost $50? Don't know how well these will do in todays market, but heck, I've got a LOT of those "basic fun" LCD things, they cost about the same, look vaguely like an arcade machine, and as long as your expecting a dedicated LCD (instead of "just like the arcade" that they are actually advertised as) their actually pretty good, with one exception, most have a centered joystic and they are not very responsive. I'd probably buy some of the right games, and the form factor for tiger handhelds is certainly better from a "playing" it standpoint, but not being backlit or color could make people shy away from them (The basic fun machines remind me a lot of those old VFD games from the 80's)
  6. always thought that was the hole for sound to get out or somethiing. There doesn't seem to be any where else a speaker could be.
  7. I said I wouldnt do it, after Pikachu/eve games sucked so hard, bu I picked up sword/shield for switch. Great games, and adds the live monsters to the field, so you can see what your getting into before geting into it. It's more old school with proper battles and everything, but it's got a lot of the extra stuff from the sun moon gmaes chopped off. it's much older style, but still a lot of fun to play. Apparently you cant trade in pokemon you cant get in this game for some reason (one of the great additions to later 3DS games) and I'm not sure how linking works, if at all.
  8. Video


    Anybody getting one? It's preorderable now. I've been saying for years that someone could make one of those classic consoles that took carts and it would be a great Idea, in a couple of months I guess we'll see. https://www.amazon.com/Evercade-Premium-Pack-Cartridges-Collections-Electronic/dp/B082N7B2DZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Evercade&qid=1582120918&sr=8-1 The system itself will cost $80-$100 depending on the games you get, and the games come in lots of 6-20 on a cart for $20. I preordered the one I linked too, and bought all the release carts, so about $250 total, personaly I hoe it does well, supposedly there is going to be new games on it too, but thats a wait and see thing there. Don't know what the hardware is, but its handheld, hooks to a TV to hdmi, and plays 8-16 bit games. Comments, discussion? Sorry if this was posted before, but I didn't see it anywhere.
  9. OOH forgot about the Wii. Yess, itsold a bazillion consoles, and the fanboys will defend the ever loving shit out of it, but when it comes down to it, it wasn't that good of console, and those controllers, god damn those controllers. This s one, despite the high praise it gets (and the high sales numbers) you can see how artificially "good" it is. Two words, "attachment rate" That is, the number of games on average that are sold per system. It's one of the lowest ones ever. Still, props for getting games into homes of grannies and such as that.
  10. Yeah,, the Free games. I didn't really include that, though that's important to a lot of people, because I"m one of the weirdos that actually emulate things I own. Besides, it's hard to say it's better/worse, if you don't own the game or hardware to compare it too
  11. Don't remember the exact title, but the first game I remember getting that was incomplete, or broken, was an RPG for the C=64. Theres a game called diver, or some such, on the 2600 that isn't completable due to the treasure being inaccessable. Humorously, it's got several bootleg ripoffs, and all of them are broken in the same way Don't get me wrong, broken, or incomplete games have ALWAYS existed, for all platforms, but, there is a huge difference between the occasional snafu, and what is happening now (games simply being released incomplete, or with game breaking bugs day one) because now days it's happening more often than not. There is an assumption that if you play games you have good internet and can just download that daily update, and to be honest, this is false. Not only that, but I'd imagine, internet has pretty much reached market saturation at this point. People either have it, or not, but the lack is more not wanting it than lack of access. The next gen system I get will be the one that can work primarily autonomously. Streaming games will never be a thing in our area but due to shit internet options, it's likely years or decades off before I can get incomplete games and "just download the rest/patches" Switch is actually one of the worst current consoles at "incomplete" games. Things like Wolfenstein or Doom being released only partly on cart, and you have to DL the rest. At least Doom was the online part, so it's still fully playable without it, but you have to watch it. It's a problem when the first question on the user questions is "is this game complete?" I wanted Spyro but I wasn't going to buy a game and download like 2/3 of it. Sadly, If they had released each of the three games on a seperate cart for $40 each (instead of the first on cart for $40, and you download the other two) I would actually buy that, yeah, despite being more expensive. At least switch has the excuse of 8GB limit (currently, though they would be dumbasses if they really designed it to not take bigger carts) And I don't get the whole " but gmaes are more complex now" people make it out like it's the current COD games, vs MS Pac-man, and thats not the case. COD for last gen consoles (or Elder scrolls, or whatever) were NOT sufficiently different from current games. It's not like they went from 4k games to 40GB games or anything they went from 9GB games to 40GB games (and most of that is high resolution graphic skins, and don't affect how the game is made, or played) Anyhow, unless there is a severe change in where consoles are going, then this is likely the last generation I'll be an active part of. I've got four decades of complete stuff I can fall back on for a few lifetimes over that I currently own, to heck with what I could go out and buy that I've yet to discover. The next gen system just has to work (and not require online life support to work) or I'll just stick to older stuff and emulation.
  12. I'm more a player than a collector, that said, with tiny carts (DS, vita, the like) and Disc media, I have to have the box. It's there to keep the game from being damaged, or lost.
  13. Not sure I'd count dos. People are spoiled by modern mid range computers that will cost you sub $500 and often forget a mid/low range compter from that era would be more in the $2k range. Though, most anybody that had a computer in that era likely had dos so.... Like the 2600 answer, never thought about it, atari pretty much ruled the world till Nintendo came out, and those of us that were there often forget that people that got their start on NES or later basically completely overlook the old 2600. Interestingly many people who will badmouth the 2600, often play shinier versions of the same games on android
  14. The only emu I'd say that comes even close to real hardware would be Atari 2600. It's been around the longest and has the biggest fanbase for the longest, as a result it has continually been upgraded over the years. I got my start on pcae and have mostly stuck with a26 or stella over the years. Like I said, 2600 emulation is the only one that comes close. To this day there is still stuff that doesn't quite work right. This may be subjective though, I know a lot of people want emulation more for convenience and not for accuracy. Plenty of people like emulation for extras like save states, or better graphic processing, in my case though, I"m looking for the most accurate. Playing golden eye (64) with a much better draw distance, or some DS game with better upconverted graphics, I can se the appeal, but I'd prefer as close as possible to 100% accuracy. Gameboy, or at least, GBA was pretty darn close to perfect. Get a SNES style game pad and it's almost perfect.
  15. I'd say xbox 360 for me. Don't get me wrong,its a great system, and I love a wide variety of games on it, but it always just felt, lack luster somehow. One of my friends was talking about this the other day, you know, you have like 100 games for that system. Sure I do, I also have around 100 for the original xbox, which I acquired over a five year period (instead of over 10 for the 360) and looking back on receipts and such, on average I paid twice as much per game on the original, but more importantly, I really loved all the games on there. It wasn't like the 360 where I was just buying something to just buy something, hoping it would be good. The real reason I even ended up with a 360 was my xbox literally got played to death, like I played it till it fell apart LOL (not many systems I can say that about, despite modern ones being obviously more fragile) I couldn't just get a new one, and the 360 was supposed to do bc (but never did more than a half assed job of it) I still play the original more than the 360. I see it's appeal, and the games are good enough, I just don't see it as the uber leet best evers or whatever.
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