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  1. They probably last better while you actively use the system and keep cycling the battery. Unfortunately, mine is old enough their both beginning to bulge. Not sure it's safe to use, but I only charge it when I have time to watch it, in case it goes nuclear or something. I need to try running it without a battery, if that works I may build a power pack and use that, the originals are certainly on their last legs, and all the currently available ones are nos, and likely to be in the same, or worse operating condition.
  2. Video


    Lynx? I'll need to pre-order those. Started a funstock account to order tanglewood and Oliver twist carts, what's two more? One says september, the other october, so it'll be a bit before they come in.
  3. Cool that someone who worked on it dropped by to say some stuff about it. I do know in the late 90's many of those early cheaters got found out on x games. It's just like "wow, you had to cheat to become one of the "greats" but thought that would fly in an actual competition? " lol Always wondered if you could cut the middleman and use xband to link two systems directly today. How much was handled by servers? Granted, what's the interest, since, as far as I'm aware, all its games are still available today in better formats.
  4. What's wrong with it? Don't believe me, look up 480i yourself, once you find it means interpolation, look that up, and once you figure out it's only outputting half the image per refresh, go ahead an come back and explain HOW I'm wrong. Jesus, 2020 and people still don't understand this, there's a reason even the media companies themselves finally let go of interpolation, even lower end average Joe's were figuring it out, and those who couldn't, well, there's google.
  5. I wasn't aware Simpson's was even still around. I enjoyed a few back in the 8/16 but days, despite them being generic platformers, I'll have to try the racers sometime.
  6. It was a toaster because it resembles a toaster oven, which is side loaded, at least all I've ever used are. That moniker only came out after the "toploader" came out, I believe in 93. My problem with the dogbone controllers is they were WAY to small. They look nice, and the curves dig in a bit less than the square controllers, but just weren't as good as the original.
  7. I,d forgotten about that stupid energy saver power thing. Sometimes you need to think on puzzles, so that was certainly a surprise bitd, and unwelcome. Of course the system has many larger problems that will likely keep some issues like this hidden from most people.
  8. Case pack 6? So you were ordering 6 packs of ite!s? That's sure a hell of a price there. I'd love to get 48 paddle controllers for $8.
  9. Video


    Ok, that explains the carts. Probably delays due to the corona. 12 has 2 games on it. I'm hoping for a Namco 3 at some point, I want ms Pac Man (2 had pacattack?? Not bad, but I'd have preferred Pacwoman lol) Email blaze, and maybe by the time the console comes out, it will get thumbnails or something for the save slots. Saves may be variable since I'm sure some games save bigger, I tried scrolling down (so to speak) but it won't scroll from 1 to the last save slot. I may run it till I hit the end sometime, 999 I could see, but if it goes beyond that I'll probably never know.
  10. Love the toploader myself. I like how the toaster looks, but damn, that reliability. Most the famicom look like cheap toys, and hardwired controllers, eew.
  11. Why? There's literally as many of them as nes consoles. Even sealed I just don't see that. Even a low production number I still don't see it, I wasn't aware carts were even numbered.
  12. 1702 Commodore monitor. Yes it's only 13" , but it's Atari notnot really super tiny high res images to deal with. Outside of that, I've got several crts (crt all the way) and my consoles remain unmodded, and likely will will repair becomes required.
  13. Very nice. If I didn't hate PayPal or be interested. Looks a lot nicer than what I'd do, almost pro. As for compatibility I seem to recall issues with some special carts, and homebrew, but I've not modded mine, so that's speculation. I'd rather bring an original console back than hack it up for parts.
  14. I wouldn't buy a graded game (I want to play it) but yeah, prices are going up, probably some artificial due to corona, but they've naturally gone up too.
  15. Faster? I want that! One of my favorite things about arcades was many had a speed chip mod, which imo made Pac Man say more playable (probably screwed with people's "winning pattern" too)
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