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  1. I've got those for ds, 3ds and psp. Never had a problem charging using them, but sometimes have issues if I try to play while charging. Maybe not enough power or something? MOSt my chargers are Amazon 2a chargers, but I've used old 1a and lower. I wouldn't recommend less than 1 as they take forever to charge.
  2. Well, my psu died. I got a replacement, and it works much better. I think the original was faulty, it had a hard core "grip of death" when plugging/unplugging it into the console. Guess that wasn't how it was supposed to be as the new one fits like pretty much any other psu I've used. Games, I need more games! Uh, like I'm playing what I have. This has to be one of the hardest systems ever to get games for, almost everything I look at is months out, and it seems to be a real crap shoot as to whether you can get it physical, digital, or the hottest new thing, freak of nature, some weird hybrid. Why? I can't pre-order, because games aren't always correctly listed, and I don't need a physical box for a digital game, I mean, the whole reason for a box is to protect the game, so WTF?! I was spyro was coming, but uh, required download, heh, eff that.
  3. Yeah something like that. Even if a real "switch lite" is anything like that, there's the issue of, being a console first, I assume playing your games on it won't be as simple as " shove a game in and go" I don't know how switch saves games, but it was a pita on 3ds to get it to accept your profile on multiple systems. How is that going to work on switch? Do games save to cart, or the sd card, and can I just pull it from one and put it in another, or will I be jumping through hoops to change over, assuming I even can transfer games, profiles, and saves?
  4. I was going to say it was an sd card, but I never saw an ngage game card so I had no idea what they looked like.
  5. I'd love a new links awakening. I think that was my favorite Zelda ever, even over the snes link to the past one. Never liked the 3d ones. I guess I'm different than the majority of this crowd, in that I love pokemon, but... After that abortion pikachu/evo game, I doubt I'll pick up any future titles. I might if I got to play with it first, but in my area, switch is basically dead, so the likelihood of me finding someone with a switch, and some future pokemon game, is basically zero. Unless they put the campaign back into ssb, I just don't see the point of getting it. If super luckys tail is really a thing, I'll definitely get that title though, that and rare replay are the only reason I miss the Xbox one. Most the other titles aren't really my flavor, but there's still a ton coming out this year I'm looking forward to.
  6. I'm in the boat of, while I love the idea of the switch, in practice it's not a very good system on either side. To big and complicated to be "handheld" and just awkward as a console. It's still a great system, but what Nintendo wants is a console with tons of parts and accessories to sell, while I imagine, a lot of people (like me) want a fully integrated handheld that just happens to hook to a tv. Psp was about as close as that got, with a nice powerful handheld (for its time) that could be hooked to a tv.
  7. Unless they continue to produce the game, it should go up. Most that aren't even that old have already shot up in price. Granted the other side, running those print to order things means most the people that want it, already got it.
  8. Ultrasun/moon gets my vote as best ever. It's largely the same old game with a ton more polish to it. The world isn't a total grid anymore, and the trials are a nice twist to the gyms of old. If you like little faniggly stuff, it's got that too, pokepelago, festival plaza, Pokemon refresh, even the rotodex does some stuff. As for which game has the most legendaries, eh, no idea. I've finished all I've playdd, but never 100% the dex before. Since there's ways to collect unregistered pokemon in the sun/moon games, potentially it could have all of them, but while I might try to 100% the pokedex, I doubt if bother with the rest of them (maybe 100% the alola dex unlocks a world dex?)I (Edit) if you like Pokemon games, I'd say stay away from the switch one. It may be pretty, but kits basically red/blue with the main gameplay element removed from it.
  9. To be honest, when Ralph said "analog" I believe it was more an intent that it be a "completely randomized" display, rather than a display limited by predefined image elements. In this context, modern tv or something like game boy would still be " videogames" as the display is good what to display by each custom program, rather than just a bunch of static images. Of course, this is the first generation of games that couldn't (without an adapter) be hooked to an analog old school crt, if you wanted to. At least in the early days, I know I played plenty of 360 on an old crt.
  10. That's cool. I want one. We're about to hit the end of hd (according to the limitations of the human eye, 12k will be it) so it's time to get back into 3d displays again.
  11. It's only real addition would likely be 4k out the box support, and possibly 8k support. I nice chunk of ram would be nice, but if they make it 16 gig, make it able to read that, unlike the current system that has 8 gigs, but only reads 5 for games. Honestly, I'm more interested in behind the scenes stuff now than graphics, which haven't really changed much in several generations now. You know, stuff like more interactive environments, better ai, and able to track larger worlds.
  12. Curiosity. Can the pep be played without the battery? Bong get me wrong, I'd prefer it to be portable, but it's looking like I'm about to loose that cause my batteries are all getting bloated, so it's only a matter of time before I won't have a battery.
  13. Well I dismuchverylike the dock thing. I don't know what it is about docks, but I've never seen one properly work. So far it has failed to charge the switch an average of twice a week since I got it. Anyhow, I finally said eff it and just plug the power supply in direct now. I don't play on tv anyways so I guess I don't need the dock. There should be some sort of indicator that it's plugged in but it doesn't seem to. Maybe if it was hooked to a tv, but it seems to only randomly work. Out of curiosity, I know the controller is supposed to come off, but can I leave it on the system and use a second controller to play it when it's hooked to a tv? I still need a second controller, just haven't gotten around to it yet due to the $70 (I think) price tag. Also, is the psu special? If t get a second one, can I use any usb c plug, or is this a proprietary plug? I only play it handheld atm, but if probably plug it in direct if I don't play on tv. Anyhow, so far loving the thing. I'm still paranoid as hell about breaking it, but that could just be an illusion. One of these days I'll have to start up skyrim, but I may want to play that one on tv mostly. I did start Mario odyssey, and was just like wow, holy s#!7 balls, that looks amazing! I'm not as into 3d Mario games as the 2d ones, but this is awesome.
  14. It was my first console in 83 (or 84?) One advantage was games were cheap for it, New games often being in the $20~ ish price range before the market collapsed. If course they were REALLY cheap then. Yeah, Nintendo might have brought gaming back into the spotlight, but they also bought them into the routine $80+ range. Games were about being fun, simple to play, nearly impossible to master affairs. Look at what kids play now days, many cellphone games are really just reimagined, sometimes literally reskinned Atari style games. And it doesn't hurt that 40 years later, I can still get new games that do things that we would have insisted were impossible, even only a few years ago. And it still remains easy to pick up and play around your schedule, he that a few minutes, or a few hours.
  15. I seem to remember they had a policy of minimal flicker, and while not necessarily original ideas, most games were made to fit into Atari limitations, so it worked well. The quality of game design, in addition to most games being actually run was why Activision was one of the top games for the 2600 for me.
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