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  1. PlayStation has a lot of nostalgia, despite many of its shortcomings (such as Sony actively discouraging 2d style games, resulting in massive amounts of clunky, chunky, fugly polygonal 3d games) but due to sheer quantity of games there's still literal hundreds of great games for most genres. The prob with the mini is literally the games. Most people were genuinely excited about the system, until the announced game list, then it dropped more into the "erm" range. It was to expensive, keep in mind, you could by a brand new console while they were still in production for $70 at the end of its life. And unlike certain other consoles and games, like nintendo, the original hardware and games are largely still available for reasonable prices, plus your not locked into a midiocre selection of games. Add to this, the market is absolutely flooded with "me too" pnp systems, and the PlayStation mini just really didn't have a chance. Release it for more on the $50 range, or have a much better selection of games, and it would have still struggled, though probably done better.
  2. Wow, till last year (pre pandemic) you could still get the thing brand new from Wal-Mart. Hell, I got four of the things, so I stopped looking myself. Games are still widely available new though. Between the pandemic (I'm stuck at home and want to do...something) and the ugly truth about internet (no, good options are NOT available everywhere) people have gone crazy buying older systems and games. Still, there's going to be a LOT of regrets. I feel for the idiots buying Mario games for a million plus. No, its not that rare (even in unopened mint condition) the other stuff isn't that insane, but Mario is going to have the market drop hard as people dig out their copy (or three) and toss them on eBay. Remember the 90's and superman? Yeah, like that.
  3. Got my code master cart last week. Lot of great games, surprisingly. I wasn't aware they did that many. That's up to cart 19, I thought I was being massively over optimistic building my display to hold 30 carts, but maybe not, heh, even considering the restart on the count with the arcade releases in a couple months.
  4. With getting stuff once ordered, I've had no problems with Amazon. That's how I've gotten the bulk of my stuff. Now finding a game is another matter. You just have to go back week after week until it goes to an actual preorder, instead of the "preorder, currently unavailable" thing they do for week, or sometimes months at a time. Remember, most new games are just a preorder and will come out like six months from now. Still, a bit weird to have a preorder be 'unavailable' (the whole idea of a preorder is to determine quantity needed, having a preorder you can't, makes no sense) Space cat is a definite favorite so far, but I'm a big puzzle fan anyhow so...:p
  5. Nothing really new. Most "apps" are about hoovering your data, its why most are free. Lol, I read that as cortana first, thinking, but isn't that the phones os and would have access to everything anyways? Anyhow. Any relation to the old games?
  6. I doubt it. Nintendo isn't doing much (or enough) about pirate ROM carts. You can literally buy loads of x-in one carts for nearly every console on Amazon right now, up to the 3ds (I think) I can see Nintendo not caring about Sega master system collections for the, gba but the nes collections, or newer stuff for ds and 3ds, including among other things, Mario and Pokemon games (which Nintendo definitely still produce, use, and sell themselves) I'd think would be instantly pulled.
  7. I've got worms!! Heh, the good kind, my copies of worms and indie heroes came in this week. Unfortunately worms will be more playable once the console comes out later this year. Don't get me wrong, its playable, just imo much better with a human opponent. Haven't made my way through indie yet, but what I've played so far is quite good. Some of these look like dmg (game boy) games, may be. Anyhow, nice to see more new games coming out for it, hope to see more indie newcomers to the system. Wow, I just looked it up, and I STILL have 10 games and the console on preorder lol. Maybe I've got a problem. No I don't have a problem, I can quit anytime I want no I don't want to quit
  8. Haven't thought about it in years. Many vcs games go to color cycling immediately on final death (I think all the 77 games do) but as time went on and games got proper attract modes this largely disappeared. Always thought it would be cool to "lock" the color cycle so you could play the game in different colors.
  9. Love sonic games. At least the 2d mostly 90's era games. Post 2k sonic adventures for dreamcast are good (only real good 3d Sonics imo) and the excellent games for GBA, these felt like the 90's era games. Don't know what happened post dreamcast, but many, or most were terrible, to the extent that I got to the point I stopped buying most of the crap. For anniversary I played through the 3 (+k) genny games and the first two gba ones. I've got 3, but ran out of time due to work 😛 I can still get all the emeralds on 1+2 for genesis, never succeeded on 3 though, and while I have on the gba games, its been awhile. Would play the game gear games but mines long since dead, though the master system games are nearly identical, ill have to find my master gear (whatever its called) for genesis to play those.
  10. Cool I guess. Since the gbc already takes standard AA batteries I've already been using rechargeables since 98 lol.
  11. Nothing wrong with necrobumping lol. I always wondered what "off the shelf" equivalent coleco used for their 2600 adapter? ( unless they bought tia and others off ataris shelves lol ) As I said (nearly 18 years ago) Atari lost a suit over that because it used off the shelf components. With the number of aoac systems out there (both modern flashback types, and old stuff like 7800, certain jrs, and odd things like tv boy, I find it strange nobody makes a modern 2600. Don't get me wrong, the dies, or masks (however they were made) are long gone, but there are real physical examples that could be reverse engineered, combine with someone like retron (who either sources or makes their on cart connector) there's no reason there shouldn't be a good modern clone system.
  12. Were Atari and Activision pcbs compatible though? Like said above, Atari carts have a central screw while Activision has two. Never saw an Activision pcb, but assumed they may have made use of the lack of a central post to have longer pcbs or something.
  13. Well the console and four arcade packs are available to preorder now. I've got those ordered, and look forward to it hitting this fall, just in time for my birthday. I gotta admit, the thing has done WAY better than I expected. I was expecting at most half a dozen more carts over the launch (10, I think) but they still continue to bring out more for it. The console will open them up to a lot more games and people. Yeah I love handhelds, but know most don't, and many games are better with real human players. I hope the console gets at least tho option for alternative controllers. I love arcades an Atari, but so many of those really need track balls or rotary controllers, analog, etc. Only downside is the arcade cart boxes are going to be purple, heh, well.
  14. I liked it enough, but not enough to put out whatever the 3do cost. It was pretty and like most good platformers added mechanics that worked to the platform formula. Downside was being attached to an unknown expensive system (yes later available on PlayStation, but new game types attracted me more by then) only real downside, and I don't know if its gex, or 3do, but the minor hitch you'd feel when his action changed, almost like the 3do would load his jumping animation off the disc or something.
  15. Heh, reboot time. The thing works great. I just got in my new carts, heh, the last one got lost in my shop last month when it got hit by lightning and burned down. Heh, my luck anyhanyhow, ill need to get some dnt stuff. I grabbed the SIM city one referenced on here sometime. The weird bootleggy stuff is harder to find, so the Mario land dx games I'm having issues with (I like Mario land DC2" s color palate, it reminds me of colecovision) next on the agenda would be to find a new gba and screen mod it since I lost that too, for now my mk1 sp is my primary system. Ill definitely see about one of the cart rippers, I've never been able to find a fully working stunt race (snes) online, but being fx, maybe its hard to rip, or maybe their never tested and since it crashes late in the game its just not noticed? Ill have to see if one of my backups or friends has a copy of final doom, or halo, yeah just the first two levels but what I messed with was surprisingly intact and playable despite being dumbed down to a raycast engine.
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