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  1. Once, but only game that I played was doom. Actually, it's the only game I was aware that used it. Neat idea, just say ahead of its time. had a Sega channel, loved that, a bit high priced, but a rental service done right. I think it should have used the CD save cart to save your games, but for single session games it was great. As for xband, I'm to far away, though we had great internet at the time and I didn't recall lag or anything. I did recall a lot of people cheating (you could unplug it to avoid a loss count) but cheating has always been a prob.
  2. I bought it, I thought about not, as I have the dmg and color version, both of which were $30 titles new. This is the big hang up for most people I assume. It's mostly exactly the same game, you'll beat it in under 20 hours, probably closer to ten. But it's beautiful, and sounds great. It'll depend on you weather it's worth $60. $30 would have been a no brainer. Especially being imo one of the best defining 2d Zelda titles.
  3. I SAID I wasn't getting another pokemon after that pikachu/eve atrocity, but I like pokemon, so I got the double pack, and while it's missing some of the little niceties that made sun/moon so refined feeling, it's still a great game. the dynamaxing (sp?) Seems to have little effect on the game, it does look cool, but it doesn't seem to actually make you or the opponent more powerful. Like the puzzles before the gym fights, and love the fully 3d "wild area" part of the game. Anyhow, great game imo, hopefully they keep moving forward and continuing to refine it. I'm almost through one of the games. I'll start the other soon, see how the trade system works on a not exactly handheld system.
  4. What's the case? Looks like an early portable tv or something. I like it. I dislike the original switch, nice idea, but largely fails on all sides. Love the lite though, it's the handheld I was wanting (though a bit physically smaller would be nice) I'll be surprised if big n doesn't make a console only version. Just to bad transferring saves is such a hassle.
  5. There's not much that will interest me next gen, the current gen kind of sucks with its fragmented games and limited universal usage. Even Nintendo got in on the bs this generation. next gen, it's going to take something serious for me to even consider a next gen console. Full 3d support, which will be a neat trick with no new 3d displays being made, or full (proper) backwards compatibility with a system I could actually care about.
  6. I thought 3ds has been dead for like 2 years now. I love mine, but no new games kind of puts a kink in things. Love it's 3d, and this is the type of thing that can be done justice in good 3d. Just to bad about the hardcore limit on adventures and fps, that could have been the systems selling point.
  7. Well finished Zelda this week. Including some lost moments, and not remembering what to do, it was right at 16 hrs to complete. Didn't run into any issues on the seventh dungeon, so that's good, either fixed, or I got lucky. 😛 gotgot more dungeon bits, you can get them from the crane game, or even buy them from the shop...or maybe steal them, haven't tried that yet. Love the hand drawn cartoon intro and ending. I'll probably wait a while before a second play through on the hard difficulty. In the meantime, maybe I'll finally get around to playing breath of the wild.
  8. The games themselves likely will be fine. Most patches are done for the sake of patching and largely not needed (regardless of console/game) I find it far more likely that the gamepad is going to be the week link, as finding a battery will be an issue in short order, it's a required part, and, as the system only needed one, there are far fewer of them than other controller types. Just under that will be the optical drive, this is the week link on most disc based consoles, but I imagine like pre 2k disc consoles, by then, a fix will be available.
  9. I'd say the popularity of homebrew may be as much, or more to do with people want to like the lynx, but the games selection is rather lackluster over all. C=64 and nes may have a huge numbers bonus over the lynx, but they both also have far more amazing games to choose from. Literally, many new lynx owners are like "ok, I got a lynx, where are the Mario's and Tetris type games?"
  10. Copyright is a LOT more complicated than just "you own it for X years" and even that bit isn't very well understood. Ever wonder why, for instance, every generation of consoles gets those game collections? It's due to copyright. You have to use it, or you lose it, so you see activision, atari, sega, nintendo, etc, collections and rereleases every generation so those people keep them running. If it sits for long enough, and I believe it's only 20ish years (maybe less) it'll basically become public domain. copyright is and was never intended to give anybody exclusivity to their thing indefinitely. It was intended to protect them from someone stealing their actively in use work and reducing their potential profit.
  11. Not sure if count first time as being difficult. Smb literally takes me sub hour to beat now, but I too took weeks my first time 😛 most fps games for me, despite being a favorite genre since faceball and wolfenstien, I just suck at these types of games.
  12. I think it's better charge controllers, and physical power switches. Rechargeable batteries do drain regardless, but when unplugged from their device, they can hold a charge for years. Those "always on" devices are always sucking power, so run down faster. Don't know how long it takes to die, as it's my current favorite toy, but switch will loose power enough if off for a week to put a (small) dent in the battery indicator.
  13. Don't know about electrical stimulation, I do remember reading about that controller though. Always thought a "self destructing" controller would be cool. Mess up, and did in a game, causing your controller to pop apart requiring you to reassemble it to continue. Then I thought, wouldn't a user configurable controller be cool? That one did make it to market if I recall correctly (the self configured controller, not the "exploding" controller)
  14. One more about the switch lite, it doesn't have a kick stand, or whatever you call it, but the I guess most people getting one will be line players, since clustering around a tiny screen for PvP or coop is not my idea of fun 😛 more on zelda, still on track to get it done in the same time as the original, enjoying it so far. When I said it's a carbon copy, it pretty well is, I found my map I made back in 93 and everything has been exactly where I discovered it all those years ago. I even got the extra key in the third dungeon. Even bitd I never understood that one...BUT, that raises one concern, I'm at the 6th dungeon now, and next is the infamous seventh dungeon. I remember that one well, half the time when you went in, it spawned the ball somewhere that would break the game. Hopefully that has been fixed, but uh... Remember to save before unlocking the tower of you might be f$%&. I found some of the statues, you get them, or some, from the maybe village claw game, and as for build your own dungeon, it seems to just unlock more bits from game progress, talk to the guy, get more dungeon pieces. the game is a lot easier to get money on, for several reasons, gone is the 999 rupy limit, don't know how far it goes, but I've exceeded 1k several times now. Being color, you can now get 5 rupy rupys, And, grass and bushes now grow back while your still in the area, so you can get money faster now. there is a hard mode you can opt for when starting a game, I'll have to try that once I finished, but I assume attacks will damage you more, though it would be neat if it rearranged some items or missions. a few negs too, one, the game looks great, but there are graphical glitches in certain areas, like fog will flicker. The frame rate is usually great, but noticeably drops in some areas, and, there's a nasty out of focus thing in the overworld where the top and bottom 10-15% of the screen is blurry. Only in the overworld, but anyhow. anyhow, still great overall.
  15. Java used to be "the" Minecraft and got everything first. Since Microsoft acquired them, bedrock is now the lead version, despite there still being far more java users still. I believe bees are currently in the latest java, but not currently implemented, what I mean is they are there in creative, but not yet completed and natural in survival mode yet. Most addons/updates have happened that way from my experience, I've been messing with it for 7ish years now. I'll stick with java as long as I can, as most user made addons, mods,etc work on this, and it's easily editable to play preceded versions (yes, some old stuff won't work on newer versions) as far as I'm aware, you can't change versions on bedrock (or use custom self designed skins and characters)
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