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  1. Well the console and four arcade packs are available to preorder now. I've got those ordered, and look forward to it hitting this fall, just in time for my birthday. I gotta admit, the thing has done WAY better than I expected. I was expecting at most half a dozen more carts over the launch (10, I think) but they still continue to bring out more for it. The console will open them up to a lot more games and people. Yeah I love handhelds, but know most don't, and many games are better with real human players. I hope the console gets at least tho option for alternative controllers. I love arcades an Atari, but so many of those really need track balls or rotary controllers, analog, etc. Only downside is the arcade cart boxes are going to be purple, heh, well.
  2. I liked it enough, but not enough to put out whatever the 3do cost. It was pretty and like most good platformers added mechanics that worked to the platform formula. Downside was being attached to an unknown expensive system (yes later available on PlayStation, but new game types attracted me more by then) only real downside, and I don't know if its gex, or 3do, but the minor hitch you'd feel when his action changed, almost like the 3do would load his jumping animation off the disc or something.
  3. Heh, reboot time. The thing works great. I just got in my new carts, heh, the last one got lost in my shop last month when it got hit by lightning and burned down. Heh, my luck anyhanyhow, ill need to get some dnt stuff. I grabbed the SIM city one referenced on here sometime. The weird bootleggy stuff is harder to find, so the Mario land dx games I'm having issues with (I like Mario land DC2" s color palate, it reminds me of colecovision) next on the agenda would be to find a new gba and screen mod it since I lost that too, for now my mk1 sp is my primary system. Ill definitely see about one of the cart rippers, I've never been able to find a fully working stunt race (snes) online, but being fx, maybe its hard to rip, or maybe their never tested and since it crashes late in the game its just not noticed? Ill have to see if one of my backups or friends has a copy of final doom, or halo, yeah just the first two levels but what I messed with was surprisingly intact and playable despite being dumbed down to a raycast engine.
  4. I'd say jaguar. Yes the games that are trash on there are unholy god awful, but the upper end games are much better. Truthfully, when averaged out the two systems are pretty on par to one another. Unfortunately the average Joe won't ever get to experience it due to the obscene prices they go for now (and likely will continue to) so unfortunately jaguar will largely be hype and not truly known. Keep in mind, yes, I have a jaguar, and I'm sure many of you do too, but buying the thing in the 90's - 00's era for $50 WITH several of its top games, is a world of difference from buying one now for closing in on a grand, and paying well north of 100$ for the more worthwhile games. I mostly give it to jag because while both systems have a half dozen must plays, and a dozen or so good games, while the rest of the library ranges from "meh" to "killing yourself is more fun (and more productive)" is because MOST of the worthwhile games on jaguar can ONLY be played on jaguar. Most the 32x stuff can be played, often better, elsewhere.
  5. Awesome deal! Glad yours works, the console is in my experience highly unreliable. The sonic games are higher resolution versions of the game gear games (may be other minor differences, I don't know) I played a lot of populous on here till I got the snes version. The power base is how I'd play since I never could seem to find a working console.
  6. Look up conkers bad fur day for n64, that whole thing is hilarious. The great mighty poo song was my favorite. Need for speed road and track had good ones when you got arrested. "Well looks like I caught my first UFO, you better start turning green real fast gizmo or the national enquire isn't going to buy my story"
  7. Cool. The games came in this evening. Ill. Mess with that later. Yeah ill need to dig out some smaller cards and look up the latest patches. Ill try some of the few roms I've already got to test functionality. Yeah duke nukem was another game I got, and dark arena, it's short but very doom like. Ill look up ecks vs sever too (never played the second one) Thanks for the info guys.
  8. You talking used? Only store I know would be game xchange if they didn't go tits up during the pandemic. Though, despite being retro styled, it IS new, so I could see gamestop getting them (haven't been there in a year now either ) Got the other games on preorder, and will pick up the console too when it drops. Handheld actually is my preferred flavor, but I do want to play with friends too.
  9. Well, I finally did it. I ordered two of these things. An x7 for game boy and an x5 for gba. Most of my GB collection is still intact, so the x7 wasn't really needed, but I got that anyways due to how awesome it could be to have all my games on one cart. But my gba stuff mostly got stolen a few years back, close to 120 games there. I still buy them as I find them, but a few I really wanted to play, oh god, wtf?! I tracked down some of the Mario's, and their ALL going for higher than release price, and then doom, heh, $100+? HeLl no, doom 2 was $150+, and final doom (when it can be found) north of $200? Wait the f#$% up a minute, can't I get a ROM cart? For the price of any one of those games, I can get a ROM cart. Anyhow, ever card I've heard good things about. I know nothing about them myself, but as long as it works I don't care, mostly this is for questions. I ordered them off Amazon, I don't know if their the official ones or Chinese bootlegs, ill find out Monday (delivery estimate) but that fast of shipping, at least its not coming from China, hopefully a good thing. How big a card works in these? I got a couple 64gb cards coming, but that's a "suggested purchase" thing and may be to big, I've got smaller if I need them. I don't know on gba, but dmg, that should house every title for that system, to heck with the games I'm interested in. What format games do I need? I used visualboy advance to play on computer, I think the games are .agb format (I have no dmg roms) also, can I use the.sav files? It would be nice to continue a few games, like the hundreds of hours of advance wars, with nearly everything unlocked. Can I use GB ever drive on gba? I think it uses a switch to turn on dmg mode and don't know it this would cause problems. Will ever drives work with game link cables? I assume as long as one copy of the game is legit it should. And does the game boy cart work on pre color GB? It looked like a gbc cart (no notch) but says yes. I won't ask for roms themselves, Google and all, but are there sites you guys would recommend staying away from, bad interface, add issues, worms, etc? Oh, one more thing, is there a device I can buy to copy my own carts? Mostly I can dl stuff, but some games, like Mario are notoriously hard to get unmolested, for the games I have, and know work, I see no reason I shouldn't be able to rip them myself.
  10. The usual. Pa cman, pacwoman, pitfall2 pinball and midnight magic, crystal castles, digdug, asteroids, space invaders. Interesting how many chunky rather ugly early games still hold up. When you got a winning formula, you got it, what can I say? I'd play a lot more, but so many are 2p only, unfortunately most my friends have moved and I'm not much of a people personnel anymore
  11. Cool. I bought like 2k shares when they were like 35 cents. Now that $700~ish is close to 2000$. I figure its the vcs. Most people don't know or care what Atari is, but many old fogies like us are at least aware of it, wether they keep track of it or not, others will see the vcs launch, look it up (if their the stock type) be like "holy s#!t its only a buck?" And buy shares. Regardless of what the vcs does, stocks will shift a lot just because of that. I wish the vcs luck, glorified set top android box that it is, at least it is being released in stores unlike many others, which should grant it a lot of publicity, long as Atari and/or game stop don't eff it up.
  12. Got my copy of jaleco and piko2 last weekend, lots of good games here. Piko is a lot more stable than the original collection.ok if you like sports and early 16 bit style racers, piko is great. Been wondering why the lack of sports titles in general.
  13. Cool! I'd get a multiplayer system, to my understanding, the carts are 2 player capable (for games that support it) just the handheld isnt. Though I could see a firmware to use a usbc controller. Jelico and pico2 are slated for a next month release, just in time for evercades one year anniversary! Wow, has it really already been that long?
  14. I love multiplayer games, but imo online has simply destroyed multiplayer. Bad players, both those that simply suck at a game (which I don't hold against them, we all start somewhere 😛 ) aand players that do things like quit. All those people who cuss like second graders (I know all the words, but not proper usage) dude, it's a game. Cheaters, both the lag switch types, and those that buy special controllers or software to, well, cheat. So...I might play with friends, but that severely limits options since that knocks multiplayer down to "call of duty" it IS a much better experience, don't get me wrong, but my flavor in games is far broader than call of duty. The most sad thing is, it would be extremely easy for game companies to fix most of this. Have chat preferences to avoid tho foul mouth poor sports. Don't accept modded games with unmoded games, which would take care of cheating, for those that don't (and remove the desire for those that do) poll people's connections, so people with good connections get out with people with good connections, which would also bump lag switchers. Penalties for quiters, like limit how quickly they can connect to a new game, which would cure a lot of early quitters. as often as online games get updated, it's a shame little to nothing is done to fix the problems they all have.
  15. Coleco was simply a way more powerful machine than 2600. I never bought the idea that coleco made the 2600 version had on purpose. It could have been better, but it was playable and followed the largely "good enough" mantra for the time. Imo, the coleco version even looks better than the Nintendo version. What is weird is the intellivision version. It should have been better, but seems much like the 2600 version. Maybe a cheap conversion of something?
  16. Video


    It's mostly smart design. A few Activision titles do have flicker, but it's intended design (like good bars and waterfall on pitfall) I'm sure some have players flicker, but I can't think off the top of my head. Ghostbusters, double Dragon and rampage all seem fine to me.
  17. I'm no expert, but Atari has two sound channels, one tone, and one noise. It was designed to basically beep and fart and that's about it. Of course, skilled people can get it to sing still, like you mentioned, pitfall 2. If your not opposed to trying weirder newer stuff, look up marble craze, which has five different amazing (imo) tunes. It's clever trickery, the extra chip in pitfall doesn't actually make music, it actually keeps time, so the console doesn't have to. Most games use refreshing a scanline as timing for music and sound effects, though tracking this actually does eat some of the ataris limited ram and clock cycles. While it sound awesome, it's also reliant on human perception of sound. If you listen carefully, pitfall doesn't ever play more than two sounds at once, you can even hear the drum line switch off when the system plays an effect (jumping, collecting items, hitting checkpoints)
  18. Interestingly, mspacman also has a blue background. At least her colors are nicer though, Pac man literally looks like they went out of their was to pick sewage for colors lol. I've also heard Atari wanted non space games to have different colors from black. Sounds reasonable, but as already mentioned, wasn't always followed. You can get a modern hack with proper colors though (AA used to have it, don't know if they still do) or you can play in b/w mode, which gives a black bg and white walls, I think the sprites remain their own colors.
  19. I'd totally do Minecraft for game boy (yes I have a problem :P) notch made a 2d Minecraft a few years back (minicraft, google it) which I thought was awesome and hoped might make an appearance on gba at some time.
  20. Quality of emulators is directly proportional to a systems popularity. Jaguar simply never was. Even today there's not much popularity to it. I know it and games are going for exorbitant prices now, but that's largely lots of people with disposable income that want shelf queens, not due to legitimate interest. Likely there never will be good jaguar emulation, but then, even us fans will admit it's not a huge pool of amazing games. Sure, there's half a dozen must plays, and a dozen or so more worth plays, but most it's games are mediocre to crap.
  21. All composite is IS rf. I think part of the issue is, most people don't know this. Rf splits the signal into a separate video and sound (or stereo sound) channel. The thing is, it doesn't actually provide any better picture quality. It has no more video info going down the pipe than rf. Where composite got it's advantage from, is that it's not using a (sometimes rather janky) switch box, which adds noise to the picture. This is easily solved by using an f adapter. Rf also using the cable input, and shares that channel with, well, tv channels, which is more noise.composite meanwhile has its own channel essentially. I've never bought into how bad rf is, but as a kid I often studied stuff a lot, and there is useful info, once you slog through the nearly infinite "just us composite" info.
  22. Don't get the "mac" bit. I like it though and might see about getting one. Most my gbasp handhelds get scrapped to backlight first ten one gba handhelds. Love the sp2 screen, but always hated the clamshell design. I was just always bummed that basically your throwing away a (usually) fully functional gba just for the screen.
  23. Cool. Never heard of it. Post 2k I'd take it, judging by the blatant gba styling. Wonder what games are on it? I've got tons of x in one lcd games, and most have variants of shooting games, racing games, and some even have tetris.
  24. Cool. I assume the Irish distributor bit is a big sticker.
  25. I wouldn't mind people checking up on prices, (they could and should get the best price possible), the problem comes from ,as you said, anybody can check ebay, but WAY to few people know (or care) how to check sale prices. That's often massively different from asking price, which usually is order of magnitude more than worth. This hurts everybody, yes, even the ebay sellers, I don't know now, but I assume you still have to pay for that perpetually listed item.
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