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  1. F... Well, Microsoft does seem to put some of their games on other systems at least (including rare, minecraft, others) BUT, Microsoft basically killed rare, yeah, they had viva pinata, and...uh...rare replay...?... I mean, outside of first party, rare was one of the, if not THE greatest third party maker of games from late 80's to early 00's, and now their (might as well be) gone. They better damn well at minimum make use of ES, FO, and Doom IP's instead of just sweeping it under the rug like they did with rare.
  2. Cool, I've got the Pokemon switch lite, if I played on tv more I'd certainly see about some of these.
  3. What do people do to their systems? Mine's like a year and a half old (original) and I've suffered no issues with controllers. I probably average 1-2 hours a DAY playing too, so it's not lack of usage. In fact, the only issue I have is the console battery is obviously suffering degradation, though from the use I've put into it, I certainly can't complain about it (though it'll need replaced in 6 months or less, I'm sure)
  4. I know it you don't properly turn the system off, it only has a two or three week lifespan even not using it. It seems too keep a charge better if you properly turn it off, but the longest my extra switch Sat unused was like 2 months. Most irritating, when you plug it in to charge it, the thing comes on, so if your just charging it so often to keep the battery good, remember to properly turn it off, or it'll run down quickly. This is a battery issue, for sure, but imo, the system should NOT come on just because you plug it in to charge. Any system in sleep mode drains their battery far faster than if their off, and switch is expensive enough it should do that, after all, ds/3d's stay off when charging, so battery maintenance is much easier on there.
  5. Wow that sucks man. i've finished my third play through of. Cat quest 2, I like it lets you bump the difficulty up (the new+ on original just replays with no difficulty change, as near as I can tell) while I doubt I'll play through it 18 (I think) times, it's a nice feature. Of course, I like the games enough I did play through the first again, and I have a habit of going back to games repeatedly over the years, so who knows. Love you get to visit the lupis(sp?) Empire, and the two lead characters thing is fun. I doubt any of my friends will get it, but it even supports two play co-op (maybe on a single screen??) Outside of two characters, and the much larger map, it's more of the same, so to anybody, if the first one didn't "do" it for you, don't expect this one to either. Looks like there's likely a third on the way, I'll be there. What's next, an avian empire? Lol
  6. Video


    Cool to know, I've already preordered both those titles, but I often forget about songbird for orders. I'm not sure about the sporadic availability of the system an it's games (from all sources) either a) it's not doing as good as expected, so low production runs, or b) it's a LOT more popular than expected and they can't keep up. I hope it's the latter, I really enjoy the thing and hope for more (I also have lynx1 and2 preordered)
  7. If the game store still exists when I go to town next month, I may see about picking another one up. Forgot lan parties, people are spoiled by online, but that weekly track to friends houses to play games (especially when we could get 8-16 systems set up) was amazing. There's still a huge difference between a lan party and online. Man, the years of fun we had, actually, thinking back, it's amazing that console held up as well as it did (I did get a solid 6 years out of it after all) despite never leaving the house, and being played less, I replaced the ps2 twice in that same time frame.
  8. People have a bad habit of forgetting. I could see an owner shuffling stuff to storage, and it gets forgotten until the storage decides to clear house and discovers a huge stash of games (or whatever) having worked for a storage place, it was surprising what I've found when told to clean one out, including original art, guns, MoNeY and precious metals. With the exception of guns, most not obviously valuable things either go to auction (a huge bin with everything in it) or is discarded. Before I got into collecting junk myself 😛 I threw away tons of movies, vinyl, weird format stuff, computers, all kinds of stuff. Never found much games though, this was back in the 90's and most of that stuff had fallen out of favor, and was considered worthless, including games.
  9. I LOVED the game boy camera, but it did come out a bit later than people remember, I recall one of the big things people had a problem with (that I knew of that had it) was the lack of support for game boy color, which came out the same year. This was my first digital camera, and was FAR cheaper than digital cameras of the time. The second camera I got was a palm cam that took zip discs and I paid $500 for a display model (I think it was $700 at the time I bought it in 2000) yes, it took great color pics, if a bit low resolution (640x480 iirc) but it was also built like a tank, and is the only digital camera I didn't wear out before replacing it (the next being a 3mp cannon) I don't remember the exact resolution of game boy camera, thinking like 120x120, but won't swear, but it took surprisingly good pics for its obvious limitations. The printer I also have, and it is used with other games as well, but I also picked up a cable so I could dump it on pc. Always wanted to do a video with it, no point, just think it would be cool. Anyhow, I'm a weirdo though and have always had a thing for the bizarre and handhelds, and this fits both categories, it's cool if you don't like it, or get it, now days, it's a bit out of its element.
  10. No. Without the pack in, sonic simply wouldn't have sold as well. Don't forget it also came out on master system and gamegear, no comment on those versions sales numbers. Don't get me wrong, I loved sonic, especially the three (I think) gba titles, which seemed to capture the original feel, even over many genesis sequels, heck there's a topic here titled "anchor games" (or something like that) where I mention the sonic series being one of the few reasons I even own most Sega consoles. BUT, sonic was made really as an answer to mario, which was kicking it's ass at the time, but it lacks most the charm, isn't nearly as refined, was shorter, and let's be honest, just wasn't as good of game/series. Sega wanted that Nintendo crowd, but the types of people who would bother with a genesis, weren't the type of people who wanted that type of game, to heck with a more dumbed down less refined version. Yes Mario was packed in with every nes, in addition to being available on multiple formats of stand alone carts (mario/duck hunt, mario/duckhunt/track and field, and even just mario) seriously, mario was Nintendo's "pacman, somehow being more available than the console it was on. But, each new mario over all still sold amazingly, despite NOT being packed in.
  11. I have a wonderswan, not color (hence "crystal) not sure if it's like neo geo pocket where the standard systems take the same carts, just monochrome on the regular system and color on the color system. I liked the system well enough, and the ability to properly play vertical if games were programmed to, but as far as I'm aware, the system never officially released in America, luckily ebay was a thing so getting weird stuff like this wasn't a problem at the time, but most games aren't regionalized for English, and it appears most the library was often fairly story heavy, so I never got much into it.
  12. Aren't tellegames products actually produced by atari? I'm thinking Sears just ordered custom to have their name on it. I thought the name differences in carts was stupid, though I imagine intentional as people probably bought the same game twice because of this.
  13. Makes sense, you can see on the initial cart post where your scraping the green layer off, and the remaining green layer is scuffed by the systems contact. Some of the original Parker and Activision carts had a sponge to substitute the carts dust cover, and I imagine that kept the carts pushed out a bit, though those sponges have long since deteriorated. Originally with the sponge, I imagine they met system requirements, but their just slightly off when it goes missing.
  14. Gorf was a favorite of mine, despite playing the 64 version first and my favorite level being absent. It's like a grab bag of space shooter types and I always liked that. Tunnel runner takes it though, as it's original (to me, never played it elsewhere) I like the first person perspective and Pac Man playstyle, and the speed which you control can be from a mild stroll to insane.
  15. I never bought the negativity either. I bought mine day one and was hyped as hell about it, despite not knowing much about it (outside of, it's Microsoft, and was closest to "pc in a console box" since 5200) I bought it, still have it (though the optical drive died long ago) it was easily the most played console that generation. GameCube capability wise was similar, but where the games? Ps2 was largely riding a hype train, yes it has lots of great games, but my God were the majority ugly as hell. I loved the console, and finally, a controller aimed at adults, but as with all consoles, it's about the games, and this console seemed to have an "anything goes" mentality (which sadly, went away on the 360 and further consoles) I have over 100 games for the system, and most, I not only bought full priced ($50-$60) I actually PLAYED the vast majority of them to completion, and quite a few I replayed a lot as well. One of my friends pointed out I have nearly as many games for 360, eh, yeah, but most were bought in the $20 range (and even used), and a good half of them, I've put little or no time into. To say nothing of the fact the Xbox games were purchased in the 01-07 area, while the 360 was from 07-18, nearly twice the timeframe. Anyhow, yes, I love the original Xbox, if still play it a ton if it still worked, I could reliably get a replacement, or there was good emulation (I've got the games) it was graphically amazing, and didn't look like sewage like most ps2 games, and it wasn't aimed at kids like cube. Yes that may not be over all fair to those other consoles, but imo, the box still holds up well even today, especially later games, though some early stuff was awesome too (wasn't munches oddysee a day one title? And that just recently released on switch, nearly exact to Xbox original)
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